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Friday, January 4, 2013

Let's bash on Ripard a while

So completely coincidentally, today is going to be Alekseyev Karrde day around here.  I was already writing up a little post about a fight he was in this week.  And I was pleased to see that he was being a good sport about my Game of Thrones post the other day.  So my Friday posts were going to be a QOTW not involving Alek and a little write-up about Pandemic Legion skirmish tactics and how a fleet Alek was in fought against those tactics and beat them.

But then I had a couple of people point me at Alek's most recent Declarations of War podcast.  "You might want to listen to it," one person tells me without explaining why.  Another person I really respect says "they really rip into you."  Uh oh.  Alek didn't say a word to me that I'd be mentioned in his podcast.  I certainly never got an invite the way I did the last time Alek didn't like one of my CSM posts.(1)

Yeah.  Turns out the second opinion was on the nose.  For 22 minutes, from 1:18 to 1:40, I am the topic of conversation of Alekseyev Karrde and NinjaTurtle, and their guest, Connall Tara of RvB.  I'm going to spoil it for you: it turns out they don't like me much.  Matter of fact, other than Alek mentioning briefly that "some of Ripard's non-CSM posts are pretty good" and "Ripard is a good writer", it's a 22 minute long bash session where nobody has anything nice to say about me.  That good writing Alek mentioned?  I use it for evil.  "Why does he do it?" one of them asks (I lose track of the voices and who is who after a while).

We'll get to that.

But let's start with this, because I think this is kinda important:

That's a graphical representation of every blog post I wrote last year.  It's one pixel wide per post, so 547 pixels wide.  Green represents posts that do not mention the CSM at all.  That's 90% of what I wrote last year.  Yellow are posts that mention the CSM, but aren't about the CSM.  If I pointed you to a town hall recording, or talked about something that CCP is doing and idly wonder how the CSM will react to it, or mentioned something that Seleene posted about without giving my opinion, stuff like that... that's yellow.  Red are posts specifically about The Mittani at Fanfest.  I wrote six of those.  That leaves 24 posts that are specifically about CSM7; they're in orange.

"Well Jester," some wag in the peanut gallery is saying, "you wrote 24 posts bashing the CSM, so of course they're gonna bash back."  Nope.  Those are just the posts that were about the CSM.  That includes election results, my take on the May Minutes, stuff about the election, and several posts I wrote that were flat-out positive about CSM7 activities or opinions.  Oh yes, I did.  This post, for one.  This one, for another.

But sure.  I absolutely wrote some number of posts that were negative about CSM7.  Counting them up, I think there are nine.  But there are -- at absolute most -- 24.  Why did I do it?  Well, I answered that question back in August:
Why am I giving CSM7 such a hard time?  That's easy: because so far taken as a group, they're not impressing me!  Individual members here and there?  Yes.  This CSM as a whole?  No.  ...  I don't have a hard-on for beating up CSMs.  If you read my posts regarding CSM6, you'll find that overall I was very pleased with the job they did.  Ditto CSM5 despite them (in my view) tripping at the finish line.
And that's still mostly my opinion of CSM7, though as I can see more and more of the outline of what they're trying to accomplish (thanks to very good conversations with Trebor Daehdoow and Hans Jagerblitzen), I'm getting more of a favorable opinion of more of their members and that actually includes Alek.  Sure, he's brash and mercurial and angry nearly all the time -- dear Heaven, does that Stannis Baratheon comparison fit him -- but he's also indisputably a CSM7 work-horse and I hope he runs for CSM8.

And if the bashing of me had stopped there, then I'd stop here.  I have a very thick skin; I can take it.  But it didn't, so I won't.  The question then devolves from "why does he bash the poor defenseless CSM?"(2) to pretty much "why does he inflict himself on the EVE community at all?"  Swear to God.(3)  "He thinks he's helping," someone says.  "Hitler thought he was helping, too," someone else says, invoking Godwin's Law (which is then mentioned explicitly to laughter).  I'm paraphrasing a bit here, but not very much.

An old chestnut emerges: obviously, I only write these things to procure hits on my blog.  You know: so I can get lots of click-throughs for the advertising that's all over this blog-- owait.

