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Monday, January 21, 2013


Just a quickie.

Focus: CSM Summit Minutes, "Mercenaries, Wars and Crimewatch" session

Know what CCP Unifex's first "mini theme" might be for the summer expansion?  I'll sum it up in one word: Pirates!  It's funny how often this subject is coming up lately, and I don't think it's a coincidence.  We've got pirate noob ships on Singularity, pirate incursions and live events are both more common and CCP Falcon wants to make them even more so, and a number of new features aimed at the pirate player style, notably the "Tags4Secs" program talked about on page 63-64 of the Minutes.

For those who don't want to read the whole thing, I'll sum it up for you: occasionally only in low-sec, a rat will appear and that rat will drop a little tag, similar to the tags dropped by many rats today.  Only this tag will be a bit more special.  This tag, you'll take to a CONCORD station in low-sec, pay an ISK fee, and bloop!  Your security status goes up by some amount.  And that happens whether you were the person who killed that particular rat or not.  Now there are lots and lots of restrictions to this as CCP tries to design a system that will be hard to game.  But that's the gist.

And as a result, there's going to be a fine booming market in these special sec status tags in Jita, plus a whole new profession of people bombing around low-sec belts looking for the rats that drop them!  In short, if you need sec status, you'll send an alt to Jita, have the alt buy a big pile of these things and carry them to your main in low-sec.  Your main low-sec takes them to a CONCORD station, turns them in along with some ISK, and suddenly you don't need a high-sec alt for a while.
Harbormaster: Hold up there, you! It's a shilling to tie up your boat at the dock... and I shall need to know your name.
Jack Sparrow: What do you say to three shillings and we forget the name.
Harbormaster: Welcome to Port Royal, Mr. Smith!
Do I need to explain how happy this change makes me?  God knows I've been begging for the ability to bribe CONCORD to raise sec status for months, and the ability to choose not to rat.  Garth even wrote an entire blog post about it.  ;-)

So all I have to say about this one is: yes, please!  As soon as possible, please!

And while I wait, I'm also going to be sniffing the air looking for more clues that "Pirates!" is our summer expansion theme.


  1. I'd love a pirate expansion.

    Simple things could be:

    * expand incursions to include incursions from other pirate factions (why let sansha have all the fun?)
    * let players align with pirate factions
    * create pirate factions for factional war (why are the pirates letting the empires fight over their piratey space???)
    * enhance and expand pirate ship lines in line with existing pirate ship themes
    * add pirate modules
    * expand drugs
    * add smuggling mechanics
    * add some sort of mid-warp jammer mechanic to NPCs so that they can break your warp in progress and jump you, even in highsec (spice up hauling a bit!) - freelancer had something like this and it was an enjoyable mechanic.

    would be *awesome*

  2. I like the idea of tags for sec status. I don't like any idea that involves sticking another alt in Jita to buy stuff. Making them illegal contraband in highsec might not make a lot of sense considering CONCORD loves them to the point of forgiveness of sins, but one way or another they shouldn't simply be available on the market in Jita.

    Anything that requires an alt should be frowned upon going forward with CCP's new direction. The last thing you'd want is an influx of new players that are told "you can't do anything really cool in this game without an alt char on a second account".

    1. It is possible to travel around highsec even with very low security status, though. And it wouldn't require a highsec alt: I would imagine the sec tags would also be sold in significant quantities at the lowsec stations simply because that's where the demand is.

    2. How about a second char on the same account? One that only buys things in Jita.

  3. Dear god yes. Yesterday. Great theme and way overdue. I may see positive sec status for the first time in 2 years.

  4. It's either incredibly ironic or brilliantly simple: ratter pays for lowsec losses by selling tags to pirate to offset security loss from killing ratter, who pays for those losses by selling tags to pirate to offset sec...

