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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Request for assistance: Podcasts

Just a quickie. 

As I am being frequently reminded lately, I have been remiss in tracking what's being said and done with EVE's podcasts.  While I've tried to advertise some of them off to the right there, I haven't been a listener myself.  Honestly, there's only been so many hours in the day to do this sort of thing and I spend a lot of that time reading EVE blogs and forum posts on FHC, Kugu, and the EVE-O forums.

Still, I want to make more of an effort in the coming year to try to track podcasts too, and clean up the "Must Listen Podcasts" section to the right in the bargain.

So, Dear Readers, what are the must listen podcasts in the EVE community right now?  I know I want to add Declarations of War to that section.  Anyone else?  And is Pod Goo gone for good?  Anyone want to advertise their own?  Speak up in the comments.  I'll pick six or so to advertise and try to start listening to them regularly.(1)  Thanks!

P.S. As I do twice a year, I'm also going through the list of 24 blogs that I advertise and deciding who stays and who goes so if you want to plug your blog, feel free to do that as well.

(1) Oh, and if you have a podcast and you want me to be a guest, send me an EVE mail.


  1. Bringing Solo Back is the strongest Must Listen candidate imo. There's a good bunch at the moment and there are several very worthwhile ones.

    Poetic has had a lot to say recently: http://poeticstanziel.blogspot.co.uk/ and has caused a fair amount of drama.

    This site has a good list:

  2. Besides Declarations of War, there is new but updated constantly "Down the Pipe".


  3. If you're opening the door to pandering, I'll pimp my blog: eve-prosper.blogspot.com

    Trying to keep a focus on heavy industry and code development as I try to write a tool suite (like DRK Industrial Tracker). Still nailing down style and content, but as I'm writing to the vacuum now. Feedback in general would be appreciated!

  4. See here for a fairly complete list of active podacasts:


    Personally I enjoy down the pipe for much WH goodness, Crossing Zebra's for the best in boy bands and sov null sec drama, and Fly Reckless for interesting discussions on the Retribution changes and RvB.

    Lost in Eve has been a lot less active since Jade created his LIE Federation alliance but has been an interesting listen with hosts Jade and Rundle on opposite sides of the HBC/-A- fence.

    Voices From the Void has been somewhat variable in quality/frequency of late but is usually worth a listen.

    1. Yep, that's what's missing. Down the pipe is a great podcast about wormhole stuff, and Crossing Zebra's is consistently entertaining.

  5. I don't listen to them unless I'm told something important/interesting is said that affects me/my gameplay/my interests in EVE. I don't have the time to do more than that, I'm guessing, much like you don't.

    It really isn't that hard to get most of the relevant EVE news from reading blogs/eve forums/fhc/etc and be done with it inside an hour a day.

    My main gripe is that they take too long to get to the interesting/relevant crap most of the time and I just don't have alot of ~time~ to listen to random bullshitting lately.

  6. Having listened to a lot of them, is there such a thing as a must listen to podcast? The signal to noise ratio is so low. :)

    1. Fully agree about the sig / noise ratio for the majority of eve podcasts. However if you are into solo / small gang stuff, the Kil2 / Kovorix "Bringing Solo Back" podcast is actually decent. Very little messing about, very little irrelevant info, just decent advice and some excellent specific info for the solo pilot.

  7. High Drag podcast at http://highdrag.wordpress.com/ or on iTunes is our starter podcast. We are just in the infant stages and discuss a little of everything (so far...)

    Some of my favorites are Fly Reckless, Crossing Zebras, Voices and Podside. It's nice having a sometimes mindless labor job! I get to listen to a LOT of podcasts.

    Random McNally

  8. I just listened to Crossing Zebras this morning, deciding to investigate podcasts after the drama. It's good! Made me laugh out loud on the way into work. Worth a listen. I'm going to try some others but the durations of some of them look a bit excessive.

  9. As an newbro (been playing for about a month now), Crossing Zebras has been instrumental in my EVE education. It's been the only EVE podcast that I've been inspired to go back and listen to from the beginning.


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