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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Transition team

So here's something interesting:

As of this writing, seven out of 13 CSM7 members aren't running for reelection to CSM8, and that includes four out of five (or five out of six, depending on what you believe) CSM7 work-horses.  The rest?  It seems likely that Dovinian and Greene Lee won't be reelected whether they run or not.  TEST will almost certainly pick a new candidate to represent them rather than the former.  Against ALL Authorities is no longer a sufficient power bloc to put the latter back in.  That leaves Trebor Deahdoow, UAxDEATH, Meissa Anunthiel (heh), and Darius III (double heh) as the only people who could conceivably be elected to CSM8 and act as transition people.

In past CSM history, the smallest number of previous CSM members to transition to the follow-on CSM was CSM5 to CSM6, which only had two incumbents re-elected (Trebor, Meissa).  Obviously, CSM6 was rather revolutionary in a lot of ways.  In the light of the interest of null-sec blocs in the CSM, a lot of CSM5 members chose not to run, and others that did run were badly out-voted.  CSM6 also had a strong Chair who came on board with a specific agenda and way of doing things in mind, which eased the transition.  In addition, CSM5 provided an excellent transition document to the incoming CSM6, part of which was made public, which also eased the way.

Most CSM members re-elected?  That'd be our current CSM, with -- when the term started -- eight members of the immediately prior CSM represented, plus two others from CSMs previous to that.  I'm sure that's contributing to at least some of the rush for the door we're seeing.

Here's the full list of re-elected CSM members, if you're curious(1):

CSM1 to CSM2:4     Ankhesentapemkah, Darius JOHNSON, LaVista Vista, Omber Zombie
CSM2 to CSM3:4     Vuk Lau, Omber Zombie, Meissa Anunthiel, Issler Dainze
CSM3 to CSM4:3     Zastrow, Meissa Anunthiel, Serenity Steele
CSM4 to CSM5:7     Korvin, TeaDaze, Meissa Anunthiel, Sokratesz, T'Amber, Helen Highwater, ElvenLord
CSM5 to CSM6:2     Trebor Daehdoow, Meissa Anunthiel
CSM6 to CSM7:8     The Mittani*, Two Step, Elise Randolph, Trebor Daehdoow, Seleene, UAxDEATH, Meissa Anunthiel, Darius III

Now there are a number of people out there, my old friend Poetic Stanziel among them, who are basically calling for a completely fresh start to the CSM.  Poetic in particular wants Trebor gone.  I disagree for four reasons:
  1. Trebor brings a less-represented perspective to CCP;
  2. he's the last guy standing that knows the key players in CCP and what's likely to go over well when talking to them;
  3. he's an excellent worker, writer, and (when he chooses to be) a good communicator; and
  4. now there's an important fourth reason: he'd provide an important transition link to past CSMs.
Without Trebor or someone like him on CSM8, that puts CCP in the very comfortable position of -- if they choose to -- being able to rewrite a lot of the history of their relationship and communications with the CSM.  With Trebor or someone like him on CSM8, there will be someone in a position to help hold CCP accountable to past commitments, particularly previously NDAed commitments that probably wouldn't survive a clean sweep.

For these reasons, I hope Trebor runs.  We'll see what he decides to do.

'cause the only transition statement I can imagine from Darius III to the rest of CSM8 if he gets re-elected is a middle finger.

(1) In addition to what's shown, CSM5 had four additional members of CSMs prior to CSM4: Ankhesentapemkah, Dierdra Vaal, Vuk Lau, and mazzilliu.  CSM7 had two additional members of CSMs prior to CSM6: Issler Dainze and Alekseyev Karrde.


  1. I'm quite interested to find out why so many of the CSM aren't running again.

    The norm seems to be that once on the CSM and you do a good job you just keep going - but not all the big names are dropping out and it feels a little weird as I would have thought that they would want to finish what they've started.

    Now it could all be conicidence. They've all worked hard and now they just want a break and get back to reality - but I can't help thinking that it looks like rats jumping from a sinking ship...

    1. I'd absolutely love to serve another term, its just not in the cards for me personally. I'm quite envious of CSM8, they'll have unprecedented access to CCP's early planning and likely have more influence over expansion content than any previous CSM (including us).

      We're just beginning to enjoy the fruits of a year's worth of work getting the CSM Stakeholdership up and running, its been a blast seeing all of the possible features for summer and getting to play "Lego Expansion" with the modular components according to theme.

      I'm also not going anywhere either, I'll be happily enjoying the game in a way I haven't been able to the last year and spending more time with my friends again in space. As for the CSM transition concerns - Ripard and any other candidates are more than welcome to contact me anytime (many have already) and I'll share anything they need to know to help keep our work on track, they won't be left unsupported.

      The only way that CSM8 will have a fast one pulled on them by CCP is if they try to "go it alone" and stubbornly refuse to seek out input from those that have gone before them.

