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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Final message from Luminaire

Finally, for anyone who wants it for role-playing or historical purposes, here is the log of Luminaire Local on the day of the live event from 1220 EVE time through about 1900 EVE time, courtesy of CSM8 candidate Nathan Jameson.  Thanks, Nathan!

Luminaire Local log (right-click to save your own copy)

The meat obviously starts around 1600 EVE time.  Watch for references to the "Hospital Ship Salvation", which was apparently a role-player in an Orca.  Guess what happened to him.  ;-)  Nathan tells me he was on the KM which hasn't appeared on eve-kill yet, which is why it wasn't a big honorable mention KOTW...

And that closes out Luminaire day around here!


  1. The "Salvation" ?! They shot down my friend ??? :-o But...he was on a purely humanitarian mission.

    1. He didn't have his New Order mining permit.

      The pilots that shot him down should be thanked for their service to New Eden.

      We all know he wasn't there to "save" those wounded victims. They are worth at least 450 ISK each in the Khanid Kingdom slave markets.

  2. Forget it, man. It's New Eden.

    (cue credits)

  3. Hi Jester, i have been reading and enjoying your blog for a long time.

    We killed the Hospital Orca and i am very sad the kill wasnt posted. It was fun as hell :)

    Keep up the good work.


  4. Jester - did you get your 200 votes yet??

    1. Yep, see the "Gozer" post. I edited it in there.


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