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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fanfare for the little guy

So, mynnna wrote another themittani.com article about me.  Oh, I'm never mentioned by name, but it's the rare sort of article that can mention EVE, the word "fractal" and a reference to the country of Yemen, know what I'm saying?  ;-)  The piece, titled "The Problem With the Plight of the Little Guy", is an interesting read in and of itself.  It really demonstrates both:
  • the benign contempt in which large sov alliances hold anyone who isn't another large sov alliance; and,
  • a casual blindness as to the nature of claimed but unoccupied null-sec.
And for those two reasons, I really recommend you go out and read the whole piece.  It's not long.  I'll be here when you get back.

Back?  Good.  Let's talk about this.

Now I really like mynnna and look forward to seeing what he does on CSM8, but it really is attitudes like the one demonstrated in this article that makes people who aren't in large sov alliances so annoyed with those who are.  And let's clear up two things right away: when I said that null-sec should be somehow split into large states, medium states, and small states, mynnna accuses me of wanting to "fix null-sec so that it's fun for me, everyone else be damned."  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In my own piece, I made it clear that however this kind of split should be done, it should be done in such a way to leave the field open for massive conflict between the large states.

And second, as I've mentioned on this very blog before, Goonswarm and Deklein are actually a great model for how null-sec should be used: sovereignty by occupation.  And that's a topic that I've written about before and that I'm going to have more to say about later this week.

But I really do invite mynnna to take a trip outside of Deklein and outside of a massive fleet battle, because he sees a very different null-sec than I do.  It's very useful to use dotlan's EVE maps for this sort of thing.  Saturday night through Sunday night is EVE's most active time, right?  Let's see how many kills there were in the last 24 hours in Outer Ring, Fountain, The Great Wildlands, Querious, Insmother, Pure Blind, Oasa, and Stain.  Not surprisingly, other than a few massive battles like this one in Stain and this one in Insmother, the maps are more or less blank.

And these are border regions.  Go deeper into space controlled by sov alliances and the systems become even more bereft.  I could have loaded the dice and named regions like Omist or Branch, but I didn't do that.  I could have loaded the dice by writing this post on Wednesday night but I didn't do that, either (though if you're reading this post on a Wednesday, I'm sorry for the maps above  ;-) ).

This is the null-sec that I know: hundreds and hundreds of systems with only a handful of jumps per day each and a few lonely botters that warp to a POS or a safe and/or cloak up when anyone enters their Local.  This is the null-sec that I roam through with my non-sov alliance two or three times per week as we search dozens of empty systems for a fight.  But then mynnna has a suggestion for us: either throw our lot in with one large ally (someone remind me how this worked out for Gentlemen's Club or Intrepid Crossing) or build an army out of like-sized small alliances to challenge a large alliance.  This latter suggestion strikes me as roughly analogous to the continent of South America declaring war on the United States because their populations are roughly equal, forgetting the advantage the latter has in doctrine, discipline, communications, and technology.

And then if all of that wasn't bad enough, he wraps up the piece by implying that any small players "harassing and stealing from" the large players will be treated with the contempt they clearly so richly deserve.  Oh, I'm sorry: I thought our little gang was at least providing a bit of content for your members.  Wasn't that what "farms and fields" were supposed to be about?  But it's OK, I'm sure you guys have lots of people to shoot at.  We'll just go home then, shall we?

So I was afraid I was reading this piece and drinking my beverage thinking "this is a little naive, isn't it?" when I got to the bottom and read the highest-rated comment by Pol, which was such a lovely summing up of my own thoughts that I quote it here in full:
As an alliance leader of an NPC 0,0 group that built up to the size of consistently fielding 30-40 man, tight-doctrine roam fleets, but was unable to make any inroads into sov or further expansion, I find this article a bit naive. Clearly it is not written by someone who has actually attempted something like this in a leadership position on their own.

The truth is, once you get to that size in NPC 0,0 there are no very-small level income sources on an alliance level. Moons worth taking are taken, and renting is obviously not an option. As soon as you pass the threshold into strategic fighting rather than random roaming/camping you need an Alliance level income source in order to ask people to put their capitals on the line.

