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Monday, February 18, 2013

Kill of the Week: Sagain and again

Every once in a while, I like to look at Kugutsumen's Comedy Killmail thread for a source of KOTW inspiration.  And this week, there was lots of it.  For instance, I missed this last week but I would be remiss if I didn't commemorate this battle, the battle of the kiting Algos.  Fantastic job, Imoral valkyrie!  I salute you!

Also, brief tip.  Do not cyno in your Cynabal.  That's not what they're made for.  But no, that's not the KOTW either.  Even though it was tempting... dear Heaven what is with that fit?  Why?

No, I think I'll go with this:

Tip: this is not what a roaming Basilisk looks like.  Not even a little.  I'm going to pray that the conversation that led to this ship un-docking didn't go as follows (though I'll bet it did):
"I need one logi for this fleet.  Who can fly a Scimi?  Nobody?  Nobody can fly a Scimi?  C'mon, someone must be able to fly a Scimi."
"Well, no, but I can fly a Basilisk."
"We only want one logi."
"No big deal.  I can fit it so that it's cap stable."
"You can?"
"Sure, no biggie."
Again, I hope that isn't what happened.  But I'm scared that it was...  The weird thing is that the dual Ancillaries are what you need to start to fit a Basi properly, with four reps, two energy transfers, a MWD, and an LSE.  It's just literally everything else on this fit that's wrong.  A little bit of tank, please.  Just a little.

Number of dead super-caps this week: 0

That's right: big ol' stinkin' doughnut this week.  Every single super built this week was a net add to the super proliferation problem.  Matter of fact, there weren't all that many expensive kills of any kind this past week.

Closest thing to a super that died this week was this Rhea that died in Sagain.  And that's a pretty damn funny system.  It's a very common mid-point cyno system in the Tash-Murkon region.  There are two stations in system, one of which is a "safe un-dock" and the other of which is a "kick-out" (note to self: write about safe un-docks and kick-outs this Sunday).  Short version, though: if you un-dock from the kick-out, you un-dock far enough away from the station that you can't immediately re-dock if you get into trouble.  So if, say, the un-dock is camped... you're in deep trouble.

And so people camp the hell out of that kick-out hoping for freighter and jump-freighter pilots that don't know about this.  There are people who put jump-clones in Sagain for absolutely no other reason to participate in the glorious party outside that kick-out station.  They kill jump freighters and dreads and carriers and cloaky haulers.  And that's just... you know... yesterday.

Here's another tip: avoid Sagain.  Needless to say, it's becoming a meme.  ;-)  Fly safe.


  1. un-dock, re-dock, kick-out. I'm going to need to copy Sunday's article into Notepad to remove the hyphens before I can read it.

  2. That cynabal fit is obviously for trapping lone caps/supers. Cloak up off their in-cyno/undock point. When the target appears, decloak and burn at them with a heated MWD cycle, then light the cyno once they're out of docking radius/alignment and bring in the gank squad. With the oversize MWD active it has about the mass of a BS and a heated top speed of 10 km/s before links/snakes, so it can bump very effectively.

    Don't see the point of using a deadspace mwd cynabal for the job, though, since a t2 fit SFI can do much the same thing for a fraction of the price.

  3. Got some candidates for next week's round-up.


  4. Last time I checked the gallente station was safe un-dock and very cyno friendly...
    So the bad one is the amarr right? Amarr have some stations I don't like cause of there un-dock behavior.

  5. I get that obviously getting instantly kicked off the undock is bad for capitals, but I was under the impression that a capital could activate its jump drive and get out of the system while still protected by the undock invulnerability; like a safe undock bookmark it would go straight from "Cannot be locked yet" to "Jumping out of system" without passing through a point where it could be tackled to prevent jumping.

    Am I wrong on that, or were these pilots just extra stupid by sitting around long enough for their undock invulnerability to wear off or activating modules?

  6. For a JF, it doesn't matter if it's kickout or not. You can ALWAYS stop before leaving the docking ring. When I set up Black Frog, I tested every single station model in EVE. We also figured out every cyno in spot on every station model :). The problems come when you hang around too long and your invul expires. Then he becomes a bump target. A good JF pilot, though, should have his procedure down pat. He should be out of system within about 10 secs of hitting the undock button. One of the more experienced pilots, M'uva Wa'eva, once made a delivery with a full scale fleet engagement taking place on station. In with no issues and out with no issues.

  7. That Basilisk looks like POS rep fit Basilisk I saw a couple of years ago. It's cap stable, so you set up outside your POS, activate your reps and walk away.

    And then someone blows you up. :P

  8. Every Amarr station model is absolutely terrible, except that one where you undock straight up that is absolutely *perfect* for cynos.

  9. Didn't expect to end up in a blog for those kills lol.
    That's what happens when people decide to shoot someone with public kill rights 100km+ from station. His drones nearly got me mind you.


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