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Saturday, March 30, 2013

My endorsements for CSM8

OK, welcome to CSM8 campaign season!  In a few days, the full election for CSM8 commences.  As I've said the last couple of days, after much thought, I've decided to endorse a full set of 14 candidates for CSM8.  However, I cheerfully admit that this list is quite political.  I've only endorsed a pair of "bloc" candidates and the chances of my full slate of endorsements being elected is exactly zero for that reason.  In fact, it's pretty likely that CSM8 is going to be made up of a majority of bloc candidates with only a few non-bloc members.  I'll talk about that both in my next CSM post, and in my post about who I think is likely to win seats.

When it comes time for you to fill out your ballot, you will be given the opportunity to rank up to 14 candidates in order from #1 to #14.  This endorsement list is written in the same way.  If your #1 choice doesn't need your vote to be on the CSM, your vote will pass to #2, #3, and so on until either your vote is needed to put that candidate on the CSM, or your vote passes through all of your choices without getting anyone elected to the CSM.  For that reason, it is in your best interests to list as many candidates as possible on your ballot.  The only thing listing fewer candidates on your ballot does is make it more likely that your vote will be wasted.

For my endorsements, I've chosen candidates that would not only be excellent CSM delegates, but candidates that add needed experience to the group in terms of their play style, their community outreach, their writing, or their real life experiences.  Remember that CCP has complained that past CSMs have been a bit too "one-sided" in the perspective that they can provide CCP.  At the end of the day, a homogeneous CSM serves neither CCP or the players.  The most valuable CSM possible will be the one that has the widest possible experience.

So, when it comes time to fill out your ballot, I hope that you will fill it out in the following order.  Starting with...

1. Ripard Teg
I'd like to be on CSM8, please.

2. Malcanis
The simplest way to make a decision about who to endorse as my #2 pick was to ask myself, "If I am not elected to CSM8, who would I like to have elected in my place?"  Put that way, answering the question was very easy.  Malcanis is experienced, smart, practical, a good writer, a hard worker, and well-respected by the EVE community.  He would have received at least one of my votes any time in the last three years had he run for CSM.  That I potentially have the privilege of serving with him on CSM8 is a delightful prospect.

3. Trebor Daehdoow
But it just as easily could have been Trebor, and for the same reasons.  His play style is not my play style, to be sure, and he and I don't agree on everything.  But he's an experienced CSM member with great contacts into and the respect of CCP, a great writer, has relevant real world experience, has a unique perspective on the game, and can work with a wide variety of personalities.  He's a great transition member between previous CSMs and this one.

4. Ali Aras
This one may be a surprise and I spent a lot of time thinking about who to choose next.  But the most important question CCP faces this year is how to expand the player base.  With that in mind, my #4 and #5 choices are aimed squarely at this issue.  You may not know Ali, but she (yes, she) has a terrific perspective into the new player experience, and has come a long way in a short while in New Eden.  She also brings to the table something that no other CSM8 candidate can: she is a woman who quit the game, then returned to it.  This is something that CCP must replicate several thousand more times in the coming months and I'm positive if elected, CCP will want to talk to Ali about it.

5. Mangala Solaris
Very similarly, Mangala Solaris of Red v. Blue was another very easy pick.  I've expressed my admiration for everything RvB does many times in this blog over the years, and Mangala is a terrific representative for them and for new player PvP.  Making EVE fun for the new player is a supreme concern in the age of League of Legends, World of Tanks, and like games.  CCP has to carefully adapt their game to attract more players of this type.  Mangala's experience can not only help CCP answer this question, I like his perspective on how the CSM should operate.

6. Nathan Jameson
There are five wormhole candidates running this year.  Of them, I like Nathan the best.  He's not only experienced in wormhole life as the executor of the largest alliance in w-space, he's the best generalist candidate among the WH five.  He brings discipline, hard work, and terrific communications and player outreach skills to the table.  This is on top of his wormhole experience; he seems to be well-respected by a good cross section of w-space dwellers.

7. Korvin
There are only a few Russians running for CSM this year and of them, I like Korvin the best.  He has solid prior CSM experience as a member of CSMs 4 and 5 and so can help me with my own ideas transitioning the things that worked about these "old school" CSMs into the latest one.  I also really like his perspective into the social aspects of the game.

8. corebloodbrothers
core is, with Ali, one of the two "Provi-bloc" candidates but is an excellent prospect in his own right.  What I like most about core is his real world experience: he's a software developer with experience with LEAN methodology and scrum development techniques.  He'll be able to convert a lot of the technical language that CCP is likely to throw at the CSM into words the rest of us can understand.  ;-)  But on top of this, he's also got terrific PvP and veteran player experience.

9. riverini
riverini is controversial, no doubt about it, but he has a huge advantage as a potential CSM member: he's plugged into lots of the most influential and knowledgeable people in the game.  His information network probably rivals the GIA's and is likely a lot more broad since it also covers areas that the GIA doesn't care about, like botting.  Anyone who can single-handedly raise up one of the most respected and visited websites in EVEdom cannot be dismissed out of hand.