That whole bit about teaming up with smaller like minded entities? I have actually done this several times. The issue is the second you field a 50-60 man fleet against any SOV alliance, they bat-phone their sea of blues and drop 5x the numbers on you. I don't really blame them though, they are probably just excited to not have something blue on the overview for a change.

What would my fix be? Create small scale alliance level ISK objectives in NPC 0,0. Make them require you actually live in constellation with your NPC 0,0 alliance to control. Just gives us a few more stepping stones on the ISK side to work our way up to the level of the big guys.
Yup, there it is again: sovereignty by occupation.  As I said, I'll have more to say about this topic as we go through this week.  Yes, "tug of war sovereignty" might come up again.


  1. ppl keep saying "sovereignty by occupation" but how do u measure occupation? if its by shooting rats/roids then the guy who has the bigger fleet will ALWAYS win that fight... just playing devils advocate here...
    personally i think it would work better then the sov we have now...
    i just cant see it been fair for the little guy who cant field a fleet to drive off the one that is ratting him his/her system

  2. What Eve needs is dynamic sec status. The more a system is used, or ratted, or traveled through, or colonized, the more the sec status slowly rises, and the potential rewards in the system in the way of asteroids, moon goo, and rats goes down. Conversely, if a system is neglected, the sec status slowly drops, and the potential rewards go up.

    It means neglected high sec systems can slowly revert to null sec, and -1.0 systems could eventually become high sec if they are actively farmed enough.

    The game's map will become more fragmented, and large alliances will be hard put to maintain an economic stranglehold on high end resources, as they will be forced to be nomadic if they want to chase the richest rewards.

    This concept will never ever happen, since the null sec alliances would be terrified of being forced to actively work to maintain their wealth, and ultimately, the fact that maintaining bloated alliances might prove impossible. The CSM, plus the group of CCP employees whose allegiances still belong to the null sec alliances would never allow this concept to come to fruition.

    1. This forces groups to become nomadic, which is not the same as fragmenting the map.

  3. No offence, but I'm tired or these debates between old school Null sec people. It's always more of the same, either fail ideas like "farms and fields" or rebalance of rewards that suppose to bring conflict but never does.

    CCP put John Lander in charge because it was someone with some fresh ideas, he's even brought new words like "lurkers", "small gang leaders", etc. because the old school vocabulary of "pirates" "carebears" "PVPers" doesn't help to understand EVE reality any more.

    Today there is only one game play in Null and LS: Hunter and prey. Either you are in a PVP ship actively hunting people or you are in a PVE or hauler ship trying to avoid fights. Not saying that there is nothing to do in these places for solo, just that these activities don;t invite any kind of social interaction beyond shooting each other.

    There is no room for "lurkers" in this environment, you can't hang in these places and get to know people, learn the social rules and then find a "small gang leader" to show you the ropes and than take your place as a "follower" in the group. You are locked in HS to do all these "rituals", or you have to join SA Forum or Reddit and lurk there for a while, then get to know people, and so on...

    The mechanics of Sov are really unimportant as more and more people are moving to HS because is the only place where you can interact with people without having to shoot first and send a bunch of advices later about how to avoid ganks.

    Kudos to that guys comment as it's important to give tools and income sources to small groups to grow and be able to fight for Sov, but it's also important to give tools so people can lurk in LS and Null and start to interact in more ways with people there so they can move out of HS and help booster the numbers of these small groups.

    How? No idea, as Ripard says, players are bad game designers.

  4. Funny thing you mentioned mynnna leaving dek, as recently he has been spending most of his time shooting TEST in delve and fountain, baiting ratters and defense gangs. There is plenty to shoot in fountain, but i think that if Rote Kapelle and not GSF showed up for fights, there would be less GF's and more "blobbing".

    There was a discussion between various people, and the conclusion they came to was that currently null sec can not support a large amount of people per system, necessitating large swathes of territory to support alliance member counts. The premier method of ratting, Forsaken Hubs, only spawn 3-4 in a system in the best systems, and when thousands of members need to rat for money, hundreds of systems are needed. The culture of GSF means telling some members to accept lower income due to lack of ratting space is unacceptable.

    By napkin math of anomaly spawning, it came out to something like -0.4 space was the break even. Have truesec status higher than that and l4 missions become more profitable and safer. However, -0.3 and above comprises most of nullsec, and the big players already called dibs on the good space.