Er guys, the last time I checked, a lot of people found value in what I write.  But let's keep it simple.  Know how many straight up guides to playing EVE I wrote in 2012?  19 (add 'em to the 21 that I wrote in 2011).  Know how many Fits of the Week?  50-odd.  If all I did was that, the number of posts I wrote directly helping the EVE community play the game was triple the number of posts I wrote about the CSM.  But I know that a lot of you think I'm a positive voice in the community when I'm writing about most EVE Online topics, because I read the hundreds and hundreds of comments you write here every month, and I appreciate the hell out of them.

For whomever asked the question, here's your answer: I do what I do because I enjoy it, and because I want to help the EVE community.  I'm not a bad person because I bash CSM7 once in a while.

Then it gets worse!  "Ripard isn't even an active player!" one of the three people above cries in disdain.  "I know he doesn't play the game the way we do, or as much as the three of us do!"  Swear to God!(4)  OK, sure, let's check that.  These guys are all PvPers, right?  And so am I, right?

Number of kill-mails Alekseyev Karrde is on in 2012:   562
Number of kill-mails NinjaTurtle is on in 2012:   171
Number of kill-mails Connall Tara is on in 2012:   492
Number of kill-mails Ripard Teg is on in 2012:   836

Er, yeah.  Guess I did that without playing the game.  Oh, but wait.  As those who read my stuff know, I'm also an industrialist.  As I've said before, I build T1 and T2 rigs, some T2 mods, T2 ammunition, and a number of other things.  Like all EVE industrialists, I have a spreadsheet where I keep track of such things.  I decided to check: how many T1 and T2 rigs did I research (where necessary), build, haul to market, and sell to EVE players in 2012?  The answer surprised even me.  Here it is:
I checked twice.  That number's accurate, and that's just rigs.  I didn't count mods, ammo, or anything else I researched, built, hauled, and sold.  I'd say chances are damn good that unless they make their own rigs, the three players above have at least one ship in a hangar somewhere that was rigged by yours truly.  Chances are, so do you.  ;-)  Guess I did all that without playing this game, too.(5)

Guys: for the record, I played EVE for hundreds and hundreds of hours in 2012.  A lot of the people reading this blog know it, because a lot of them have me on their notify lists and some few start convos with me when I appear.  (Which I don't mind at all, BTW.)

Then if all that wasn't bad enough, a really old chestnut emerges: I bash the CSM because obviously, I'm still butt-hurt about a space election I lost two years ago (Alek says one year ago, but we'll forgive him).  Swear to God.(6)  "Ripard's CSM run is laughable because he doesn't play the game," it is declared with utter confidence.  "Just blogging isn't going to carry him through a CSM election."  Er... OK... yeah.

I think I see where this is going.  ;-)

Apparently CSM8 campaign season has started and I've just missed it.  gf guys, g f'in f.  Makes me wonder why they did it.  Well, one of my readers had a theory.  It's a fun theory.  But maybe you guys could wait and see if I actually declare a candidacy before bashing me over it, whadaya say?  Or you could remember the alternative.

(1) Hint: Alek doesn't like very many of my CSM posts.
(2) Hint: if you don't have a thick skin, don't be a public figure.
(3) It's at 1 hour, 36 minutes in.
(4) It's at 1 hour, 24 minutes in.
(5) By the way, between editing passes on this blog post, I started 16 invention jobs, four research jobs, and 15 manufacturing jobs for 150 T2 modules.  Oh, and I killed three battleship rats.  I'm trying to get one of my main's sec status up to high-sec level again for a while.
(6) It's at 1 hour, 37 minutes in.


  1. Your post metric is contentious at best. You write about many things. Perhaps it would be better to look at it in terms of advocacy or politics. Of your posts seeking to influence how the game "should be," how many relate directly upon the performance of the CSM?

    All in all, I think the most interesting part of this post has been the total number of rigs created. More of your energy should be devoted to explaining the intricacys of industry than lambasting idiots in shit fit buzzards.

  2. In the interest of full-disclosure, do you inform the CSM before you write pieces that are critical of them?

    I mean, to get indignant because someone mentioned you and didnt tell you before hand reeks of the obsession Mittens had with his public image. It seems silly, Ripard, for someone trying to call someone else out for not being a grown-up.