10. Roc Wieler
Roc surprises me every year because he's one of those guys that -- ironically enough -- often doesn't play to his strengths as a CSM candidate.  Sure, he's a role-player and loves to play up that aspect of his persona.  But he's also got terrific faction warfare experience and even better real life experience in both technical disciplines and EVE community outreach.  On top of this, he's a great writer and artist, disciplined, and a proven hard worker.

11. Psychotic Monk
Take James 315 and subtract the rampant insanity and the cult following, then add a heavy dose of practicality, and you get Psychotic Monk.  ;-)  I wasn't lying when I've said that I'm sympathetic to the concerns of people who enjoy non-consensual PvP.  He'll do a terrific job representing this segment of the community while also understanding a broader base of EVE players.  I questioned him on his campaign thread about his views of high-sec war-decs in particular and I like his take on the subject.  It retains the cold harsh nature of EVE while also being realistic.

12. James Arget
In my opinion, James Arget is the strongest wormhole candidate in terms of wormhole knowledge.  He's not as good of a general candidate as Nathan but his knowledge of the topic of w-space cannot be denied.  He's done the best job of holding together the w-space community, did a terrific job during the wormhole candidate debate, and is outspoken and passionate about EVE Online.

13. Unforgiven Storm
One of my two wildcard endorsements, I feel kind of bad for Unforgiven Storm.  CSM8 needs an industrialist delegate and I see myself fulfilling a lot of that position, but I'm not a sovereignty industrialist and Unforgiven is.  However, his alliance tag -- Goonswarm -- definitely hurts him with any potential industrialist voter base and the CFC seems fairly unlikely to include him in their ballot because he's not "important enough".  Despite being in the same alliance, Mittens didn't even mention him in his latest CSM election piece.  But Unforgiven's knowledge of his topic cannot be denied.

14. ProGodLegend
My other wildcard endorsement, ProGodLegend doesn't need my help to be elected to CSM8: his N3 constituency will probably get him there.  But of all the bloc candidates, he's the one I'm most sympathetic to.  I met ProGod ages ago when both of us were part of the Atlas Alliance coalition in the east.  At the time, he was a small-gang FC given to derping fleets humorously and raging about it.  ;-)  He's clearly learned a lot about the game since then and I'm sure CCP would appreciate his experience helping build a small corp into one of the most important entities in New Eden.

That's my list.  I'm hoping that CCP provides some way for me to send out a voting link as a single URL.  That way, if you're inclined to trust my endorsements, they'll all be filled in for you in advance, right out of U.S. "machine" politics.  ;-)  Still, if it doesn't go that way, I hope you'll consider supporting some or all of the candidates on this list.  And obviously, I hope you will support me and list me as your #1 choice for CSM8.

But whomever you support, please get out there and vote!  The more players that vote in this election, the more influence the CSM is going to have with CCP.  And the more players you list on your ballot, the more likely your vote will have a real impact.  It's important.  Thanks for your time and your participation!

Next up in this series: some of the other key candidates, and what I think of them.  After that: the list of the 14 people that I think will win, and why.


  1. In a meeting of armour & varous shield communities Incursion channels' leadership/mafias held today I brought up the question of CSM endorsement slate and from the feedback recieved expect many of the Incursion mods MOTDs to put forth a possibly unified slate so that we to start looking after our interests in the CSM Game of Thrones.

    We are hoping to create our own voting bloc which HI SEC has been lacking for many years so that we too get a large say and possibly in the next year have a viable candidate like NULL, WH, & faction warfare organizers have succesfully put forth over the past few CSMs

  2. "After that: the list of the 14 people that I think will win, and why."

    Ok, write it if you must play pundit; but don't publish it until after the election. To do otherwise, makes your endorsements meaningless.

    1. ? How do you come to that conclusion?

    2. Personally I wouldn't publish a ist of the people you think will win. I think that is a horrible idea and bad strategy. I would advise against it. Remember, it will come out nearer the election than the above list and be found on google searches, and you run the risk of casual readers or perception ruling over common sense. This is an election in which you are running against those with built-in blocs of voters, don't give them the slightest edge.

      Spend your time running. I wouldn't do it. That's my advice and its free.

    3. It doesn't make any sense to ask people to vote for a slate you know will lose. Unless the reasons that the 1-14 are going to win are reversible everyone voting your slate has to ask why they are doing it? As strong as your instincts might be toward actual integrity in journalism publishing this list prior would be a mistake. This is related to your earlier post on Transparency and being transparent. It makes particular sense if instead of considering yourself the boss you consider yourself the employee in this instance --- coming from your example. Voters that want to vote for you don't want their candidate predicting a loss.

    4. ( Agent Trask gives anon 10:10PM's severe logic fail a 45 degree angle confused puppy stare. )

    5. The alternative to pointing people at good candidates who are likely to lose is to strengthen the bloc vote, something that it would be a *dumb idea* for me to do. If I endorse bloc candidates, even GOOD bloc candidates, if people follow that suggestion that reduces the number of bloc votes that *BAD* bloc candidates need to get on the CSM!