    An intresting idea would be to have a very expensive systen upgrade that opened up VG like anoms, allowing smaller alliances to support their members in nominally bad space.

    1. That's really an issue with Forsaken Hubs being out of line with the other anoms. 20 anoms in a Military 5 system of which 2 are worth doing and are so easy you can solo them in a Talos.

      Easily fixed.

  5. I've actually been part of one of those NPC 0.0 (Merciless., specifically) alliances that built up from being a small, tight-knit corp to an alliance. Mind, this was at least 18 months ago.

    We started taking some tech moons from the Northern Coalition's lowest tier alliances and got alliance-level responses, which we beat out pretty handily, netting us some Tech moons for a month or two. Then we eventually drew the ire of the NC proper (I think by attacking a Razor moon), and fights after that just became our 100 man fleets sitting on a Titan while the NC dropped 50 caps and 200 subcaps to destroy our towers.

    We then participated in the anti-NC war effort, but
    the CTAs, grinding down NC sov for weeks on end and then finally ending up in the middle of a sea of blues killed the alliance.

    It would have been nice to have objectives that supported small-scale warfare. To be fair, we did have a few nice campaigns against our neighbours Gypsy Band and WEPRA until they started batphoning NC/Goons every time we formed up.

    1. So, you attacked Razor, and then Razor and its allies came and beat you up ?

      Seems like everything was going fine until you went after a HUGE entity that you *knew* had a bunch of friends.

      Kinda seems like you got what you asked for.

    2. Eh. That's exactly the point. There was no in-between. We where able to down a few of the weakest NC allied neighbors but there was no where to go from there. It was either go to pound town on people in pretty worthless space or get rolled by anyone in valuable space. There was no break in point.

  6. What do you think about goals for small groups, to harrass the larger sov holding entities? Where you don't have sov just because you have an ihub.

    (blatant plug http://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/2013/01/23/making-sov-more-fun/ had some of my thoughts on it)

  7. News at 10: Goon defends Tech-based dominance.

    Occupancy is the wrong alternative. If TEST drop a pos and park 1000 noobships in your space you'd lose it. Should be activity.

  8. All I can think of is the press attention all the big null sec fights get.

    What would you smaller pvp people do to compete with that.

    A 40 vs 40 pvp fight would just be an old wow raid really.

  9. The worst part? That same arrogant puppet mentality of mynna's is guaranteed a spot on the CSM. He's mostly an ass puppet of I'll Alex's though, there's no doubt in that, but as one of the FW exploiters, it's laughable that he is even allowed to run.

    It's only taken CCP ten years to start to ge their heads out of her asses to see that elitist and anti social attitudes, like the goons and any other gankers, isn't going to invite normal people to play a space game nor keep the current customers engaged.

  10. Living in a wormhole with a null static is interesting, mostly for how safe it is. Even lowsec is more prone to sending gankers in, but null has about three dangerous areas (goon central, notably, plus a few merc alliances like Init actively shut down holes in their operating theaters). Everywhere else? Well, last night our Josef route went via Perrigen. We saw one solar guy, one goon, and three lowsec dudes who were also using the wormholes as shortcuts.
    In seven hours.
    On a Sunday afternoon.

    and yet, someone wanted a tcu and ihub there.
    Now, my lot are at the "ten in fleet on a good day" level, we mostly lose fights... but wormholes are good for us. We make enough isk that we can keep losing fights until we start winning. I haven't lived in null properly (a month of CTAs in U'K doesn't count) but can the same be said for anywhere in null for a small alliance?

  11. It's not just the PvP kills that are dead on Dotlan. Goons actully use their space - NPC kills in Deklein:


    As I type, there are NPC kills across the region with a couple of systems with 0 NPC kills.

    Compare to Insmother:


    Mostly dead, maybe half the systems don't have a single NPC kill in the last 24 hours. Even when you start looking at the regions CFC members other than Goons hold the story is much the same...

  12. The second suggestion by Mynnna actually works, until not so long a go the lowsec region of Molden Heath was home to several pirate (and not quite pirate PvP) entities (some of whom still live there).
    None of whom are blue to each other all of whom
    shot at each other.
    All of whom teamed up together when people tried to shit up the region. And discipline and doctrines where never an issue anyone who messed with the area got either curb stomped (or assimilated).
    And communications and protocol relating to that are/were just kept in place all the time because even when no serious business was going on it was a good way to socialise and be a *community*.