    Thick skin works both ways. To mathematically present am ironclad defense of what was obviously a flippant, emotionally-driven rant shows that you, too, have a tough time letting water roll off your back. You could have just let this go instead of taking the bait, and allowed Aleks's accusation that you feed off of drama fall flat.

    1. It was sorely tempting to do just that. What finally decided me to respond was how political it all comes off. It feels like an attempt at bullying me to either run or to not run, in fact.

    2. Jester, it's looking quite clear after this you are sitting in the "run" camp or you would have let it slide.

      The CSM run isn't on the public's radar yet. Something about keeping your powder dry.

    3. @Graic: Jester's analysis and evaluations of CSM and CCP performance have been a consistent part of his blog over time. This analysis has been, for the most part, thoughtful and rigorous. I regard it as an ongoing public good.

      The Eve community should be paying very close attention to the actions and attitudes of the CSM, a body we elect to act as our voice to CCP. Too many CSM members come into office advocating for the interests of a limited constituency rather than looking to the long-term health of the game and its larger player community. This being the case, it is right and proper that CSM member actions and advocacy should be subject to close scrutiny by the Eve-specific and general gaming media.

      There is a growing tendency of Eve 'celebrities' with a close association to CCP to behave as though they are above criticism. When confronted by questions or criticisms their first impulse is to attack the character of the questioner/critic rather than address the matter that has been raised. This is particularly true if the celebrity in question believes they've not been treated with the proper deference.

      This expectation of deference is often fed by soft-handed treatment by members of the Eve media who act as though they fear loss of access to CCP/CSM subjects if they ask tough questions or level hard criticisms; a behavior Poetic Stanzial recently wrote about in his blog.

      Persons so delicate that they're unable to to suffer the slings and arrows of public criticism with good humor, or unable to tolerate having their actions on behalf of the voting community questioned, have no business running for or serving on the CSM.

    4. So responding with logic and facts is bad because the original accusations were flippant and emotionally-driven? One can only reply in the selected medium? Should have been a Nightrider post Jester!
      And not replying at all is silly. Jester runs a blog, and when someone hands you blogging content, it’s rude to refuse. Also it’s Friday, so the rules of engagement have been followed.
      Plus this was an entertaining read, and we come here to be entertained.

    5. That's not what "full disclosure" means. You're referring to "asking for comment" or, more simply, "giving them a heads up." If you're interested in full disclosure, I encourage you to fully disclose who you really are. Just sayin'

    6. Jester is a public figure but holds no official authority or obligations of any kind. The members of the CSM are elected officials and they are and will be held to higher standards than those who vote or comment upon their work. Official rank has rewards but it also implies different standards of behavior (as The Mittani discovered). Jester is under no obligation to disclose, preview, or ask permission from anyone about his posts.

      If certain CSM members don't like what is being said they can respond --- but as was pointed out a long time ago -- "Don't argue with people that buy ink by the barrel and paper by the ton".

  3. Well, whatever Jester/Ripard has written on his blog in most cases he was right. Because of that and the writing, this blog is my favorite along with Rixx and Poetic's one (the order is by preference).

  4. I'm too lazy to look elsewhere for informed opinion these days. Comfortable with your thought process and active participation. Since Trebor is a bit wobbly about running for csm8 you've got a good chance of rallying the middle ground moderates to your banner.
    Actually, the opening salvo of csm campaigning has made me smirk. It was hardly a shot across the bow, much more worthy of being described as a cheap shot, laughably way off mark. What happened to know your foes?

  5. Speaking personally, I think one of the best parts of your blog is when you call out specific players, CCP devs, and CSM members, knowing full well that the people you are referring to will be reading what you write about them. Those posts that make you say "Oh snap! Did he really just say that?". Of course that doesn't happen often at all compared to your other posts, and when it does you are almost always fair, unless you are working from reasonable assumptions that may be incorrect. It isn't like you are making outrageous statements out of the blue though. A lot of us are already thinking these things before you even post about them. You have to expect that you're going to be called out and take some heat sometimes, since the rest of us don't have the dedication to blogging that you do, nor the balls to put such things in writing for everyone to read.

    The bottom line is, I do believe that your blog is actually having an indirect effect on EVE, and it's definitely a positive one. So take your licks and keep on fighting the good fight Jester.