  5. As a -10 sec status player that pvps in lowsec and pve in sansha npc null space this type of change only makes me cringe. The idea of making it easyer to be bad without the negatives makes it loose alot of its novelty. Now we also do a fair amount of highsec miner ganking even with the low sec status so I'm not apposed to the art of the gank but the implications that gankers that sit on undocks and gates could simply buy their sec status back I think is a bad idea. Again when you have no consequences for an action it nolonger becomes a choice. The is it worth it argument becomes a non issue when the things ur ganking pays for the sec loss. I like the idea that you have to rat for hours for every gank. It makes it so only the meanest most dedicated dicks continue to do it. I guess all I'm saying is i Think there needs to be equal trade for the pain caused or it nolonger has meaning. The only way for that to continue with the tags model is make them rare enough to make the pain of buying them equal to the pain caused by the ratting alternative. Otherwise what fun is there in being bad if everyone can do it.

  6. So much for "actions have consequences".
    ISK was always something easy to acquire for many pirates.
    Standings grinding, however, took TIME, something that cannot be bought.

    So that ends now.
    So pop 2 freighters in Uedamam, pop a couple pods, then 5 minutes after bribing Concord you are back in business again...

    Wonderful for the sociopaths.
    If you have money, there are no consequences any longer in Eve.

    1. "Sociopaths"? Please, this is game, stop crying about it. I promise you us "sociopaths" are probably more well-adjusted and take EVE Online a lot less seriously than you do.

    2. Tell me where you mine, so that I can offer you a mining permit.

    3. Ropard... Please tell us how this is in any way "Risk = Reward"?

      That you see balance in giving griefers the ability to BUY their way back to Hisec instead of having to stop and consider the COST of the consequences of their actions, when that cost is payable with a check?

      And yea, Justin, sociopaths IE people who get emotional enjoyment from causing negative emotional reactions in others... and if you didn't get a rush of the 'tears' of others then ganking NPCs would be all you needed... but it's not is it?? No, to "enjoy" YOUR game you NEED to kill other players... tell me I'm wrong... tell me it's not a rush when you gank a freighter or hulk and the player rages and mebbe quits because of YOUR actions... tell me you get the same thrill off of attacking NPCs...

      Jester... think about it man... Risk - Reward should not be something you can PURCHASED on the market... Sec Status should not have an ISK value... it should have an ACTUAL cost... time.

    4. I would be right there with you on this if EVE PvE wasn't so unbelievably awful. The punishment for shooting people in low-sec doesn't fit the crime. ;-)

  7. Sec tags, purchaseable in low sec, have a timer on them that counts down from the moment of purchase. Sellable in concord space.

  8. So another year focused on empire space. When are we getting some iterations and new content fore wormholes and nullsec again.

  9. Mmm, but the tags should not be dropped by rare spawning NPCs. They should be dropped by players in pirate factions!

  10. I wish I could care about this. Yes, ratting up sec status is onerous and unpleasant... but it's not some terrible thing that will take you months to achieve.

    About a month ago, I had a reason to enter highsec with my main. So, I took a ratting Manticore up to Fountain, and ran the big loop there, killing one rat in each system. It took about four hours to exhaust a full cargohold's worth of ammo. I returned the next day and did it a second time.

    Two days, four hours a day, in a ship that's near impossible to catch if competently piloted, and costs less than 50M if you happen to be a moron and lose it. And those two days took me from -6.8 to -1.4 sec status.

    1. Not everyone views eight hours of grinding with such frivolity.

  11. Dumb ****ing idea. Being able to grind off negative sec status by popping NPCs was already a bad idea - this makes it worse.

    Negative actions need to have negative consequences, otherwise, they just have no meaning.

    As a criminal, I expect the police, and everyone else, to always be against me, when I come to visit high sec. I should not be able to simply shed off a 100+ unjustified killings by buying a bunch of tags, or shredding a bunch of lame-ass NPCs.

    And, for the record, if you can't hunt in high sec with a -10 sec status, then you aren't a pirate. Only pussies grind off neg sec status in order to hunt in high sec - no better than their carebear victims and just as whiny.


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