      Therefore, logically, which option is better for the CSM?

      Rixx: interesting idea. I would like to predict the winners, though. How about I publish the list either just before voting closes or right after it closes? That gets around your worry but still allows me to practice prognostication.

    6. As long as it is close to or slightly after finish, I don't see the harm. Be sure to include yourself in the prediction, even if you don't think you have a chance. Win or lose, that will only serve you well in the coming year.

    7. Jester, can you time releases on blogspot like you can at wordpress? You could write the blog and then schedule it for right at or after ballets close.

  3. Replies
    1. ^ This. I get all the rest, but your explanation for Riverini makes no sense. Knowing a bunch of botters doesn't make one a good CSM

  4. Looks like the #of candidates may have dropped to 34

  5. Thanks Ripard for a thought provoking endorsement list. I'm more than likely to follow it except for the goon - rightly or wrongly, I'd feel it would be a vote for an additional Mitten's CSM puppet.

  6. This is the first time I've voted and am finding it confusing since I expected to be able to endores 14 but it only shows the last one I click on as endorsed.

    1. o\ There are actually 2 elections: the first right now is a pre election it IS NOT SINGLE TRANSFERABLE VOTE
      It issorto confusing but it is not exactly not likegetting 200 likes then you are in but close enough.

      The Second election takes all those passing the pre-election above&you get 14 ordered choices but they are not all 'votes' in that only 1 will count in a SINGLE TRANSFERABLE VOTE

  7. Wow, I really do not know what to say.

  8. Sorry kinda off topic... you had my 3 votes Jester, and I really hope you get into CSM8, and I know you are really busy in RL I am certain, but it would be good if you could do some posts on say the proposed changes to RSB and TE modules and ship changes... Maybe you already have, but I really find your views interesting whether they are the same as mine or totally opposite they always have something I hadn't thought of. I kinda miss them, notwithstanding the CSM8 stuff which is important too of course. Cheers.

  9. The only thing worse than taking spaceship pixels too seriously is taking the CSM Dog & Pony show too seriously. Qualifications to run for office should mandate an age of 18 years or less. The Icelandic short bus pulls up once again and disgorges its troupe of Kabuki performers. Bravo.

  10. As a long standing member of Nathan Jameson's alliance, you might be surprised to hear, that he WILL NOT be receiving my four votes. I know there are many in our alliance that feel the same way. Nathan is a great salesman there is no doubt. But under the flash there is little substance. He seldom makes himself present to alliance members and is slow to respond to evemails. Can I expect him to be any different if elected to CSM 8 ? W space is about the tight bonds that are formed between corp/alliance members and I don't feel he is really one of us who fight, scan, and deal with the mechanics of w space day in and day out. Nathan mentioned in something I listened to (can't remember exactly as I have listened to so much) that he resides in Jita. Am I the only one to see the irony of a "W Space" canidate that lives in Jita? Jita is one of a few systems I believe that never ever has wormholes.... I follow your blog regularly as I think you are one of the smart guys who write about eve. I am just suprised at the high ranking you gave Nathan Jameson . I figured you would see through the smoke and mirror show that is Nathan Jameson....

    1. Interesting! Who are you going to be voting for then?

    2. I apologize that you've had some poor experiences with me in our alliance. I'm always on TeamSpeak when I'm online, and I answer mails as soon as able, though my AU timezone and IRL duties (kindergarten, family) often get in the way. I understand that you feel as if you've slipped through the cracks, and I'm sorry for that.

      As for the comments about "living in Jita"...I have characters roaming in wormhole space and characters trading in high sec. I brought that up once to invite some good-natured ribbing, which I'm perfectly fine with. I was hoping people wouldn't read too much into it, but it happens.

      I would ask that you'd still place all 5 wormhole candidates at the top of your STV list, even if I am on the bottom of that. It's better to have a suboptimal wormhole representative (in your opinion) on the CSM than no representative at all.

      In any case, thank you for your thoughts.

    3. I will never include Nathan on my ballot.

      Why would you or your supporters think it was a good idea to drop a can into the system I live in asking for our votes.

      Great idea you utter cretins

    4. That's called advertising, be thankful you weren't evicted when they found your wormhole.

  11. Hrrm. I am loathe to vote for anyone in [CONDI] colours, but this might be worth it just to piss off Herr Mittens. And "industrialist" is only a short hop from "hi-seccer"...

    ...but maybe that's just what Mittens wants us to think. Safer to simply ignore him, I think.

  12. For the love of *** will someone just tell me how to vote? Is it me or does everyone just avoid the bloody obvious - all thisa talk about who to vote for.....and not one clue on how to vote. Link please. Thanks.

    1. Soon as I know, it'll be top center on the blog.

  13. This STV stuff makes my head hurt. Can I still just vote for one person only?

    1. It's a bad idea. It's likely to be a wasted vote. You really need a number of candidates to make sure you don't waste votes.

      Really, you should fill out your ballot. Or at least go for 8+


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