  6. "Alek didn't say a word to me that I'd be mentioned in his podcast. I certainly never got an invite the way I did the last time Alek didn't like one of my CSM posts"

    Do I usually mail people if I'm going to mention them? Haven't for the past 4 years. I never got a mail that you were going to write this or after you wrote this. When you talk about the CSM, negative or positive, we never get a heads up. Someone usually tells us to go read it ;p

    You should also probably figure out who said what on a podcast, it's a panel discussion show not a blog. Don't get mad at me for my cohost's opinion or questions my guests ask. Turtle and I don't sound remotely alike, and Connall an accent rather distinct from us Yanks. They're their own people with their own opinions. Those opinions can be wrong.

    Now as the host I do bear the responsibility of reigning people in when they go too far on something, and perhaps I should have done so more forcefully not just on this segment but others (Connall has kissed the Blarney stone no doubt, the original recording was over 3h long). Listening back on it, it does go on for more than it should and is at parts unfair.

    So I do apologize for that.

    ""He thinks he's helping," someone says. "Hitler thought he was helping, too," someone else says, invoking Godwin's Law (which is then mentioned explicitly to laughter). I'm paraphrasing a bit here, but not very much."

    I have a hard time believing you'd be so uninitiated into human conversation that the presence of laughter would indicate such an over the top exaggeration was expressly intended to be and succeeded as a joke. I even made a joke about the joke, if it wasn't clear. At this point, we've all been compared to Hitler on the internet: relax.

    1. Lack of notice was interesting to me because it was something that you, Hans, and Seleene complained about when you had me on DoW.

      As you point out, the actions of your co-host and your guest interested me because you made only one rather feeble attempt during the entire rant to rein them in. Did you really believe that I literally never play this game, for instance?

      Most important of all, do you really believe that virtually nothing I do here has value to the community?

    2. "Someone usually tells us to go read it ;p"

      An elected player rep for EVE does not regularly check one of (the?) most popular EVE blogs to see what players are talking about? Do the job you were elected to do.

    3. Oh, and the "I can't tell them apart" thing was obviously me being facetious, like you and the Hitler thing. I looked for your tweet but couldn't find it. You can reference me as @RipardTeg on Twitter.

  7. I made a specific comment above, but in general terms I just wanted to add something else.

    We as a community should note that this is Jester's/Ripard's blog. You may not always agree with what is said here but damn he has a right to say it.

    Fortunately for us the vast majority of what is written here is useful, insightful and often quite brave in the face of what can be some pretty ordinary group think displayed by CCP and the community at large.

    Can I understand why Jester would want to put up a bit a defense in the light of a good chunk of air time directed at him?


    Would I have written this post?

    Probably not.

    Does it change my view of him?

    Not at all.

    CCP is doing so much to silence views that aren't carefully spun in the community you need well thought out opinions that are not simply from braying yes men.

  8. That, actually, pushes you into the role of Daenerys Targaryen in your own political caricature.

    Now you just have to invade. They tried to poison you, after all. :)

  9. Taking this post with Poetic's one today it looks like the Bloggers are at war with the Podcasters. Awesome!

    You should meet at the Sun.

  10. Jester,alex is a knob


  11. Forget the politics and CSM shenanigans. I think the key facts that people need to be aware of here are hiding in plain sight:

    547 blogposts in 2012!
    836 kills on 2012 killboards!
    Additional industry alts!
    (as well as presumably a job and other real life commitments)

    I don't know whether to be impressed or frightened, but there are a number of explanations for this incredible output:

    - Ripard Teg is capable of real Time Dilation (or he is Doctor Who).
    - He is an interdimensional octopus being with enough arms and heads to do the work of many humans.
    - He is a human trafficker with a sweatshop of slaves who do the menial work (probably mind-controlled by Ripard's spare brain)
    - He has actually cloned himself Multiplicity-style, ergo Garth is real and owns his own passport.
    - He is, as previously suspected, a cyborg alien scouting the planet for an impending invasion.

    On the strength of this, he probably doesn't need to run for CSM as his godlike powers of reality manipulation mean that he controls our thoughts and votes anyway.

