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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Where's Jester?

Sorry I've been relatively quiet today.  CCP is getting ready to release a massive series of dev-blogs and articles and I've been struggling to keep up today with my other commitments.  It completely blasted apart the blog post that was to be published this afternoon -- curse me for not being one or two days faster!  Still, a lot of what I'm seeing is fairly predictable.  So it's likely I'll go ahead and publish the thing, but maybe re-frame it as a reaction piece rather than a speculation piece.

But yeah kids, get ready for a marketing full-court press the likes of which we haven't seen since just before Crucible.

This also feels like a good post to finish the "thank yous" from my December pledge drive.  Final thanks to Kyburscha, Go2, and IronSpam (who were all very generous!), LacrimaMundi (who sent me five each of my four favorite T1 cruisers to play with, hee!  (I've already lost one of them but it died helping kill five Oracles.)), Sipphakta en Gravonere, Sedul Masterson, Rahmiro, Gustha Ebbasdotter, lachrymus, Grythome DrakeAmour, and Yamaryu King-Tate.  Thank you so much, guys!  Your kind words and your assistance mean a lot.

As for the rest, stay tuned...


  1. And, ofc, the long overdue and promised fixes to manufacturing and trade get left behind yet again.

    Seriously, when are we ever going to be able to remotely stack items in hangers? I know that it would take a massive amount of CCP dev time to do it, but....

  2. Is it prudent to get annoyed that Science and Industry upgrades are not anywhere on the roadmap?


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