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Monday, March 18, 2013

Kill of the Week: Honorable duel

Another short KOTW post this week, but I thought I'd go with something really off-beat this week:

The latest version of Retribution includes the "honorable duel": you can ping someone that you can see in a system and request that they duel you.  This is partially replacing the previous mechanic of ejecting a can outside trading stations labeled "frigate 1v1" or the like.  But the dueling mechanic apparently not only allows you to lose your ship in a duel but then lose your three billion ISK pod as well.  Just as a reminder, Halo implants greatly reduce your ship's signature radius.  That's quite a boon if you specialize in frigate combat, though somewhat less useful with the included Large Energy Turret damage implant.  Smart money says this guy unintentionally lost his dedicated incursion Nightmare clone in this duel.  Whoops!

Two honorable mentions this week.  The first is this Pandemic Legion Anshar.  Take a look at what it's carrying.  Then take a look at who killed it.  Ironic, no?

Second, a shout-out to war-dec corp Freight Club.  They've always been particularly good at ganks on high-value targets, but this week alone, they nailed six jump freighters in the Gamis and Berta high-sec systems in Derelik.  Some of them were also apparently invovled in the Nyx kill I'll talk about shortly.  Impressive work out there, guys!

Number of dead super-caps last week: 1

Another quiet super-cap week, with only this Nyx falling to the PURPLE HELMETED WARRIORS, their second super-cap kill in two weeks.  They've had a couple of others this year, too... it's getting to be a trend!  And it looks like the methods used here were exactly the same: find super log-off system, notice that super logs off and get general location of safe spot, wait for super to log back in, get precise safe spot, cyno.  It's a good system.  That said, PHEW pilot Cumadrin Kassin is getting a bit arrogant about it (copied from his apparent comment on this kill):
Two Supercaps probed in a week. Two killmails in a week. Maybe you all thought I was being obnoxious on the Ragnarok mail, but I was only being truthful.

Too. Good. At. Eve.

(No, I'm not available for interviews)
Er, OK.  Keep up the good work?  I guess?  I mean, I approve of your actions and all but this comment is a bit over the top, don't you think?

There was a super-cap kill today as well, but I'll cover that next week.  Hopefully it's the first of many this week!


  1. No mention of the Luminare Titan kill & it sticking ass out of Caldari Prime for KOTW?

    1. That hasn't happened yet, silly.

      Poor speedfreak, he was complaining about that on TVP Comms a couple hours after downtime as he faced down the TPPH wall he's always subjected to. Apparently he lost a Slave set recently too, though he didn't comment on how.

  2. The number of people who haven't realized that duels let you get podded is amazing

  3. Cause it's incredibly hard to pick a celestial and hit warp as soon as your ship dies. To bad pods don't align and warp instantly.

    Oh, wait....must have been all those bubbles...

    1. Information overload can be like that sometimes. Juggling five different overviews and manual maneuvering at the same time, and then immediately switching into survival mode in the one tick you've got before you get your pod scrammed?

      I laugh bitterly at people who claim EVE isn't a twitch shooter.


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