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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Week in the Life: Trips

Perhaps you're hearing that mission-runners are having a lot more trouble with L4 missions now that rats are switching aggression.(1)  The primary impact this is having is mission-runners were previously able to bring in a tank ship, then follow up with any DPS ships that they were going to use, then immediately bring in a Noctis to loot and salvage the mission.  This allowed the most efficient clearing of the mission sites since the Noctis would take no or minimal aggression.  This was good because the Noctis has a thinner tank than a modern T1 frigate and has the signature radius of a battle cruiser.

As a result, the Noctises now have to wait until the mission is clear before coming in.  Problem with that is that mission loot has been nerfed so much over the last couple of years that it's not really worth looting or salvaging missions if you can't do it concurrently with running the mission.

So missioners just aren't bothering.

Here's the secondary effect:

That's the price of Tripped Power Circuits, one of the four most common T1 salvage components.  "Trips" go into T1 rigs... lots of T1 rigs.  Notably though, they go into Core Defense Field Extenders, missile rigs of all kinds, and Cargohold Optimization rigs.  Three other T1 salvage components are just as commonly used but drop more often.  The market is running out of "Trips" first, but the other three common types are soon going to follow.  The price of "Burns" -- Burned Logic Circuits -- has almost doubled.  There are 11 other T1 salvage componnents that are even less commonly used but their prices are also starting to go up.  Here's Armor Plates:

Guess what kind of rigs those go into.  ;-)

So as a tertiary effect, you can expect the prices of rigs to double or more over the next couple of months as the market re-stabilizes to this new reality.  Sooner or later, the T1 salvage will become valuable enough to dedicate a mission ship to bringing it in, such as the Salvage Myrmidon that was my FOTW a few weeks ago.  But that's a while off yet, so you might want to stock up on rigs you use a lot.

Just thought you should know...

(1) This is happening with all rats, by the way, including belt rats.


  1. If you run in ship which does not necessary need drones to operate, just fill your bay with salvaging drones. Saves you the hassle of watching drones which are under attack and nets you the salvage.

  2. I'm thinking that situation is doubly worse because of the increased demand for T1 fitting rigs due to the new destroyers and the rebalanced T1 ships. Tripped Power Circuits go into Ancillary Current Router rigs too. Demand is increasing while raw material supply drops off.

    By "worse" I mean "yippee, I had loads ready to sell"

  3. Don't your graphs indicate that supply (volume traded) has remained fairly static over the period considered? If, as I believe they do, then couldn't the clearly demonstrated price rises just be down to pre-expansion demand increase? If the latter proves to be true, maybe we might see a steady fall off in prices after the holidays.

    1. See all those little volume spikes in between where it stays flat? Those indicate people grabbing the last few hundred of the components at each "step" as the price goes up each time it does. That indicates supply is decreasing but demand is steady. Thus, the price goes up. As the price goes up, people with stockpiles like Cheradenine up there drop them into the market.

      Eventually, those stockpiles will run out.

  4. Replies
    1. Personally, I never bothered salvaging with my kronos. It takes a lot more time to do that than clear the rats. It's easier simply to go for the next one.

      I keep a tractor beam fitted, though. It is very handy in all those missions where the last rat drops a can with the mission item.

      There are a few corps specialized in salvaging peoples missions. If you can be bothered to BM each pocket you can contract the locations to them and get a percentage back.

  5. Wow. I was wondering what was up. Thanks.

    I run missions with a single Faction Raven and come in afterwards with a Noctis. Sunday I ran 3 Level 4's, and was startled hauling evrything to market and the Salvage itself brought in around 16,000,000. At least that now makes sense.

  6. Time to buy that Golem I was looking at.

  7. Just wondering... what's the issue with salvaging after the mission is done, while your main is doing the next? I can't see why this would be more work. Because you need to bookmark the sites? Not really...

    1. Just a guess: looting/salvaging missions was already borderline unprofitable and was probably being done with alts paid for with PLEXes. The combination of higher PLEX prices and this extra required step might have driven some unsubs.

      It's just worth more ISK to not loot/salvage, turn in the mission, and use the same time to start the next one instead.

      The math will probably change to make it profitable again, but only after T1 salvage/rigs are at the higher price points.

    2. The most profitable way to salvage has always been to contract the work out to someone else. I keep running missions and blowing stuff up, bookmarking wrecks, then contracting the bookmarks to my salvager friend/employee after missions are handed in.

      The Noctis can salvage far faster than I can create wrecks, especially with salvage drones thrown into the mix.

      That some people are giving up salvaging because their dedicated Noctis alt can't come into the missions with them is their loss and my gain. They were doing it wrong in the first place, and they're doing it more wrong now.

  8. and everything will shift towards a new balance, where running level 3 or level 2 or even level 1 missions will become interesting from a salvage perspective.

