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Monday, March 11, 2013

KOTW: Nothing worth living for

Just a short one this week.  There was again surprisingly little going on.

Lots of honorable mentions this week!

There was this badly-fit Tengu that violated the first rule of Rancer ("Don't fly anything expensive in Rancer.").  Then there was this badly-fit Tengu that amuses the hell out of me for reasons those in the know will understand.  It even died in high-sec!  Sorry about that, ISD Suvetar.  ;-)  People keep flying unscouted freighters through Uedama for reasons I will never understand.  And finally, the loot fairy is 43 PLEXes richer.

But no, for kill of the week, I'm going to go with this, even if I'm a little late:

Suicide is a terrible thing.  Naglfars and Phoenixes are widely regarded as the worst dreadnoughts in EVE.  Matter of fact, they're now considered so bad that some FCs don't even want to see them on the field: an unsieged Moros does more damage than a Phoenix in some situations.  The only people willing to buy the things either insist on fire sale prices, are only buying them to complete the set, or both.  These days, know how you can get the most ISK out of your bad investment in a Nag or Phoenix?  Either self-destruct the thing or help out your corp or alt with an expensive -- and potentially hysterical -- KM... after buying the insurance, of course.  It's got a bad return on investment, but it's often better than nothing.

This one made me smile because it was announced in dev-post just today that CCP Fozzie is taking time out of his busy sub-cap rebalancing work to take a tiny bit of pity on the poor Nag.  Short version: it's getting its missile launchers pulled and getting a 50% damage bonus to its guns.  This solves the dual-weapon problem the Nag has had since forever.  More interestingly, it instantly vaults the Nag into the place of second-best dread right behind the Moros.  It arguably might even be better since Nag damage is tuneable.

Needless to say, someone pretty instantly bought 35 Naglfars today.  Pity the poor guy that committed suicide in his, right?

Hey Fozzie?  You missed a spot.

Number of dead super-caps this week: 1

Only one this week, but it was a pretty impressive one, this Ragnarok.  Looks like this one was pretty straightforward: PURPLE HELMETED WARRIORS watched this guy log out and got a fairly reliable scanner hit on his safespot.  Lots and lots of patience to wait this guy out to log back in was all that was required to finish off the scan, warp in a hictor or two and finish the job.  The interesting part of this kill are all the neut Tempests...  ;-)  Congrats on the kill, guys!

But that's it, unfortunately...


  1. I recently flew my exploration tengu through rancer. I came within 4km of being caught and killed. I'll never do that again. Those guys know how to do gate camps.

  2. Nags are about to change...


  3. It was a pretty shit fit. Didn't help that the mission rats decided to go with me, instead of the awox victim. I had better alternatives for the awox job, but just having trained up to the Tengu recently, I decided to go with that instead. Terribly, terribly sloppy on my part.

    I'd wait for skills to fit t2 mods, but then I remembered this is a game about imaginary spaceships, one I'm paying for, and it's OK if I lose sometimes if it means I get to go out and fight.

    Congratulations to me ex-corp mates who got me. It cleanses my conscience a little from all the blues I've shot.

  4. First the cyclone, then a leap to the Naglfar? What does mean for a master of none, the Typhoon? I like the missile launchers, the drone bay. It's a rattlesnake with armor and a cheap price tag.

    As a side note, is it just me, and just a co-incident that Minmatar ships are named after Hawker aircraft. Now we just need a Fury.


    1. Are you really bitching about the vast majority Winmatar ships ( not including the CAPS) or kust being sarcastic?

    2. No, I happen to like the one particular ship just as it is. I generally do not fly winmatar exactly because I like underdog ships. Including the vastly ignored Eos and pre-buff Ferox.

      I am concerned the typhoon will lose some of the drone space for additional launchers in a potentional Fozzie re-balance. 175m² drone space, enough for a full flight of sentries and mediums. Why mess with this level of perfection?

  5. "Then there was this badly-fit Tengu that amuses the hell out of me for reasons those in the know will understand."

    Ah I see what you did there. ;)

  6. Scouting a freighter is Pointless.
    You suicide a cheap ship on him -> 15 minutes log off timer.
    Another person starts bumping him to prevent him from warping off.
    In highsec its pretty unlikely that you will find a gait without two people on it on the busier routes ...

    The fail lies in flying around with 10B of scanable goods to begin with.

    1. Seems it doesn't matter how much is in your hold. Search EVE-Kill for Uedama and all kills. You'll find quite a few JF with little cargo recently killed. Nope, looks like GS was just out for some fun and didn't care about making isk.

  7. I'm curious if these 43 PLEX shuttle losses tickle the spidey senses of CCP Screegs' bot/RMT analysis programs or if they are written off as rich peeps doing stupid things?

  8. "People keep flying unscouted freighters through Uedama for reasons I will never understand."

    I fly freighters on autopilot thru Uedama, sometimes three at a time. Why, because piloting a freighter is boring. Adding a scout does not increase the joy. I set my autopilot and then shower, go grocery shopping, have dinner, watch a movie and if im lucky, the freighters will have arrived at their destinations when I return to the game. I conservatively save 10 hours of boredom a week.

    I got my first freighter almost four years ago and have never been ganked. Even if I were ganked three or four times a year, I would consider it worth it, to avoid 500 hours of mind-numbing boredom.

    What kind of price would you place on 500 hours of your time?

    1. You're obviously smart about how much you put into your freighter. I do have an alternative. An alt, in a shuttle, permanently stationed in Uedama. Right after you hit the "autopilot" button, log in the alt, check both gates, and check if there are 25 Taloses there. Takes two minutes, not 500 hours. ;-)

  9. You know nothing stops them to undock 25 Taloses there in the time it takes from hitting autopilot until he reaches the Uemon gate ...
    If you read my comment on how pointless scouting is that must be clear to you. A corpmate got ganked that way and they bumped him for fucking 20 Minutes until they had enough people to actually suicide on him.
    (He deserved the loss though, was hauling ~5B worth of stuff)


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