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Monday, January 7, 2013

KOTW: 14 supers at the bottom of the ocean

Number of dead super-caps this week: 14

This week tied for busiest week for super-cap kills since I started tracking them five months ago.  Fully 14 of these monsters died this week, the same as the last week in October.  But just to remind you of a point that I made that week: the last time numbers for this were available, 5.5 supers were being built per day in New Eden, so even with 14 supers dying this week, there was likely a 26 super-cap surplus this week.  I've yet to document a major super-on-super battle with losses on both sides...

But let's work with what we have.  And that starts with this Nyx which died in Domain.  Rumor has it he was shooting a POCO without any support.  One.

Next to die was this month's KOTW...

This one was a Leviathan, dead to stupidity and laziness.  themittani.com has the story on this one, but short version, a Titan "flipper" had purchased this super-cap on the EVE-O forums for cheap, then intended to resell it at a higher price.  In the meantime, he had it parked at a POS in low-sec... a small POS.  For those of you who haven't had a ship near a Titan, they're big.  Really big.  As in, "bigger than the structure of a POS big."  And a small POS has a small shield.  Once parked in the small POS, the Leviathan's ass was sticking out the back!  Which some Shadow Cartel pilots found and bumped with two 100MN MWD Tornados while gathering their dreadnaught fleet.  Once it was bumped out of the POS, the Lev was easy meat.  Whoops.  Nice kill, Shadow Cartel!  Two.

Next up, this Nyx lost to Verge of Collapse.  EN24 has the story on this one.  He was ratting and died due to failure to pay attention to what he was doing until it was too late.  It also features yet another dumb attempt to "save" a super with a carrier with no remote reps fitted.  Three.

The first multiple super loss of the week was SOLAR FLEET, who lost two (three?) Nyxes to a combined Red Alliance/PL super fleet.  Red Alliance started this fight on a SOLAR tower.  SOLAR esclated to supers.  Red then called in Pandemic Legion.  The result was the closest thing to a super-on-super fight in months, but neither Red nor PL lost any.  themittani.com has a few other details.  Five.

The biggest super loss of the week was three FA Nyxes (sensing a pattern?) who died to a... wait for it... PL super fleet (how about now?) in low-sec.  themittani.com again has the story on this one.  In this case, these morons were attacking an off-lined POS in Black Rise with little to no sub-cap support fleet.  Dumb.  Drunk n' Disorderly and Lost Obsession provided the initial tackle, then called in PL.  Eight.(1)

Next is this TEST Alliance Aeon who died... to a TEST Alliance fleet.  Word has it this was an NCdot spy looking to join Pandemic Legion using TEST as a go-between.  He was tracked due to several very large payments received from NCdot via his full API sent with his application.  The amount of dumb here is pretty impressive.  Nine.

Next up, what may well be the last -A- super kill, a take-down of a random Nyx in Esoteria.  Looks like it was ratting.  Ten.

Another day, another PL fleet flattening another Nyx, this time in the Great Wildlands.(2)  At least they used Machs this time.  From what I understand, he was in a small POS (another pattern) that was coming out of reinforced, but he parked his Nyx too close to the edge of the POS shield.  PL lit a cyno right under him, bridged in a bunch of Machs, and enough of them bumped him up and away through the shields to be caught on the other side.  Supers and small POSes don't mix.  Eleven.

An Etheral Dawn Nyx was the next victim.  EVE News 24 has the story on this one.  He claims to have been caught while cloaked.  Uh huh.  Twelve.

Next was this rather hideous Wyvern fit, lost to a V.O.I.D. fleet.  The pilot is a holding toon, so there's no telling who actually owned this one.  I'm also not sure of the story behind it.  But in any case, thirteen.

And finally, belated and partial vengeance was delivered by SOLAR to Red Alliance, ganking this Red Alliance Nyx in Oasa.  The ironically named Mega Brain seems to have been hot-dropping carriers in the WVMS-X system, so SOLAR fed him a bait carrier and he very obligingly bit down hard... to his death.  And that was number fourteen!

A few honorable mentions that could have been KOTW this week, but weren't.  This Ibis was amusing.  What this guy was thinking, we'll never know, but it's certainly worth the loss of a Loki (assuming he lost it) to get yourself a 10 billion ISK kill and maybe some HG and LG Slaves.  This Falcon wasn't much smarter.  I've already covered at length the problem with Inertia Stabilizers for this kind of work so I won't cover it again.  And finally, ten billion ISK shuttle.  'nuff said.

Very good week to start out 2013!  And already one super has died today...

(1) Some PL pilots then proceeded to attack the Gallente fac-war ships before being called off but not before several Gallente carriers died.  Whoops.  The pilots were reportedly reimbursed by PL.
(2) By my conservative estimate, PL supers would have had to cross some 300 light-years to get all the super kills they got this week over a few days.  Or maybe they just have multiple Titans permanently parked right across low-sec that they can log in at a moment's notice to create long bridge networks for potential super kills.  Either way, it's pretty sad.


  1. PL does indeed have multiple super cap fleets, which are strategically positioned, for rapid response.

    PL super cap losses over the past year have been low. As a result, the number of Titans and SCs available for deployment has more than doubled.

  2. PL is currently on holiday in low sec. Cloudy with a high chance of Super Caps.

  3. Sounds like alot o FW buton ISK go flushed down the toilet

  4. I think it would be great if somebody could throw together enough sub-caps and super-caps to bait and destroy a PL super-cap fleet. It would turn the tables nicely on them. Unfortunately this will never happen for a bunch of reasons.

    1. One does not merely counter-drop PL.

    2. I dont think you get how many friends PL has that would come to help if need be...

      It would have to be one helluva fleet.

    3. great quote :)

      but it's a great idea. Just look at the TZ and who shows up and you'll notice a pattern there.
      It just needs the commitment, and plan a fast exit before the 2nd and 3rd fleet for PL show up.

  5. 14 at the bottom? A start. Not a good start (if it only cut the growth rate in half).

    Need more titan and super losses!

  6. I took the last known amount of supercaps in the game (CCP Diagoras May tweet), then multiplied by current mineral values. At a low ball estimate, as of late May 2012, there was 134 trillion ISK tied up in the hulls (just the hulls, not the mods and rigs) of all the supercaps in the game. That number has exploded since then, but CCP won't release that current number, because it destroys the propaganda being put forth by the null sec zealots about how high sec has too much wealth and how high sec must be nerfed back to the stone age.

  7. http://youtu.be/DKjnEXPySwg
    because fuck support


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