    It takes a little effort and no small amount of goodwill and trust, but a bunch off smaller entities doing what amounts to a mutual defence pact is absolutely viable.

  13. As a resident in NPC null I read the Mynna piece with an astonished sense of shock.

    People keep throwing out the 'change the game so it fits my playstyle' eve-meme. Mynna really encapsulates it in his piece.

    If you look at the actions of null bloc leadership in the game it's obvious they will do whatever it takes to protect their income sources, it really is a big blue donut, and they will continue these efforts if given the hance in the CSM.

  14. Jester-

    I'm not sure what you are saying here.

    Are you saying that those border areas do not have a good balance of risk vs reward ?

    Are you saying that those border areas live too much under the shadow of large alliances and their bat-phones ?

    I read Mynna's article as a call to diplomacy. It sounded to me like he was saying "If you want to live in 0.0, have your diplo contact our diplo - there's lots of space and we need good allies." - and I agree to some extent that this is a diplomatic problem. Are you saying that is not the case ?

    I'm just a little lost on what exactly you are saying here.

    Also, one of the things this guy is asking about is alliance level income (*not* personal level income) and I don't know where you stand on alliance level income. Whats your opinion on things like moons as alliance level income ? What sort of taxation methods would you support as a CSM candidate ?

  15. Mynna is intelligent and capable --- but you can clearly see the bias laid out in that piece and several others. A clear problem is that the CSM can very easily become another manifestation of the "insider's club" that Sov 0.0 is now.

  16. My favorite comment on that thread: Chastity Blackwell's comment.

    there are very few internal pressures on large alliances that keep them from overexpansion. Jump mechanics allow an overwhelming force to be routed almost anywhere in the entire game in an extremely short time and maintaining sovereignty in a system requires almost nothing in the way of activity, just money, which is easy to supply for large alliances thanks to stable passive income sources... the only limit on the size of territories is outside forces -- how many other people want to take those territories from them.

  17. This pretty much sums up my feelings about the problem with the CSM as a whole. I actually shut my accounts off because I got frustrated with the lack of ability to get fights during the odd hours I was working at the time.

    I prefer running in even smaller gangs than RK does, so my target selection is even more sparse than RKs is... in fact I get "batphoned" by the ~20-40 crowd the same as you guys get nailed by those larger than you.

    Not complaining its just part of the game. :D

    I'm hoping that Kil2 getting hired by CCP gets some focus on getting some non-bots out in space to spawn fights.

    1. Let's hope his job title is Director of Solo Pvp.

  18. Maybe certain wh corp can be the idle model for "sovereignty by occupation"? (VOC, Exile,Kill it with fire, etc)
    They have a steady income (escalation), a home system that is relatively anti-blobing. They can rolling the hole in 20 sec to find a suitable playground, small gang roaming, gate camp, carrier ganking...
    Would Rote Kapelle give it a try? LOL

  19. Being very new to eve but MMO gamer for a number of years. I guess what fail to see is the stepping stones in most games. Why not have certain parts of the map only have Firgate and Destroyer size ships. Then another with Battleships and Below. With most of the 0.0 space being how it is now. another way would be to go off skill points and not ship size. So as a new player I know fighting in this section of space I am only out gun by a little not 5+years of skill points.

    1. The funny thing is, you wouldn't in general.

      A lot of the big nullsec alliance players are just as inexperienced as you. It's the fact that they have a massively powerful and incredibly rich leadership behind them that makes it impossible to structurally set up something there.

      Solo/small gang PvPers generally win against them because they are out before the big fleets come.

  20. "Go deeper into space controlled by sov alliances and the systems become even more bereft."

    And, this can all be so easily solved by simply adding a hundred or so new gates into these areas from low sec. Best way to generate more migration and encourage more conflicts... by expanding the border regions of null sec.

    1. This is by far the simplest solution, and probably the most effective one, as well.

      It would probably take CCP only a matter of hours to implement.

