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Monday, March 4, 2013

Kill of the Week: Eight is enough

Let's start with an honorable mention.  There were only five kills this week worth 10 billion ISK or more.  That's a very unusually low number.  Two of them were super-carriers -- we'll get to them in a moment -- two of them were jump freighters, and the fifth was this Tengu.  It's tempting to make this the KOTW but I've already written about unbuffered Tengus getting smacked down by Tornados.

What I find ridiculous about this Tengu, though, is how absolutely unbelievably bad it is despite its 14 billion ISK cost.  Lots of super-expensive mission-botting ships are built around cap stability and ammo stability: they're laser ships using officer lasers with non-faction crystals because T1 crystals never burn out and you never run out of ammunition.  You put the ship into your little mission-running bot program and you go to school or work or whatever.  This guy didn't even have that excuse: it's firing faction missiles.  And thanks to his ridiculously poor fitting, yeah he's tanking at 2000 DPS -- whoopdee doo -- but he's only doing 400 DPS with them.

For the record and as a reminder, you only need a combined "gank plus tank" of 1000 DPS to do Level 4 missions in high-sec, and the more you slant that equation toward "gank", the faster the missions will go.  This 14 billion ISK piece of crap does missions no faster than a Drake.  But I guess it never dropped below 99% shields while doing so, so there's that.  It's really sad.  Anyway, enough of that.  On to the real thing.

For Kill of the Week, I'm gonna go with this:

I love love love T1 cruiser gangs these days, and this one looked like it was one hell of a fight: eight against one, with the Mach getting four kills!  One of the pilots involved was nice enough to share the story with me, which I've edited for clarity:
Straya corp with some support from Van Diemen's Demise headed out to OWT3-6 looking for a fight in our T1 cruisers. After travelling through an unmanned 100km bubble of hell, we reached our destination. As we landed at the out gate, we were getting buzzed by a Tengu or two; they knew our numbers and did not engage us. As we were about to leave the system, PiXEL UA brought his MAchriel onto grid. With some quick thinking, our boys got some points on him. We did struggle for a little until we got him webbed; after that, it allowed the rest of the fleet to move in on him and secure the kill. It seems a little puzzling why the Tengus did not come back in to help, because if they had I'm sure the tide would have turned. However PiXel UA gave us some fun and a nice ISK bonus for the trouble.  Peace!
The Mach killed a Sabre, a Jag, a Rupture, and finally the gang's Curse before succumbing to the others.  Good fight to everyone concerned, particularly the Mach pilot who made the fight possible.  Thank you for sharing the story, Straya!

Number of dead super-caps this week: 2

As I mentioned earlier, only two this week.  First to die, yet another ratting Nyx crushed up in Wicked Creek.  If EN24 or TMC covered this loss, I missed it (TMC doesn't have a single EVE news post for two days on either side of this kill).  My best guess is that this Sabre pilot -- killed on the scene by his own corp ten minutes before the Nyx went down -- had something to do with it.  Particularly since that Sabre pilot isn't in that corp any more.  ;-)  So tentatively mark this one down as an epic Awox.

On Saturday, this Aeon died.  Again, it's not covered by the news sites as far as I can tell, and even for an embarrassing super-cap loss, people with first-hand knowledge are trying to keep their mouths shut about how this one happened.  Still, one possible story emerged.  I'm gonna go straight to one of the comments on this one, because this story seems to be the one very consistently told about this loss (sic throughout):
apperently he went afk in a pos that wasnt [his] for an hour and someone warped him out to get him out of the pos but that ended up being the gate. Cap fleet that was out tried to save but could not make it in time since dreads had just landed and seiged at that point
I hope this story is not true because if it is, I'd say that puts this player in the running for the Worst Supercap Pilot of 2013 award.  ;-)

EDIT (11/Mar/2013): Looks like the story is true.  EN24 covered it... sorta.  The story actually covers the larger engagement in which this Aeon died and barely covers the Aeon kill at all... including not even mentioning how the Aeon died.  But there is a video included -- one of the worst BR videos I've ever seen.  Still, it seems to confirm the story of the Aeon being warped to gate.  You can see intermittent flashes of the gate in question as whomever was capturing the footage moves the camera about in spastic fashion...


  1. "This 14 billion ISK piece of crap..."

    Well tell us how you really feel, sir.


  2. I am in that Aeon pilot's alliance. He is known to multibox as many of 5 toons at a time. Not sure how many he was running during the op, but he had parked the super in a pos and didn't drop fleet. Story varies at this point regarding awoxer or fc derp, but either way his ship was warped while his attention was elsewhere

    1. Yes this guy is a known FC of Tribal band (i mean one of the 2-3 active FCs). He is also known for welping fleet of battleships against talwars.

      ~Tribal Band~

  3. Btw, Gotan's BCS is worse than the CNBCS.

  4. About the Nyx kill, there's a thanatos kill too ,not a SuperCap but still would be nice to have the story behind those kills.

  5. I've got to ask. What the fbeep is the point of an officer MWD on a supercarrier? OK, granted, the thing has less of a cap penalty than cheaper modules, but can you really pull off the MWD-quick-warp trick on something that sluggish? Isn't that about like trying to put a 1MN on a battleship?

    1. The purpose to a MWD on a super-cap is to push it up to 75% base speed more quickly. See this post for details:


      Even with a MWD, a super probably won't get into warp in 10 seconds, but it will probably get into warp in 20, which is less than the 30+ seconds that most supers need to get into warp.

    2. Fair enough; I use the same trick with the Orca (after reading about it at that link, actually), but I didn't realize that it was actually feasible with a supercarrier.

    3. Does going faction on the MWD make a noticeable difference in time?

    4. It's also useful as an emergency brake if you get bumped. Every super should have one in their cargohold tbqh.

  6. Wow... 1 prop mod is good... 2 prop mods are great... its starting to get silly now lol

  7. ya! my comment made it on a blog!!! I feel so :smug:

  8. The loot fairy shrugged: https://zkillboard.com/detail/29043918/
    This for real or is yournextKOTW?


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