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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New skill assistant to the KOTW

So the new Sensor Compensation skills work.  Again, I'm not one for battle reports, but this one is fairly instructive.

Rote Kapelle was on a bit of a theme roam last night, doing a theme shield Enyo fleet.  And you know what a sucker I am for green and covered with blasters.  ;-)  But we were on our way home -- running through low-sec -- having heard about a large CFC fleet in our home system and were a little curious if there was anything we could do to harass it.

Our Enyos were freaky fast, but our Scimitar was actually lagging behind somewhat, about a jump-and-a-half behind the main fleet.  So I hung back to escort him forward (and was hoping someone would try to tackle him on an in-gate, truth be told).  Our scout, two jumps ahead of me reports a neutral Drake on an in-gate and the FC orders the scout to tackle him.  I remind the FC about the lagging Scimi and the FC orders us to hurry, so we hurry (like we hadn't been before...).

But we get to be a listen-only audience as the scout tackles the Drake, a Falcon de-cloaks, and the rest of the fleet jumps in.  At that point, the Scimi and I were a jump behind and fortunately it was a short warp.  Still, an Enyo tackling a neutral Drake in low-sec can really only have one conclusion unless the Enyo tackles then almost immediately warps off.  Ours didn't, but back-up tackle arrived and low-sec or not, the Drake's life was pretty short after that.  The Scimi and I jumped in about five seconds before the Drake died, and the Scimi got to work repping low-sec frigates.

Meanwhile, I notice the Falcon is burning away 138km off me, with our lone Hyena burning for him.  So I ignore the Drake and slow-boat in the opposite direction until the distance opens to 156km, then turn around and align for our Hyena.  Just as I get up to 75% speed, the Hyena calls "point, double web".  I warp to the Hyena, land 7500m or so off the Falcon, and scram him.  The vast bulk of the rest of our fleet is in a little clump around the wreck of the Drake about 50km away.  It'll take them ten or more seconds to arrive.

In the old days, the Falcon definitely would have gotten away.  He probably has an over-heated jam strength of 15+, our Hyena and I have sensor strengths much below that, so that's that.  Still, it's worth a shot and our Enyos are fast so I only have to stay on him for a few seconds.  I automatically start bumping him anticipating that I'm going to be jammed off him any second.  And sure enough, the Falcon acquires a red square and I can guess what's going to happen next...

...only it doesn't.

The other Enyos arrive and we make short work of him.  Given the nature of the jammers he has fitted, I guess he saw our fleet coming.  ;-)

So, there's various things going on here.
  1. Situational awareness: it would have been easy for me to jump on the Drake kill but my late arrival gave me some alternative options and I used them.
  2. As I said at the top of the piece, the Sensor Comp skills work.  Thank you, CCP.  As much as I like green and covered with blasters, Magnetometric Sensor Comp was the first one I trained up.
  3. But they might work too well?  This Falcon fit isn't bad, per se: it has the 15+ overheated jam strength I was expecting.  My sensor strength was 13.  I'm therefore forced to assume that this Falcon pilot is missing Recon V and probably a support skill or two as well.  Recon V is so important for Falcons...
  4. He also clearly forgot to overheat his jammers before applying them.  I cannot understate what a mistake this is.  Overheating jammers gives them +2 jam strength.  It's absolutely critical that jammers be overheated on their first cycle.  He probably also forgot to overheat his MWD, which is what allowed our Hyena to catch him in the first place.
  5. Don't neglect that jamming range problem.  Falcons should be rigged for jamming range, not jamming strength.  Use a low slot or two for jamming strength.
  6. Finally, remember how I said how my thinking is that by default, each race has one armor-tanking Recon and one shield-tanking Recon?  Yup.  The Rook is the shield-tanking one.  As I said, this Falcon fit isn't bad, just not thought through all the way.
Anyway, fun little engagement and very instructive, I hope you'll agree...


  1. Nicely done. And, this is a much better KotW candidate than the boring Rorqual kill in your previous post.

  2. I had a look at your Hyena pilot's fit through her losses.
    That is one gutsy pilot, and would not have considered armour tanking that boat, but it appears to be fast and agile enough to keep up with an AF gang.

    And I love the fact that the boat is so role specific. Tackle and nothing else.

    1. I am such a big fan of the Hyena. And yeah, that fit is really nice. But I came up with a variant of that fit that I like slightly better, and Nam and I have been very gently arguing about it. ::waves at Nam::

    2. I'm a fan of all the EAFs, really. I'm probably one of the few people that has one of each in his hangar fit and ready to fly.

  3. The only reason I fly a hyena is to be a tug boat to the corp's freighter pilots.

    So gallente armor assault frigs but you are escorting a shield logi? Color me confused. Plus the decision for the Hyena wouldn't the point range of the Keres be the stronger option? (clueless bear seeks lesson).


    1. It was a theme roam. The Enyos were shield fit. Thus the shield logi. The shield Enyos worked surprisingly well, too! A little thin, but you can't have everything.

      The Hyena is primarily there to assist with gate-ganking, to keep people who jump into us from burning back to gate successfully. But it's also great at what it did right here: burning out to a fleeing target and slowing him down so the rest of the fleet could latch on.


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