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Sunday, March 31, 2013

March junk drawer

Welcome to the junk drawer, part of a series of monthly posts in which I dump all the stuff that I couldn't develop into full blog posts this past month.  It's a goofy, eclectic sort of junk drawer this month, I'm sure you'll agree...


Let's start with two more minor "little things" sort of suggestions for the game.  First, an easy one: with all of the drone buffs over the last several months, drone damage is finally coming into its own as a viable fourth option for EVE Online damage.  But one piece is missing: a key-bind for the "launch drones" command.  Every other weapon type can start applying damage with a single key stroke.  As it is, drones need a right click, a left click, then a key stroke.  A key-bind would reduce this to two key strokes.

The second one is a bit more goofy, but sure would be handy.  Real life AEGIS missile destroyers and cruisers, when operating as a group, can throw all of their available missiles into a single "basket" which is then managed by a central fire control authority.  In much the same way, it would be handy if corp members that stay docked fairly close to home could throw manufacturing, science, and other industry slots into a single basket to be managed by a corp "industry officer" or the like.  That would be a nice buff to industry corps of all kinds, particularly those in null-sec.


Two James 315 notes.  First was this, courtesy of the Declaration of War pod-cast, which just made me laugh.

The interesting thing about James 315 as a CSM candidate is that he totally bought into both the "you can't vote against me" and "all publicity is good publicity" mechanics.  Given that, it would have been quite interesting to see how he had done in the actual election.  I'm sorry that he's not running.


This month, I wrote a post that in part examined the Pandemic Legion "financial audit" for 2012.  In particular, I thought it was kind of interesting that a lot of the expenditures were put into individual PL corps and was curious where that ISK was going.  And I was also interested by the fact that the "audit" only looked at expenditures.  Revenue was not included in the audit, nor was it examined where the revenue was coming from.

Well, there was a follow-up piece on themittani.com this month confirming that this audit was the real deal.  It also explained what the individual corp expenditures were about: ammunition, jump fuel, and like expenses.  That makes total sense.  Guess what was missing from the follow up piece, though?  Yep, you got it: any explanation of where the revenue comes from.  Not really surprising, I guess, but if there was an opportunity to answer the biggest question about this audit, that was it.


This, from Elmnt80, made me smile this month:
[06:46:08] Elmnt80 > more then one rote, time to run away!

So did this, from splatus:

Thanks to both of you.


This one's come up in a few conversations that I've had lately.  Now that Caldari Prime is on fire, is it time to go ahead and repair the Ishukone station in Malkalen?  The place has, after all, been on fire for several years now.  Maybe it's time to go ahead and put it out, then repair the station.


And I end with a particularly strange one.  Dernarius Starariur likes to share his theories of the workings of New Eden with me from time to time, and this month he came up with a particularly amusing one.  In the in-game lore, PLEXes are "pilot license extensions" that are produced by CONCORD that are consumed by capsuleers when they are used.  Therefore, are they like drugs?  Does CONCORD put an addictive chemical into PLEXes that makes capsuleers crave them every month?

It's a fun theory.  ;-)  Thanks for sharing, Dernarius!


And that's all for the junk drawer this month.


  1. James dropping out is no surprise. He displayed the same spineless courage he does when he's ganging unarmed ships in the game. Maybe in a brief moment of clarity he pulled out because he realized what the majority of Eve players know. That he's full of shit. Fear not though, Monk is running on much the same platform and while a little more eloquent, he has little more of a clue than James. Seems like a hallmark of that kind of mindset. Mittens, while relegated to mostly obscurity in the snooze feat he's helped engineer in null sec, is determined to try to be "something" again, so he's going to try to steer the election, and in the process, will no doubt advise his mouth breathers to vote for Monk.

  2. The problem with a "Launch Drones" hotkey becomes apparent when you imagine yourself in a carrier, with several hundred drones in dozens of groups. How should the game know which drones to launch, at least with the current drone hangar system?

    1. Marc's got it, below. The game would need a way to designate a "ready flight" of drones in the hangar.

    2. As far as I remember CCP showed some concept art of a new drone management system last fanfest. It was like a module that was "loaded" with drones, and frankly I found it quite awesome.

      But since we haven't heard anything from it, I assume that CCP once again found the machinations of an Outer God in the now nearly decade-old code of EvE and decided against it.

      But I would even be content if the drones would react just a little faster to my commands. Seeing Hobgoblins dieing because they are too stupid to comprehend "return to bay" is frustrating.

  3. Point 1 on drones is understandable, and I'd approve of it if they could make it work, but when you're flying a drone boat with a 400m3 bay and six or seven classes of drones, how would you go about designating which drones launch with that one keystroke? Designate a "ready flight" of drones, then a "launch and engage" keybind? Then you'd have to see about designating your ready flight while you're still in your hangar...

    ...but I'm hopeful that drones will continue to, er, evolve, and maybe get a little smarter. The rats got smart, and aggressive towards drones; is it too much to ask that a Myrmidon's primary weapon system be smarter than a crate of hammers?

  4. I always thought the Plexes were like car registration renewals in the USA. Gotta pony up some money each year for the permission to drive the car, or every 4 or 8 years, depending, renewing your driver license.

    Drones need a system similar to ship fitting. Give us a Bay 1, Bay 2, Bay 3 ... etc and then let us keybind launch to each of the drone bays. Launch/Return can be one keybind, and engage another, for target switching or engaging a new target.

  5. The secret about James, was that he was never running, just after the publicity for his tragic minor humping website. Like Joseph McCarthy or James Warren Jones - I look forward this demagogue joining the dustbin of history.

  6. The Concorde station in Yulai is still on fire too...


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