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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Where's Jester?

Note from the management: I'll be away on my Christmas holidays for a few days, with normal blogging expected to resume on Thursday.

So if you're stuck working, I'm sorry, but there's not going to be any help to be found here.  I might slip in one post in between family events -- a fit for my favorite Caldari T1 cruiser on Wednesday -- but don't count on it.  You'll have to be a productive member of society for a couple of days.  Sorry about that...

A few more pledge drive thank yous: thanks to Zaxix, HairyOldMan, and Asterith (who were all particularly generous), Kirith Kodachi, Flynn Ikeya, Edward Teague, Lady Gwendolyn Antollare, Noslen Nosilla, and Crannach.  Special thanks to one anonymous contributor who had a request: "More Garth!"  Hm, I'll see what I can do, but often that isn't up to me...  ;-)  Also, I want to apologize to Fenn Herstal; I misspelled his name in a previous thank you to him so I want to make sure the apology and the correction are public.  Thanks again, Fenn!

For those that go in for it, Merry Christmas!  To the rest of you, enjoy your own Winter Solstice-related holidays of choice, and I'll see you back here in four days.  There are a couple of big posts that I want to get finished before the year ends.


  1. Hey dont forget us down in the southern hemisphere and our summer solstice festivities.
    Cheers from Argentina


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