      To avoid the inevitable arguments as to where the new gates should, or should not, be, CCP can add the gates via a semi-random generator. The generator can bias the likelihood of a new gate to low sec in any given null sec system, based on the number ships in the system in the past N months. If the number of ships is high, then the probability is lower - thus, the highly populated systems of the null sec alliances wouldn't have a new gate just show up in their home systems.

  21. You complain about regions/systems with bad sec status not being chalk full of ratters. Go rat there yourself if you'd like. If you are having a hard time finding a fight come to dekelin or delve.

    1. We've tried that several times, then get just a little bit tired of having 200 ship response fleets sent after our 30-40. I wish I was exaggerating.

    2. Come on, man. You expect a good fight? You came into their space, after all. Of course they're going to throw the kitchen sink at you.

    3. Not at all. Just explaining why the sov-lords aren't getting visitors except from other sov-lords, and those only twice a year or so.

    4. I know. I was being sarcastic. If you wander over to Kugu, there have been multiple conversations recently between small gang groups (usually low/NPC 0.0) and sov-holders that have literally been as follows:

      Small Gang Guy: I roam sov 0.0 all the time and see abso-fuckingly-lutely nothing, or ludicrous home defense gangs.
      Sov-holder: You should roam by our region, then. We're always happy to have people to shoot at and we give good fights.
      SGG: Yeah, no. I have, everyone docked up, and 90 minutes later you guys titan-bridged a 100-man BS fleet on top of our 10-man frigate gang.
      SH: WTF do you expect? You came into our space!

      The cognitive dissonance. It hurts.

  22. Or you could just do what wormhole space does so well and limit the amount of mass that can moved into "small" systems. Why should jump gates in the boonies work as well as jump gates in the empire?

    1. Titan bridges. Gate limitations don't matter a bit.

  23. "Despite thousands of rat kills a day almost region-wide, each system really only supports a handful of ratters at a time"

    I'm sorry but the above statement is laughable and only proves Jester's viewpoint of Nullseccers and their blindness and contempt.

    They choose one or two particular activities, usually the ones that give the best ISK/hour, and do those. Once those are done, then there's nothing to do in that system. Done chaining BS belt rats? "WTF, there's nothing to do here! BTW, we need more people out here."

    Never mind that there's much more to. When I was in 0.0, I was amazed at the possibilities. Belt rats, complexes, anomalies and signatures, grav sites and who knows what else. And that was in *one* system!

    But nope. If there's no more [insert thing that gives the most ISK/hour] then the system is worthless. And they won't let anyone else can come in and take advantage of the rest.

    1. Anomalies respawn endlessly but the issue is that people don't want to group to do them and one type is miles better than any other type (no frigate rats). So with about 2 Forsaken Hubs per 20 anoms in each system you need one < -0.3 system per pair of ratters.

      I don't think they should be obliged to "let someone come in". I think it should be less easy to maintain vast empires just through supercap projection and the Forsaken Hubs needs nerfing so that each system has 20 comparable anomalies not just the 2.

  24. why do people still think that ratting = using your space.

    Its the most boring form of PVE in eve (a game full of boring pve)

    Time for a real change

    1. Because when you're ratting, you are in space, in a fitted ship of significant value (if it's capable of running nullsec anoms), and you're actually at your keyboard responding to the game. Yeah, it's boring, but you're still undocked and doing stuff in space, which means you're both being rewarded and at risk.

  25. He should not have used Deklein as an example. It is by far the most "overpowered" region. Most of it's systems are used, because most of it's systems are very high true sec.

    Which brings up my main argument...

    I have said this since Day 1 of the anomaly changes CCP brought regarding true sec. Back when every upgraded system could support a corp I noticed significantly more small gang pvp action. Yes, many of these groups owed some sort of allegiance to a larger sov holding group, but each and every corner of space was livable to a small group. Every system was rentable, and thus a smaller alliance can gain some income from even a small corner of a region.

    For a small gang pvp'er you want to fight groups who equal you in skill and give you a fight where a few minor mistakes are the difference. This rarely happens, but the next best thing is beating up on a poorly organized larger fleet. Back before the true sec nerf, there were lots of random groups living in what are now terrible systems. It was a blast to go watch them form defense fleets and try and take you on. They weren't struggling to make isk amongst a crowd, and had time to go get some stuff blown up.

