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Saturday, January 19, 2013


So CCP Fozzie's been busy today.
Gnosis is flyable and seeded on Sisi. If you guys could playtest and break it, Ytterbium and I would appreciate it.
What's a Gnosis?  Why this:

"Jove battlecruiser", the information display says calmly.  It's on Singularity right now, as well as a whole series of Specialty Edition Frigates that are apparently -- wait for it -- "pirate noob ships."  What an interesting concept...

Those are called:
  • Echo (Angel, new design);
  • Hematos (Blood, Impairor w/paint job);
  • Immolator (Sansha, new design);
  • Taipan (Guristas, Ibis w/paint job); and,
  • Violator (Serpentis, Velator w/paint job);
The Echo is my favorite for looks:

The Violator is my favorite for bonuses: a massive damage bonus, and quite good tracking and falloff bonuses for hybrids, plus a velocity factor bonus for webs.

As for the Gnosis, I think Professor Clio is absolutely correct.  I think you're looking at the tenth anniversary "birthday present" for all capsuleers that we'll probably all get one of in May.  Slightly better than the Jove shuttle (the Apotheosis) that was the fifth anniversary present.  ;-)  Go install Singularity and give 'em a play with.

EDIT (19/Jan/2013): I was unintentionally a tiny bit off-hand about the pirate noob ships.  This has me very excited!  Why would you need pirate noob ships unless you could start play in EVE as a pirate, or later declare yourself to be a member of a pirate faction?  This has such awesome potential, I can't even tell you.  And if it happens, I get to take credit for it, per the blog post linked above.  ;-)


  1. They're probably releasing the Gnosis as a gift for fanfest while the noobships will be a ticket to the stream.

  2. Really psyched about pirate noob ships for the same reason as well! Hopefully CCP get it right and we can all role play The Rabbit :)

    Also, dat Jove BC...

  3. Wow, that Gnosis looks interesting

  4. Ah, they look great! I might just do as you suggest and get on SiSi. Also, maybe since 10 years is quite a big thing, we get something else too? Who knows, only time will tell! o/

  5. "And if it happens, I get to take credit for it, per the blog post linked above. ;-)"

    Because nobody at CCP ever had that idea... years ago.

    1. Might want to look into the definition of the wink smiley.

  6. In case somebody didn't notice, the Gnosis is the ship flown by Dagan.

  7. I got on the test server to look at the gnosis, but then realized that the new auto-pilot interface is very very nice. Also, the fact that it shows your route through the stars is awesome. It's so cool to know that all those little start (well, some of them anyway) are places you can actually go to.

  8. That isn't a Jove Battle cruiser Bud The Society and Jove are quite a bit different.

  9. If CCP were actually to allow players to join pirate NPC corps, complete with tutorial missions etc, I would forgive them not paying attention to POSes.

    Until then, I think it's more realistic to expect that these ships are 10th birthday celebration treats. Some folks will get a Gnosis, others will get a (collection of) pirate rookie ships.

    Being able to be blue to NPCs has long ago been ruled out as "too hard". Sure, that doesn't preclude being able to join an NPC corp … it just seems a little odd that one would join an NPC corp and still be hostile to those NPCs.

    Another option is that these ships are for live events. But my money's on 10th birthday presents.

  10. I haven't looked at all of them yet, but I think those noobships are all the weak frigates mission rats use. They tend to be really unique, and I'd been hoping the models would get used for something interesting. Whether or not I find noobships interesting will be seen later, I suppose.

  11. Err Jester, the Echo is a current design for some of the pirate frigates in missions, it isn't really a "new" model ;)

  12. To Ed, the Society was created by a Jovian. (I know nothing of the lore, but vaguely recalled seeing this somewhere, and lo and behold the first Google hit confirmed it.

  13. I want me one of those Gnosis! Hope there are enough of them to prevent them from being a flash in the pan and something you can't really use. The noob ships look great too and would be a lot of fun to use.

    I would really like for them to have Drone plexes and so on have a chance to drop a BPS of the Hive Dominix. Would be damn cool to fly a Domi with tentacles and legs.

  14. I love the Gnosis... Please trade ingame that ship to MiKunn if you don´t want to fly it ;)


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