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Monday, February 25, 2013

KOTW: Undiscovered levels of wrong

I hate doing this twice in one year.  But look at this Legion.  It's the Kill of the Week.

Now look at this one, this one, and this one.  They all died in February.  Sometimes, he armor tanks.  Sometimes, he shield tanks.  Usually, he does both because that's clearly better.  The combination of beam lasers and a warp scrambler is very poor.  Beams are sniping weapons with very poor close-range tracking.  A scrambler assumes that you are going to be in close combat with your foe.  Which you should not be with only one medium armor repairer.  Those Ancillary Current Routers?  Almost certainly not necessary.  Faction Heat Sinks are fine, but there's almost never a reason to fit four of them to a PvP ship.  Fitting the neuting Legion subsystem is fine... as long as you fit more than ONE neut.

In short, virtually everything about this ship is bad... and this pilot keeps doing it again and again.  As I said the last time this came up, if you're not succeeding at this game and it's happening again and gain, get some help.  Please!

Two honorable mentions this week.  The first one goes to this Nomad.  Apparently this pilot was PvPing in low-sec but then decided he was done with that.  He docked up, jumped into his Nomad, warped it from a safe undock directly to a high-sec gate, jumped it into high-sec... and only then found out he still had a suspect flag from his low-sec PvPing.  Whoops!

The second honorable mention goes to this Orca killed by a new group called New Order Logistics.  This is a new bunch that specializes in mining ganks.  Some gankers do it for profit.  Others do it for strategic objectives.  New Order Logistics is doing something new: ganking for the sheer joy of ganking.  Only Catalysts and other ships with blasters need apply...

Number of dead super-caps this week: 1

EDIT (25/Feb/2013): I completely screwed up on this one.  The original version of this blog post had a version of how this Nyx died that while it had a detail or two correct, was wrong in so many particulars that I'm really quite embarrassed.  Thank you to Snorkel for setting me straight.  I regret the error.

Another quiet week for dead supers, with only this ratting Nyx falling to a Northern Coalition black ops drop.  The full story plus video is available on EVE News 24 and makes for great reading!


  1. I like this blog but sometimes you don't put much effort into doing your homework. This Nyx story has been up on EN24 for a few days now and outlines just how this Nyx was initially tackled cyno alt AND saber.

    Also, pretty sure Pilgrims would be ideal for Neuting out Supers in a case like this but my EFT tells me you'd need quite a bit more than your standard BLOP'S gang of 2-3.

    1. You are absolutely right and I am completely wrong. Yikes, how embarrassing. I have updated this blog post to reflect the EN24 story, which I completely missed (and I looked for one, too, sigh).

      Thanks for the pointer!

  2. one thing I noticed on the Nomad kill...when was the last time you saw a Prophecy in a high-sec ganking kill? Shoot~when was the last time you saw more than one Prophecy in any killmail?

    Times, they are a changin'


  3. New Order are the first people to gank for the joy of it?


    Also: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=16542672

    1. They're the first that seem to do it for no other reason than just to do it. Little to no profit, no strategic goals that I can see, no measure of success other than whether that Retriever goes down or not.

      As for that Tengu, ouch! But yeah, I've written about Tornadoes ganking expensive rep-fit Tengus before.

    2. From what I can tell there are two strategic objectives for the New Order: long-term, their Glorious Leader wants to nerf hisec industry into the pavement, and short-term, the gankers are the blunt instrument of an extortion racket targeting a number of mineral-rich systems.

      They claim they're trying to fight bots and AFK miners, but their target selection is a lot more indiscriminate than that.

      Also, they're role-playing as crusaders and griefing people who don't play along.

    3. While most of the the New Order rank and file may not have any strategic goals, I don't think you can say the same of James 315 (or his disciple, Gevlon).

    4. The NO ganks for for several reasons. First, tears: it is no coincidence that James posts his "miner tears" posts weekly. Second, fame. I can comment on Jester's blog any time I want, but I can I get mentioned by Jester by name? Whereas anyone who does something exceptional in the NO can get front-page mention.

      James, himself, is raking in quite a bit of ISK via his writing. He entertains; he gets tips. This money, BTW, he recycles into the NO to pay for gank catalysts. So, while the gankers don't make money, neither do they have to pay to gank beyond the time investment.

      James also has gained political power, enough to run for CSM and -- who knows? -- maybe even be elected. He has a megaphone and a platform. If you agree with his platform -- "nerf highsec into oblivion" -- then by joining the NO you are promoting this political goal.

      But beyond these things, there is a huge draw to the NO: it is emergent game-play at its best. You get to be a part of something interesting that players made happen in EVE. Anyone can join.

      The NO's stated goal is to enforce the New Halaima Code across all of highsec. This is ambitious, but with sufficient pilots joining (including miners) it is perhaps possible. Imagine, all highsec mining (or maybe just all highsec ice-mining) cartelized under James 315! Wouldn't you like to see that?

    5. Anon: 12:59

      This is EvE. So what's wrong with that? RP is very rare in this game, and should be encouraged. Even violently twisted RP.

      As for the "profit", 10m ISK a year is nothing. Even if it was 1 ISK per year, most miners would refuse to pay it. Therefor we have an endless source of RP "material". heh.

    6. @Agent Trask:

      10M ISK sounds like nothing after you've been in the game a while. But when I got back into the game after a years-long layoff, that was half my bank - so for a newbie, that's a significant demand.

      And it's not really 10M ISK a year, is it? It's 10M ISK until you get pulled off keyboard by a phone call or other IRL aggro or the Glorious Leader decides to revoke the "license" - which, as far as I can tell, the Glorious Leader reserves the "right" to do at will.

      Now if you really wanted to make it worthwhile, you'd seed the belts of the systems you're operating in with Scythes, and your license-holders would have a right to expect reps from those Scythes when gankers came calling.

      Now that would be a service worthy of a license fee.

    7. It is 10m ISK per year, Anon, no matter how much you choose to whine.

      If you remain ATK, and behave respectfully in local ( and optionally, put your support for James 315 and the URL in your Bio ), you will not be even bumped.

      If you need a break, or need to get the door, right click on empty space, and choose station -> dock. Simple.

    8. If you want to provide such a Scythe service, feel free.

      You will need to be in all systems 24-7 in order to protect a bunch of AFK mining hobos who cannot be bothered to stay at the keyboard and align when bad guys are in local.

      Miners keep threatening to do this. We call this their bluster tank, a form of tear tanking.

  4. Make that two dead supers this week:


    1. Two hours after deadline. That one will be covered next week. Know the story of how it died?

    2. From what I've heard(second- or third-hand) the pilot thought that solo-blapping pocos was a smart thing to do. There's a youtube video in the comments: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7nF5OmnAxI&feature=youtu.be

  5. New Order logistics ganks does NOT gank for fun. It's a project to fight the too easy highsec, led by James 315 who is a CSM candidate with the same platform.

    1. Some of us in the New Order gank for the sheer hilarity of it, Gev.

      Role playing a group psychopathic fascists imposing an unwanted government on miners is a lot of fun.

    2. The fight for high sec is a very badly hidden excuse to gank for fun

  6. Those are some paper thin Legions, wish I had that much money to throw away.

    I think my PVE fit Proteus or Legion could have lasted longer at 1/3 the cost of some of those.


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