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Monday, February 25, 2013


Just a quickie, but really fun.

How do you torpedo your own CSM campaign?
  • Step one: be a wormhole candidate.
  • Step two: declare that you have no principles of your own whatsoever.  Er, whoops: tell EVE players that you'll bring them everything CCP tells you to them for direct votes on each item.
  • Step three: be told that the CCP/CSM NDA definitely doesn't work that way.
  • Step four: tell the current wormhole CSM representative that you know more about the CSM's job than he does.
  • Step five: watch yourself get trolled right into the ground, then declare that your entire CSM campaign was really a sociology experiment of some kind and that you will be publishing a paper about it at some later date.
Aheh, whoops.

I really shouldn't chuckle at another candidate's misfortunes, but watching the drama surrounding prospective wormhole representative Night Beagle over this past weekend was really amusing.  Now obviously, I'm not competing with the various wormhole candidates (there are five of them).  I wish all of the remaining ones well, they're obviously a good fit to "group up" (more about this tomorrow), and sooner or later I will be endorsing one or more of them.  I feel it's going to be just as important for CSM8 to have a dedicated wormhole candidate as it was for CSM7 to have one.  I know a few things about wormholes from my six months living in one, but I'm no expert on the subject at all.  So it will be great to have an expert on the team... assuming I'm on the team myself, of course.  ;-)

Anyway, watching his fellow wormhole residents turn on Night Beagle... wow.  I thought null-sec were masters of personal-level drama.  You wormhole guys have the null-sec coalitions beat!  I usually groan at the Downfall Hitler parody videos, but this one is really well done and even those that don't follow WH politics will be able to follow this video:

It does show off one interesting aspect of wormhole CSM8 candidate politics, though.  Originally, there was going to be a "wormhole primary" and the various major wormhole corps were going to have an internal election to decide who the "official wormhole candidate" was going to be.  Two step himself announced the thing when he announced he wasn't running.  With the wormhole primary out of the picture, he is in the obvious position of kingmaker here.  It feels like he has the ability to sway the wormhole vote tremendously.  It'll be interesting to see what -- if anything -- he does with this power...


  1. Well at least his campaign wasn't a complete waste, that has to be the best Downfall parody I've seen in months.

  2. laughably enough, I half expected the 1 comment here to actually be 'from' night beagle, talking crap. guess he doesn't get out enough to read your blog... or maybe it's not broadcast into Wspace

  3. That's freaking hilarious:-) Especially the part where Hilter asks his staff members who believe that his ideas are foolish and won't work to leave the room...lol

  4. ZOMG... that is the single most highly trolled piece of film in the world... and damn damn funny.

    And yea, Two Step had a good run, but we holers are a noxious full-o-shit breed... I have NO idea what we'll do next... a few years in the hole, changes a man... =P

  5. "I really shouldn't chuckle at another candidate's misfortunes,"

    He's not a candidate, and (according to him) never was, so I'm pretty sure you're in the clear there. Besides, being amused by someone else's misfortune is a long held EVE tradition, and I don't see why CSM candidates should feel that they should have to break with that fine tradition.

    EVE Online: Come for the Spaceships, stay for the schadenfreude.

  6. Quite possible that this happened in real life though.

  7. i dont think a vote from two step would matter that much, he doesnt represent wormholes all that well

    i dont even know where my other two votes will go yet either

  8. There you go, you have my comment:
    So: one month ago nobody knew Night Beagle name. Now you have a movie, interviews, blogposts, topics that go over 100 replies each time...
    Looks like I am really motivating people to do something.
    Trolling works


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