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Thursday, March 14, 2013

1300 characters

Well, I just made it official and submitted my CSM8 candidacy application.  Two years ago when I ran, you were allowed to attach :200words: to your candidacy for people to read about you on the election website.

This time, it's a 300 character "summary" that's always displayed plus a 1000 character "long text" that people get if they click on you.  In case you're curious, here's what I submitted.  Writing in these kinds of constraints isn't easy!  You really have to take the "murder your darlings" rule to heart.

Summary text, 300 characters:
Writer of Jester's Trek blog, http://jestertrek.blogspot.com/. Member of Rote Kapelle. Five-year EVE player with wide experience, particularly in small-gang PvP, T1 and T2 industry, and incursions. Past experience in sov warfare, wormhole living, and FW. IRL business and communications professional.

Long text, 1000 characters:
CSM8 needs serious delegates whom CCP will take seriously as player advocates. My knowledge of EVE Online and real life experience will help.

CCP has made it plain they want to expand the audience of the EVE universe. I'm excited by that! But I don't want CCP to break the game we love trying to expand its audience. WE'VE been flying New Eden for years. I hope to offer perspectives to help CCP retain veterans AND acquire new customers. Both are necessary for EVE to thrive.

I am a five-year EVE player with broad experience: small-gang PvP, industry, incursions, missions, faction warfare, wormhole living, and 0.0 sov fights. I relate to all kinds of EVE players, because I've been where you are. I also have a strong real-life business and communications background.

I will take my CSM responsibilities seriously and in turn, do all I can to ensure that CCP takes us seriously. I therefore ask for your vote and will work hard to bring YOUR concerns to CCP. Please vote Ripard Teg for CSM8!

How'd I do?


  1. Useless comment of the day:

    I'd vote for you if I had any active accounts.

  2. "Please vote Ripard Teg for CSM8!"

    Sorry, but no. I'd rather not vote for any of the bloggers running, it's difficult to say if they are running for the game and the players or for their own fame and power.

    There are a lot of candidates who are players first and foremost, with similar selling points as you mentioned. I will be voting for them.

    1. LOL... you are kidding, right?

      Bloggers are the *easiest* candidates to judge honestly, since there is far more publicly released material, stating their personal experiences and opinions, out there to be freely reviewed. Candidates who don't blog are much harder to figure out, since you only have access to their prepared, and possibly misleading, election statements and propaganda.

      In Jester's case, there are over 1,000 blog articles, covering his last two years of EVE Online. I think it is pretty clear that he is indeed a player, first and foremost.

    2. "I'd rather not vote for any of the bloggers running, it's difficult to say if they are running for the game and the players or for their own fame and power."

      Look in a mirror and say this, and see if you don't feel that the person looking back at you is a moron. How, at the end of the day, can you know if ANYONE is doing this for the players or for personal power?

      As for you, Jester, I think that saying "serious delegate whom the CCP will take seriously" was a bit of a faux pas wordage-wise.

  3. A balanced synopsis of a wide range of experience in EvE. Should resonate with many who are open minded, but not so much with those who have narrower personal and political agendas.

    [Wow, it would be hard being that constrained... yet, they do say "Brevity is the soul of wit." and I find when I try and limit myself (yea, right...) it makes me strive for clarity over repetition.]

  4. When you get elected, can you please ask CCP why EVE Gate "Headline News" never seems to get updated?

    The latest items are:

    o Alliance Tournament VII, which, for the past 9 months, has been announced as "showing this weekend", and

    o Inferno 1.0.1 release, which will be deployed on May 23 (maybe CCP is planning a rollback, instead of an expansion this summer).

  5. 1300 characters is not much 2 go on... but i think its well said

  6. shoulda mentioned all the guides you made, youve put a lot of effort into making this game better

  7. You've got one of my votes at least

  8. You did good jester. Thanks for running.

  9. What's the name of your incursion running toon? I know many characters from both the armor and shield sides of the house, and except for your occasional appearance as Ripard in a couple of the popular channels, I don't know a lot about your experience there. Care to spill the beans?

  10. Let the games begin....your first Political poster Jester


  11. GAH!

    heres a "Correct" poster..."Gareth"...WTF was I thinking...


    1. Ah such eloquence can only be expected of a Ripard supporter.

    2. Well see, I was at my JOB when I made the first one. As a Ripard Supporter I'm sure you are unfamiliar with an office environment as your workstation consists of microwaves and condiments to make the next burger as quickly as possible..

      But I digress, yes, it was a boo-boo, but unlike many of the other *cough* "candidates" *cough* out there today Ripard not only shows an error, but a correction as well. Still waiting to see that attitude amongst the rest of the other peeps.

      Oh, and leave the onions off and add double pickles to the next burger...theres a good James315 Supporter...

  12. I don't think you used your quick blurb correctly. You essentially stuffed in a compressed resume. It tells people almost nothing about why you are running and what you need to accomplish.

    I think you would have been a lot better off going with a concise message about the theme or goal of your candidacy and saved the resume for the larger space or even a link in there.

  13. Well Jester now you just need 3000-4000 "characters" voting for you :D

  14. 4 votes from me. Thx for all the great articles. I hope you get the job.


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