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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Frigate swarm assistant to the KOTW

This made me smile:

My very first capital ship kills were in a situation very much like this one, flying frigates and catching a ratting carrier.  We didn't have enough DPS to kill the carrier so we had to hold it and batphone for additional DPS to do the job.  While we waited, a second carrier arrived to rescue the first, so we tackled him too.  The additional DPS arrived and those were my first two capital ship kills in EVE ever.  That was quite a fun little fight.

And I'm sure this was too, and for the same reason.  I love frigate roams though I don't get to do them as often as I like.

A few notes about this fit:
  • 13 Federation Navy Gardes do about 1050 DPS.  10 fighters on a Thanatos do 1250 DPS, and supported by a Target Painter (preferably a cheap faction one) can destroy rat cruisers quite easily.  There's certainly no reason -- ever -- to carry 62 Federation Navy Gardes in one carrier.
  • In the modern EVE, there's also almost no reason to ever fit a Capacitor Flux Coil on any ship.  In any situation where it seems like a good idea, a Capacitor Power Relay -- or its meta4 version, or on a carrier a faction version -- is a better idea.
  • No matter what your carrier's role is, carry a few sets of light drones in your drone bay as well as a couple of sets of jamming drones.  There's really no reason not to.
  • If you're going to fit a smart bomb on a carrier, fit a faction smart bomb.  They're not very expensive and the range is 50% better.  A carrier in drone region space should be carrying an EMP smart bomb, not an explosive one.
  • Solo carriers should also carry at least one heavy neut for self defense.
  • Net result: this guy could have fit a pretty standard combat fit for a solo carrier, including web, point, neut, faction EMP smart bomb, dual reps, two EANMs, and a Damage Control, and been in a much stronger position to defend himself.
tl;dr version: if you're going to rat in anything bigger than a bomber, rat in a PvP fitting.

Yes, this carrier almost certainly still would have died, but a properly combat-fit solo carrier can tank 3500+ DPS.  This gang had on the order of 15000 DPS, but much of that DPS is short range and a good bit of it was light drones from those Dramiels.  A faction smart-bomb going off out to 7.5km would have warned off much of the enemy gang's DPS and with only eight bombers, the carrier might have been able to tank much of the rest.

But meanwhile with 13 light drones -- replaced with new ones as they died -- set on aggressive/focus fire, even if the carrier was completely unable to lock targets (those Kitsunes), the pilot might have been able to kill some unlucky pilots or at least drive them off.  And all of that at least gives his alliance-mates the option to help.  And hopefully help in something other than a second carrier.  ;-)

As it is, the poor smart bomb that he did have only delayed his death by about a minute thanks to his extremely poor carrier fitting.  Those bombers had no problem pushing through only one capital rep and almost no resists.  If you're going to die, die properly fit and having some fun, not in this mess.

All in all, a fun little kill!  Nice job, Gents!  For the rest of you, don't let this happen to you.  If you're going to rat in a carrier, do it properly.  Or only do it at a distance.


  1. Thought I'd leave this here: http://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/15q5kv/thanatos_melted_by_frig_gang/

    1. He didn't even actually fire off that smart bomb? What a tool.

  2. Over the last week or so a few corp mates, lunchtime email eft warriors, have battled over ship fits, I piped up recalling the second point above.
    "In the modern EVE, there's also almost no reason to ever fit a Capacitor Flux Coil on any ship. In any situation where it seems like a good idea, a Capacitor Power Relay -- or its meta4 version, or on a carrier a faction version -- is a better idea."
    The torrent of mail with people for and against the fitting of this module - I should have said nothing.
    I know you can go into greater depth to explain this line... pro's and con's ...will you?


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