    That change was a huge step away from allowing all groups to live in Null Sec. It catered to the large sov holders and even they would rather have it go back for the most part I'd gather. If I were in charge, this would definitely be my first act to help balance the power in 0.0 and reward all play styles.

  26. It's frustrating that a guy who understands so much about the game can be so shortsighted about the big problems facing the game. It's a shame that the Goon culture can snuff out even the brightest of lights. With mynnna I detect a strong aroma of Upton Sinclair's famous quote: "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!" (change "his salary" to "The Mittani's affection" and that pretty well explains his bias. Hard to see why else such a smart guy would pen such obvious propaganda. And with that, mynnna has lost any chance of getting my vote.

  27. As somebody who's lived in NPC Null and Sov Null over the last year, I might be a little more qualified to talk about this than a lot who have only seen one side or the other. Sov Null is good for making reliable isk. Anoms that constantly respawn are fantastic for this, and if one system fills up, you can either go next door to a system and be ready now, or rat it up for a week until it's fully upgraded.

    However, there are a lot of activities you can do in NPC null that are great isk that aren't really reasonable in crowded sov null. If you try to probe for sites in your alliance's home region, chances are you're competing against 5+ other people probing that same constellation every hour. Your chances of getting a site yourself are extremely low. In NPC null, I can come home for the day and basically guarantee I'll find a worthwhile DED site in my constellation at least every other day. Another thing you can do (especially in curse) is NPC missioning. While the isk/hr on that is about the same as anoming, infinite people can do it, compared to 3/system to get that same isk/hr anoming.

    Personally, I go to sov null if I want low-effort isk, but if I want to make a lot in a short time, it's all about NPC null.

  28. Sovereignty by occupation; protection from roaming capitals. Sounds a lot like wormhole space.

    1. Yes, except for that whole spend half of your time or more scanning part.

    2. It does. It would be nice if CCP looked at wspace as a model for some new areas of sov null.

      So here is one idea for what they might do: set up a collection of new sov null which comes in small chunks of perhaps constellation size. Perhaps 5 systems. Each chunk is connected to itself normally via (static) gates. However it has no connection to any other kspace system. In addition it is too far from the rest of kspace to cyno to.

      Another interesting aspect of wspace is the mass limits. In particular C1 system you can only get a battlecruiser or smaller into. But even the largest wormholes won't pass more than a handful of capitals.

      So set up some sov null constellations where (a) cynos don't work, and (b) all gates have mass limits. Cruisers, perhaps. The inhabitants can build what they want, but invaders can't get in anything larger than a cruiser.

  29. null sec must be like wh, dont make sense you open your comunications systems when you want to stay there unnoticied (like everyone, except the sov ally, want to stay), local channel there isnt smart thing.

  30. NullSec has always been a unique interest of mine because of the amount of potential it has. However, this potential is not being tapped. Amongst circles I keep, NullSec is referred to as "The Farm Belt", because that's what players in these thousand man bluefests do; farm farm farm.

    There are some ways to shale NullSec up -

    - Non Static Resources: I like the idea of SOV by occupancy/activity. This is good and ensures that the systems are actually used. I also like the idea that the more you use a system, the more gradually it's "effective" security rating increases, thus depleting the resources. So a True Security would represent the maximal potential of that system, but the "Effective Security" would represent how farmed out the system is. "Effective Security" would have some sort of cap, like 0.0, and resources depleted would vanish and go reappear somehwere else, randomly. This would encourage alliances to move around to find new resources, and to fight, actually fight, over systems.

    - The closer to Empire you are, the higher the "True Sec" of the system - let the little guys have a place, albeit a shitty one. The bigger and hungrier they get, they can move out to deeper Null.

    - Make systems capturable and upgradable like in FW - upgraded systems would make clones cheaper, allow access to mission agents (imagine that!), increase the spawn rate of sites, and allow possibly Industry bonuses. Of course, this would tie right back into "Sov by occupancy/activity" - the more active you are in the system "decontesting" it, you can hold SOV - otherwise, SOV will deteriorate/be taken.

    NullSec should be a place of high rewards - but high risk and high conflict. Right now NullSec is just a place of high rewards with token or vendetta conflicts. CCP needs to change this, because already NullSec is hemorrhaging players to FW, HiSec wars, or unsubs.


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