  9. Man, CDFEs, Trimarks and ACRs are already the most expensive rigs by a long shot, this will price them right out of reach for T1 frig/cruiser pilots in RvB/FW.

  10. Now I might remember this incorrectly, but didn't introduction of the Noctis let all T1 salvage prices drop to all time lows? When I fitted my first battleship in 2010 large armor rigs were 20M+ a piece. We're still a long shot from that price point.

  11. I don't know, I always thought it was more advantageous to take two combat chars on missions than one combat and one salvager.

    What I do is kill everything as fast as I can for about an hour bookmarking as I go, then switch to two nocticususus (nocti?) and loot/salvage everything all in one shot. That way, the worth of the salvage adds up to about the same as just running another mission and takes about the same time.

    With a Mach/Tengu combo, I can finish 3-6 missions an hour depending on which ones I get.

  12. I assume with the AI upgrade you will need to update your missioning guides Jester?

    I have been running with this:

    high: Drone Link II x 3, medium armor RR, medium shield RR, auto-targ II
    med: Omni Direct x 2, Sensor Boost II w/ range, cap regen II, MJD
    low: mission resist 1, mission resist 2, reactive resist, meta 4 large a.rep, 3 x drone damage II

    sentry drone dmg, cap control x 2

    enter mission, turn away from mission rats, light the MJD, bring ship to stop, sebo on, deploy warden IIs

    I am only missing ewar drone V - so my drone hit range is 129km. auto-targ lets me pre-lock all the drones, and still pick out rats.

    Drone problem? what drone problem??

    Warden II dont care about small sig frigates (now a priority target). by the time they get too close, and MJD is ready to kite again. Keep some salvage drones in the bay. Now if only there was a tractor drone to bring in the cans. Plus MJD seems to ignore a rat pointing. (if someone else cares to confirm that?) Of course not very cap stable.

    Sometimes I mission with a megathron buddy. Then I swap the medium armor RR for large.

    Yes, the era of the heavy drone is over, I will miss my ogre II and Zerk II. This is my adaption.

    I have been sitting on my salvage for now. Waiting to see if the salvage drones make any dent. Sometimes too there is just not enough time. Unless I specifically push ORE industrial for the tractor range and Salvage V - it will remain a optional bonus. I mission for LP or standing - not the salvage; even when its Angels.

    mega buddy:

    7x 425 proto, 1 large sol.
    sebo, cap regen, mjd, track comp
    mission resist 1, mission resist 2, reactive resist, large a.rep, 2 x magn stab, track enh.

    options of swapping the self rep for cap relay to lengthen the spider tanking time.


  13. I don't see the problem. Salvaging is one of the easiest things to do in the game, requiring less than a week's worth of training. Perfect for new players and high sec alts.

    High sec T1 salvaging is a zero risk and semi-AFK activity, since you don't get flagged for salvaging someone else's wrecks and there aren't any NPCs left to shoot you after a mission is done. Just cruise around the battlefield, in a nice fast frigate (salvage requires very little cargo space), from wreck to wreck and orbit with salvagers on.

    As for profitability, I've got over 10,000 Tripped Power Circuits, sitting in my hanger, just from casually cleaning up other folk's missions, in the last month, while watching football (American, not soccer).

    Noctis? Who needs a Noctis? You can't tractor yellow wrecks and the Noctis is too slow to cover a large battlefield, which are common when missioners opt to kite the NPCs. T1 frig for the win!

  14. This is also an indication, though CCP won't release the numbers to prove it, that this change to AI has hammered mission runners so hard that not only are they not salvaging, they are simply not running missions any more. Solo mission runners are in real trouble. If you think it is bad now, have a look at the upcoming tweaks to the AI that are currently on Duality. They hit mission runners even harder than now.

    Expect not only salvage to soar, but high end meta items, plus faction items only available through mission LP stores.

    But this was all part of the design to hammer high sec income. We are witnessing the attack on high sec industry via the forums, and once CCP follows through with Soundwave's desires to transfer T2 mfg to low/null sec (see his May 2nd post in the Datacore thread) then expect another null sec campaign against Incursion income.

    1. I still run all high-sec missions solo, incl. L4s in a T2 fit BS, after making a few tweaks in my mission fits to allow for the Sleeper AI NPCs.

      Once all of the missions get updated on EVE-Survival, you'll see the numbers go back up. This won't take long.

      Currently, things are so lol in high-sec missions because too many stupid mission runners are relying solely on the now-obsolete EVE-Survival reports and do not have any experience in WHs.

  15. Man, if only there was a ship that could run the mission and salvage at the same time...... :P

    1. As has been pointed out mission-running + salvaging in a Marauder does slow you down. There are limits to sustained multitasking.


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