    Can someone plug me back into the Matrix please. Something feels horribly wrong.


    Seismic Stan

    1. you missed the obvious explanation: he has Hermione Granger's time turner

    2. OK, I follow Stan's thinking here and I worry I do... Ripard, we need you on the CSM, but... whereinhellyougonnafindthetime???

    3. Old men have nothing but time.

      Not saying your old, just pointing out a possibility.

    4. Reminds me of an old corp mate who mined his own mother ship (as they were) then titan. He used to work from home as a contract coder and had a whole passel of screens with about 10 Hulks going with Rorqual support.

      When asked which was his work one it was a small(ish) laptop off to one side.

  12. Also speaking personally, yours is one of only two EvE blogs i read and if i am correct the only one of the two that mentions anything about the CSM. So in short 90% of my CSM information comes from your blogging. I have been playing EvE for two years and am very much a casual PvE player, due to being in my 30's with a family i just dont have the time to dedicate to full time PvP so i tend to read about it (whilst at work) instead.
    I for one wouldnt mind if you posted more about the CSM and the people in it. At the end of the day its just your opinion so i take it as that. If the CSM members feel a need to rant about that then they need to look at their own skins.

    My personal bottom line is i get much more from your blogging than i ever will from the CSM.

  13. I don't quite get it, so you feel entitled to speak for good or evil about others in EvE, but don't quite like when others articulate similar opinions (albeit poorly) of you?

    This is EvE, people have evolved to grief ingame and outofgame too, bash in forum trolling, IRC flooding, DDOS attacks on teamspeak and whatever.....let people trashtalk about you...those who value your posts as they are (which i personally appreciate) will still come to read the blog.

  14. Simply put: I've been playing the game for a year. I know who you are. I have no fucking clue who the three mentioned are.

  15. I agree, i do not agree with all you say, but the way u get to your conclusions as always worth reading. even if i think it is the wrong one. keep writing, and keep updating.

    Pro tip. get some sort of popup add on this site, and make it so it pop up at sertain points when you scroll down, so i dont have to click on any links to get bombarded with commercial. i only wanna click links on dubios websites with cute girls on them.

  16. Alek needs an injection of HTFU if he is butt hurt over your CSM blog posts, Jester. Alek clearly never goes anywhere near the official forums otherwise he'd blow a blood vessel.

    I've find your blog posts to be insightful and thought provoking but never insulting to either the reader's intelligence or to the subject at hand. In truth, I think you've hit the nail on the head: this is all about the CSM8 election.

  17. I always find when people spend more time talking about what people are saying about them than what they are actually doing that is very telling. TBH I love Eve podcasts but then endless stream of CSM people turning up to tell us all how great they are is getting a little dull.

    I really still don't get what the CSM is for.

  18. Keep doing what you are doing my friend. The more successful you get at it the more some people are not going to like you for it. Believe me! Only the milk-toast make no enemies or engender low passions. Us pot-stirrers tend to get splashed.

    Keep stirring pots.

  19. Don't take the negativity to heart.

    Look at the issues I face when it comes to the Goonswarm ! :)

  20. Well, some of your posts do fit in the bittervet category (like you say on top of the page:"Sadly, I've succumbed to "bittervet" disease"). But if I compare your posts to a lot of other news and 'news' sites/ blogs, yours is informative, filled with humour (including about yourself) and generally honest. Sometimes a bit brutally so :)

    But basically I got all my evelinks in a separate bookmark folder, except yours. Yours is always nice to read. You don't bash people unnecessary (and if you do bash, chances are you include yourself). To be honest - my favourite character from GoT is tyrion. You fit him. Maybe even better than trebor...

  21. What Rixx said....

  22. Keep it up Ripard. What's that quote... "if they're shooting at you, you know you're doing something right."

    Jester's Trek is so good, I gave Ripard 1 billion ISK (plus a giant pile of stuff). His blog is head and shoulders above the rest. Unlike the rest of the blogging community, Ripard's posts are the only ones that are clear, concise, and well thought out. They are definitely the only ones done with any writing skill, with the exception of Poetic, who has writing ability, but no style, no substance, and way too much "opinion." The rest have mistaken the ability to type for the ability to write and almost none provide useful information (except Azual, whose stuff is great, but far too rare).

