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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bees can't fly in space

Asakai Battle report (still updating):

By my count, eight CFC supers down (including three Titans), one PL Nyx down.

Dabigredboat has lost his capital/super-cap FC privileges...
 (2013-01-27 01:08:58) announcebot@pleaseignore.com:
 (1:05:15 AM) the_mittani: blood in the water
 (1:05:23 AM) the_mittani: boat fucked up repeatedly and made his mistake bigger each time
 (1:05:41 AM) the_mittani: by that point there was so much blood, everyone got in on the feeding frenzy - which is pretty normal for supercap fights
 (1:05:49 AM) redacted: does that mean he's fired?
 (1:06:12 AM) the_mittani: can't fire him for real as he's too goddamned good with subcaps; that kind of aggression works well with subcaps
 (1:06:24 AM) the_mittani: it is absolutely ruinous with caps, which he is banned from forevermore
#### SENT BY 47Magnum to Test social @ 2013-01-27 06:08:59 EVE Time ####

You speak truth, brother:
@Hedliner http://i.imgur.com/99dlJRD.jpg this is what hell looks like #tweetfleet

Picture from that tweet reproduced here:


The story as I understand it will be posted as part of the KOTW super losses in 24 hours or so.  Short version?  Dabigredboat made one of those mistakes that makes EVE players famous forever.


  1. So many capital ships... CFC got pounded!

  2. It was a huge ti-di infested brawl, but in the end, the damage to the CFC supercap fleet was negligible due to the difficulty of tackling supers in low-sec.

    The blow to morale is larger, and it bodes ill for the (possibly) coming CFC/HBC war.

  3. Ofc, it isn't like Mittens is a great FC either....

    1. Which is why mittens doesnt go around dropping supers on people

  4. Can anyone spot the Abaddon in the panorama shot?

  5. It's battles like this that make me love Eve Online. I can't wait for the after action report!

  6. Or is the the new supercapital ride at NullsecDisney®

    1. The ISK tied up in the assets lost has pretty much been replaced by the moon goo/ratting proceeds today, no later than tomorrow.

      The supercaps will likely take a few days to replace, as the supercap assembly lines keep churning, supported by those lovely tech moons.

      You have to hand it to null sec alliances. When they want to make a themepark, they go all-in. I hope that the next ride they build has the Jurassic Park T-Rexes and raptors included.

  7. I hope theres a way to see a fixed kill report

  8. All I can hope is that this boosts HBC confidence to a level where an actual war an begin.

  9. Huge mistake? More like comedy of errors.

  10. Please tell me someone recorded that fight!?

  11. looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    Oh Goons, never ever change.

  12. Finally decided to make the transition to a news site, eh?

  13. Well, the funniest thing is this whole thing started over a SMALL POS which was empty to my knowledge. The POS was setup as a safe spot for Liandri Covenant alliance and our boosters or some such.

    I came in a little late to the fight after everything had already escalated but basically, we had Goons as a batphone, the Gal's had managed to beat us off field when Goons dropped on them.

    Apparently Goons made a mistake and cyno'd in a Titan instead of bridging. The Gallente had PL as their batphone, and it wasn't like they were going to pass up a Titan kill just because of the big blue donut. They cyno'd in, then the Goons counter cyno'd in Supercaps, and then it just escalated from their. We pretty much had a representative of every single major alliance in nullsec, Local capped somewhere around 2850-2750. At that point we were whoring on every single super that was being primaried.

    Well, pretty much every single low sec entity nearby came into whore on the killmails as well. We managed to get on at least one Titan and a couple Supercaps, although our kb is so full of junk from the aftermath its difficult to find them.

    Me and friends spent about half an hour of TiDi laggy crap to get this killmail.
    Was pretty sure we got the POD too, I had it pointed and everything. However i can't check in game because apparently shit posting nasty pictures in Local is against the EULA....

    So in short a small unimportant POS set up by a relatively small Caldari Milita Alliance, might have(hopefully) stared a CFC-HBC war.

    Hows THAT for Content Driving?

  14. Correction to my earlier Post, I KNOW I killed Montolio's pod because I have his corpse sitting in my hanger right now. Just an interseting thing. Us Lowseccers are more avid about killing some big wig in a noobship then whoring on Supers.

  15. You are so naive (as is the self-proclaimed spymaster). Dabigredboat received a sizable payoff for his participation in this event.

    1. I suspected something of the same. I've flown with Boat several times before and he doesn't "accidentally" make this sort of mistake.

  16. uhm, so who looted the field?


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