  2. Eddie Murphy had a skit about voting for the first black president in the 80's.

    "They get drunk and shit and go in there and say, 'lets vote for jessie jackson!'; *chich chih!*; 'I just voted for Jessie Jackson!'; and the next day they be like this, 'He fucking won?'."

    And that's Darius III, he'll win again.

  3. "Without Trebor or someone like him on CSM8, that puts CCP in the very comfortable position of -- if they choose to -- being able to rewrite a lot of the history of their relationship and communications with the CSM."

    Nevermind it being in the minutes, or the rumored existence of this alumni channel or anything... or the fact that even absent those neither you nor I would let them. ;)

    1. mynnna, are new CSM members allowed to read the unedited minutes of previous CSMs? How does their NDA work with retroactive stuff? Are previous CSMers allowed to tell current CSMers about prior history stuff?

    2. NDA's are valid for a five-year period. The internal forums are continuous - there is no barrier between the past CSM's work and the present. While the forums are only a fraction of the communication between the CSM and CCP these days (much more happens via Skype) there is certainly a record of previous CSM dialogue available to whoever is sitting at the time. So yes, past and present CSM's do share information that is covered under NDA, it just can't be shared with people that haven't signed an NDA.

    3. They can read the forums, and I suspect if they really wanted to, they could get the unedited minutes. I know I spent a while browsing the old CSM forums when I first got elected.

      Previous CSMs can certainly talk to them, but the new CSMs need to be careful with the NDA. It still applies to previous CSMs, but they cannot pass on any new information.

    4. However, if the current CSM is already so much out of the loop on some key decision being even made, maybe the lines of communication need to be cleared and defined.

      and a fresh CSM all around might just clear the table enough to work out the future.

  4. Your reason totally makes sense to me. I think it is very important to keep CCP honest, as it were. They have made quite a turn around from the Burn Jita days, but those days aren't that far behind us yet.

    And a vote for Trebor is a vote not going to UAxDEATH, which at this point is my priority.

  5. Jester I might be wrong but I thought you said that since you've decided to run for CSM8 that you would be up on twitter. Am I mistaking? If not I'd like to follow you on twitter. Thanks.

  6. The impression I have of Trebor is that he has been an absolute trojan when it comes to the CSM and its output.

    Do we really want to lose him... or roll the dice completely and end up with the entirely possible scenario of NOT having someone with his work ethic and real world experience on the CSM at all?

    1. If you're going to call me a condom, at least make it clear that I'm "ribbed for her pleasure."


  7. I would be curious if you are thinking of writing a blog handicapping the various candidates. Myanna is a mortal lock, and whomever test throws up as a candidate is a lock, but after that I don't know. I imagine that you should be able to garner a lot of votes, since at least one of the Incursion channels has broken from the ISN candidate and has you as a recommendation in their MOTD.

    I think that this is the CSM where the null alliances really focus on getting as many of their people elected as possible, whether overtly or covertly. I can imagine a scenario where we have 2 or 3 each from goons and Test, plus a few other allied members, with high sec being shut out.

    The null sec alliances have recognized this is the best time ever to alter the game precisely as they want it. And given the latest influx of devs/designers from the null sec alliances, their ability to control the game has never been stronger. They have the propaganda teams running the Eve forums, with the ISD infiltrated to such an extent that the ISD shuts down any posters that their propaganda teams can't shout over, they have the devs in their pockets (hi there Soundwave, Fozzie, Dolan, Falcon, Screegs, to name a few), and if they gain total control of the CSM, there will be no dissenting voice to whatever agenda the null sec alliances want to push through with CCP.

  8. I'd be curious as to why so many important figures are bailing out all out once.

  9. 5. Better have Trebor reelected that risk Darius3 being back on.

  10. From poetic's blog: "There are a number of really strong candidates running for CSM8. Mynnna. Malcanis. Ripard Teg. To name three exceptionally well-known and respected candidates."

    You're respected ;)

  11. " and Darius III (double heh)"
    Sorry I'm double posting from EN24 & here but...

    The way I see it is that Darius III's only niche competition in the CSM elections this year is James 315 for class clown... I guess the question popping up for gankers will become do you want a Goonie sponsored class class clown or a Brick?

    I've seen D3's occasionally at the HI SEC frieghter gankers bottle necks of Niarja & Udema James315's clan seems to be actually superficially denting miner ganks lately in mostly GALL & Calari space.


  12. Your perspective on the necessity of having transition people on the team proves your experience with politics in corporate world. A perspective and knowledge completely lost on a tabloid blogger like Poetic.

    I think it's worth adding that full transition help can only be rendered by people on the team rather than former reps, like Hans, who must not have access to future NDA topics. Still Hans' offer in the comments is helpful; it should, in fact, be self-understood for all former CSMs.


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