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Monday, January 14, 2013

Kill of the Week: That lucky friend

You know that friend you have that goes to the same bar you do, uses your pick-up lines, and they work?  Or the one that buys lottery tickets from the same place you do, only he wins?  Everyone has that friend.  ;-)

Well this week, a reader in Gentlemen's Agreement was nice enough to let me know that their alliance liked the idea of a big brawling Algos wolf pack, but instead of armor fitting them decided to shield fit them instead.  And I can approve of that... might even try it myself!  Certainly it helps the speed deficit when combined with blasters.  Anyway, they were roaming around a bit when they caught this:

Why yes, I am jealous.  Fantastic kill, Gents!

Number of dead super-caps this week: 7

Another busy week for super-cap deaths, with seven of them going down this week, six of them Nyxes.  Strangely, none of them seem to belong to particularly major null-sec alliances, and that starts with this Aeon representing a mostly new player in the south, WALLTREIPERS ALLIANCE.  Against ALL Authorities turned me into a liar on this one by killing another super primarily with sub-caps.  In this case, they seem to have burned one of their spies in an enemy alliance to Awox this Aeon.  Cute!

Two days later, it was Nyx day, a day when four Nyxes died in widely scattered locations all over New Eden.  First of them to die was this travel-fit one, killed in Heimatar by a BricK sQuAD. fleet.  This one comes with a video, but little is revealed about how the kill happened.  It was fairly clearly in the process of being set up for a sale, but from who to whom?  Not a clue.  An hour later over in The Citadel, this more conventionally-fit Nyx died to a V.O.I.D./Shadow Cartel gank.  The circumstances are equally mysterious, as is the actual owner.  Ten hours later in Devoid, it was this Nyx's turn.  This one was newly Black Legion., formerly a -A- corp, dead to what looks like a straight-forward Rooks and Kings gank.  Anyone know the story behind any of these?  If so, please respond in comments.

Finally, last to die that day was this Nyx, ratting far behind friendly lines and not expecting Verge of Collapse to come through a wormhole to get him.  This super is dead because the pilot was dumb.  With only two Sabres on the mail, had this Nyx pilot fitted a couple of smart bombs to pop warp disrupt probes, his Nyx would probably be alive right now.  He didn't, so it's not: his armor repper wasn't even close to enough to stand up to that many tier3 BCs.

Another day, another ex-triple-A corp Nyx, this one apparently trying to move his assets to his new home system.  He didn't make it.  Once the job was done, his response was rather stark:
[21:20:20] Luckyduce > dot kill my nyx
[21:21:45] Luckyduce > thx ile qutie the game now
Luckyduce was the pilot of an apparently alt Thanatos also caught, also full, also killed.  Easier to quit the game when all your assets die in a glorious fire... the loot gods did not smile on Insidious Empire.

Finally and last was this Nyx dead to -- of all things -- a major Goon super-cap fleet.  Word has it this guy was persuaded to aggress on one of the Goon Nyxes, belonging to Ilsea, who is apparently an alt of Dabigredboat.  When you're a Goon, your alts have Nyxes.  Just FYI.  Anyway, once he was committed, the rest came in.  Whoops!

And that was it for this week.  Suprisingly, no CFC supers this week, though another travel-fit Nyx died just today to a Rooks and Kings gank that evidence points strongly to being a CFC alt... it had a Tempest Fleet Issue in the ship bay.  But I'll cover that one next week...


  1. Yet another KotW that could not shoot back.

    What is it with you, Jester?

    1. Hm, fair enough. I honestly didn't think of it in those terms. I chose it because of the connection to a past FOTW.

    2. At least it is not a dump dude flying plexes and implants through highsec in freighter... ;-)
      But a dump dude it is anyways. But it is about time that someone looses a AT special ship again to make up for a good KoTW.

    3. In fairness the Rorqual has bonuses to drones damage and hitpoints. The rorqual had drones, but elected to use them only on one of our griffins who we kept perma repped with the Bursts.

      The rorqual had a Rokh in the belt as well. But he elected to not aggress us. But, he had rails fitted. It took us nearly 4 minutes to bring down the rorqual. In that time with drones from both ships, they could have cleared a large amount of DPS from the field.


    4. I agree on the "why kotw who cant shoot back" thing.

      I understand ganks happen to dumb people, but shouldnt a good kotw be one that happened in a good fight? Something that is somewhat balanced where both parties involved had a good fight?

      Or are good fights not the goal anymore?

  2. http://zkillboard.com/detail/27758218/

  3. "When you're a Goon, your alts have Nyxes."

    Of course they do. Why would ruin a main by putting it in a flying coffin?

  4. I would like to point out that the practice of having supers on alts is the norm. This isn't something that the CFC has corner on, or something only spacerich players can afford; it's actually the only way to own supers in eve and still be able to play the game.

    Things may not have always been this way, but they have been this way for a long time now.


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