    If I hadn't retired from the game, I'd vote for you if you ran. All 17 accounts. -Zaxix

  23. As much as I'm sure you enjoyed you little ego driven Eve podcast/blogging cat fight with Alex, I, and I'm sure many other of your readers would much much rather have read the analysis of the PL fleet tactics than a high school drama filled pissing contest.

  24. Incoming cliche...

    hater's gonna hate.

    keep doin' you.

    Translation: Keep doing what you are doing.


  25. I haven't heard the podcasts but if your quotes are accurate, they sound like a bunch of high school girls sitting in a lunch room talking shit about the "popular" or "pretty" girl that they don't like. Very sad and extremely petty.

    171 kills in 2012?? I'm a noob and doubled those kills easily. Some people should podcast less and get in space more before they start talking shit

  26. This is a great blog. Only on the odd occasion are you wide of the mark. Keep up the excellent work Jester.

    As for the podcast in question... It's pathetic. To accuse you of not researching your facts properly and to then categorically state that you hardly ever play the game is a level of hypocrisy I haven't seen in many years. Going by the podcast, I can honestly say I'd never vote for any of them in a CSM election. But Ripard may just get my vote(s).

    Alek, if you are reading this... The most interesting, compelling and more accurate shows are always those where the host actually challenges the guests on their assertions. You're a cool guy and all but to use a popular eve phrase, "grow some". You'd probably earn more respect and have more interesting content.

  27. To be fair, they do call it "Declarations of War."

  28. :popcorn:

    Jester, m8, no one listens to their shitbox podcast anyways. I had never heard of it before your post, and have zero interest in ANYTHING Alek has to say on anything, much less his cohosts. I think you might have jumped the gun slightly on this one. But the drama will be entertaining, and for that I thank you.

    Keep up the good stuff m8.

  29. No offence, but you seem mad :)

  30. Thats pretty funny. Especially the quoting bout you not playing as much or how they do; then soundly stomping their KB stats.

    Good job, Ripard, and if I was recovering from wormhole activities, Id donate some more to you. =P


  31. These guys come across like Joffrey Baratheon in his sniveling tone, "I am the King." What is that? Shite on me face? Just Kidding. You are probably saving that reference for your least favorite and seemingly incompetent CCP Dev. No name mentioned.

    Anyway, these pot lickers that you so graciously advertise on this page are trying to figure out some ways to pull in listeners or readers. Bashing is usually a good way. I would add that bashing with support of fact comes out sounding less like sniveling. I mean dude, the Trek's a blog right? Supposed to cause some feedback. We all have our opinions. They will conflict at times. Don't think that is what exactly is going on here from them. Sounds like butt hurt.

    As the "Media" of EVE, in my mind you are doing what you should do. The whole fourth branch thing. Hold some feet to the fire! No one has to be an expert on politics or every topic under the sun to vote or have stake in what their representatives are doing. I know it's a game but makes for interesting reading.

    Hell, why do we bother to vote? Does it not matter to the players? Heck, these pod guys want to hold everyone's feet to the fire about how they play the game or how bad at pvp they are. CSM goes beyond the game doesn't it? It's a real life position with a company that binds you as intermediary with the player base. If there is no consequence then where is the Mittani? In other words, these guys are toons sure but, the real person goes to Iceland at our expense. It's great E-Peen but c-mon boys you signed up for the whole adventure. Reminds me of an old joke.

    Seaman is on the side of the carrier scraping barnacles and yells up to his commanding officer, "When do I get to fly those planes?" Commanding Officer,"Yeah, when you get done with the other side."- Bobcat Goldthwait.

    I like going to most of these guys pages. I would have known nothing about them if not for Jester's Trek or EN24. I will not go to Mittensmess.com and have given up on Poeteats Discusting just because I don't want them to succeed. They can write what they want. Free country and all. In the end we all vote with a click.

    What ever you do keep this up and DO NOT even think about joining the CSM.

    Terpsicorian Ejectamenta

  32. Keep Treking Jester, some will dislike you because they see your too popular, well liked and they can envy that and your soapbox. You keep us informed on some of the best happenings of the game as well as those who manage our sandbox of sand.

    Often its quite entertaining, sometime you inform us with your logical thinking to get a clue of the state of things. You keep us more informed than those who often tasked to manage it. Though I sometime may not want to agree with you, i'm still usually with you as you give a well thought out reason to your ideas.

    Keep Treking and keep us ever aware in our sandbox as well entertained with what's happening. Your Blog is one the Best damn thing I read on a daily basis as well that which keeps me informed.

  33. Rip, don't beat yourself up. You are doing a terrific job with your blog and it's my top EVE blog.

    If they got this mad then you must be doing something right. :)

    Keep up the good stuff!

  34. Alekseyev Karrde is the Michael BoltonIII of the CSM.

    And, no, CCP Dolan, that isn't a compliment....

  35. Jester, don't sweat it, man.

    Everyone who listened to the podcast generally agrees that it was just plain bad, not even up to Aleks' usual low standards.

  36. Rumour around the CCP watercooler is that someone is considering allowing players to vote *against* a candidate during the next CSM elections.

    Which current CSM members would be most affected by such a change to the election mechanics? ;)

    1. Gerrymandering would definitely gel with CCP's desire for community control and PR spin.

    2. It's a cute idea, but it would be inherently unfair to non-bloc players. It's fun to think about thousands of people voting against Mittens, but it's much more likely to see a thousand Goon alt accounts voting against Trebor to push him below critical mass.

    3. Actually it would be more fair to non-bloc players, who can't amass the number of organized votes to counter the thousand Goon alt accounts for Mittens, and other such.

    4. @Jester - I don't see anything wrong with Mittens and Trebor, as well as Alekseyev, all being eliminated from future CSM elections, if their meta-gaming activities have made them too many enemies.

      But, then, I don't like bloc politics. Less famous/infamous candidates should have the opportunity to get elected based on their actual election platform, rather than solely on their current bloc affiliation. Perhaps, then, we'd get a far more active CSM. At the very least, we'd be likely to get a different mix of people, representing more areas/aspects of the game.

  37. Boy did they touch a nerve.

  38. I see a lot of white knighting of Ripard about how "he's so right, best blog ever!"

    You do realize the post that prompted the discussion on our podcast was so wrong that Ripard, to his credit, afterward posted what was effectively a correction.

    @Wilfred, if you'd like to listen to an episode where the guest is challenged, Ripard has his own episode and no quarter was asked or given.

    Obviously Ripard plays, and I believe I did say he was an active player after Turtle claimed he didnt play. It was nice of Jester to go through the trouble of itemizing everything he's done in game. If you know my posting history, I love a good point by point rebuttal of someone and I know that must have taken quite a bit of work to put together. My cohost got owned and I think it's hilarious.

    His kb stats are cute, but considering I'm a logistics pilot in almost any large fleet and a run a multi-corp organization, they'e probably not the best metric to compare epeen sizes with. Turtle has no excuse though, gonna troll the shit out of him to PVP more than Ripard XD

    Prior to this blogpost I was under the impression Ripard was not interested in being a podcast guest again (it was hard to get him the first time!) But after reading that he wouldnt mind, I have indeed invited him again to appear on the episode we discuss the CSM minute release on. After he's done slapping NinjaTurtle around with his kb stats, he can ask all kinds of hard questions I'll have to answer and I can challenge all his assumptions he'll have to respond to.

    I think it'd be great.

    1. I think you've misinterpreted the cited statistics as an attempt to denigrate others. When someone claims "you don't play," it's not epeening to show numbers that say, "yes, I do." Jester didn't claim to be playing the game more than those others--but it was, as you acknowledge, an elegant take-down of the critics you weren't quite prepared to challenge at the time on your podcast. Jester is an incredibly active player, by several measures.

      It'll be all right. He has saved you and your guests the trouble of issuing a correction.

  39. Speaking for myself, I like most of what you write. What annoys me is when you go off on a crazy conspiracy theory that you could debunk with a simple EVE mail to one of us.

    With that being said, I think it *was* quite clear during CSM6 that you were pretty mad about losing that election. I'm not sure how much of that still carries over to CSM7, but you shouldn't delude yourself into thinking you weren't upset about losing.

    1. And, here's Two step with yet another attempt by a CSM member to blame Jester for CSM inadequacies.

      Most conspiracy theories form because you lot in the CSM are failing in your job to keep the community sufficiently informed. And, hiding behind the NDA isn't ever an excuse - there are many ways you can provide information about CCP's future plans without violating the NDA, or saying that you can't talk about something, or acting as if you know secret things that everyone else would kill to know.

    2. Tell you what Two Step...

      Perhaps if you in the CSM actually, you know....talked to the players you supposedly represent more often and let us know what was going on more efficiently we'd be inclined to support you and the other CSM's altogether.

      This CSM IMHO has been living under the shellshock of Mittens quitting since day one and hasn't gotten their collective feet under them since. Well, maybe Hans, but the rest of the CSM work has been "meh" so far to the general populace.

      The CSM should be grateful to people like Jester at the very minimum for keeping interest in the game alive. Coming out about a thing that happened during CSM6 just shows you that much of what has been said probably has more truth assigned to it than you or the other CSM members would like to admit.

      EVE is slowly dying, it would be nice to have a CSM that recognizes that and also is throwing it into the faces of CCP at every possibility so they in turn will get their collective crap together.

      But as for Jester, at least hes noticeable, easy to read and more importantly fun to read and brings many things to the table.

      Personally, all I see in this CSM is a group of people excited to get a magic title, a possible trip to Iceland and a willingness to not only swill the CCP kool-Aid, but try with everything in their might to force it down our throats.

  40. Jester/Ripard. Run for CSM 8. Your playstyle and mine are vastly different, but you exhibit an honesty and lack of agenda that is clearly missing in the current members we are stuck with in CSM 7. I would be comfortable with you on the CSM as opposed to the zealots there now.

    My only concern would be that you would be forced via time constraints and NDA to lessen your blog output.

  41. All I know is that I get MUCH more information and MUCH more enjoyment from reading Jester's Trek than anything ANY CSM has done.


  42. I've read this blog for a while and the vast majority is simply informative (and its all great).

    I also appreciate a cool evidence-based retort to claims about you, it's more information! I think you would resisting the important principles of this blog to forgo responding.

    Thanks for your blog Jester!

  43. whoah, this is what I get for not keeping up on my blog reading list isn't it ^^

    now first of all, I have to correct a GRAVE injustice portrayed against myself here and as a RvB pilot find myself HONOUR BOUND to correct!


    I've been on significantly more mails than reported here! my shameless proliferation to exploding for fun and no profit shall NOT BE MALIGNED! got it? good :>

    now as to the actual post and what I said on DoW. I'm going to stand by my comments on the podcast but I'd like to further point out my opinions on the subject. all told it came down to 2 points.

    I enjoy reading jester's trek fairly regularly (though it seems I dropped the ball in catching this one a little late xD) and I make a point of firmly planting it into my "opinion" piece column. is that a bad thing though? hell no. merely that I place differential distinctions on it compared to what I would consider an overall "news provider". the mitanni.com most certainly straddles the line between both of course but its content, due to the demands of the medium, tend to have to be more about "phrasing the question" rather than coming to conclusions a lot of the time. which was the opinion I was trying to portray on the podcast. if I ballocksed that up? i'm not suprised. listening to fly reckless alone would reveal to the world how bad a wordsmith I am in the grand scheme of things.

    my actual opinion on the blog posts in question however? I'll stand by. I still believe ripard was missing the mark on the posts in question but that is very much my own personal opinion. do I dislike ripard? hell no, he's great fun to read and a solid source of good information. But I'll always consider his work opinion pieces, that's the entire point of blogging as opposed to news sourcing and I'll go to those relative sources for those types of information :)

    I found the reference to "Hitler" amusing and assuming that got carried to the latest edit called it out with godwins law because hey, was a laugh :D

    but yeah, there's my several days late response to this whole kerfuffle. Ask me some opinions on alexseyeve and i'm sure you'll get about the same amount of irreverence ^_^

    1. For the record:

      Connall agreed that what I posted was 2012 figures only and admitted those figures are accurate. ;-)

      And yeah, I've never passed myself off as a news source or a journalist. Only very very occasionally will I limit myself to reporting something and having no opinion on it. Most of the time I'll list the facts, then extensively list my own opinions. :P


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