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Friday, March 8, 2013

Pic of the Week: Skill tree

So, here's something interesting.  Look at what someone managed to pry out of an internal CCP development server called Chaos:

And here's what it looks like when you zoom in:

If you read between the lines, CCP has been gently dropping hints about taking the emphasis off of flavor of the month by giving every race ships with the capability to fit every role.  It won't work, of course, but I guess it's a nice dream.  ;-)  But this new interface -- which I have every reason to believe is the real deal -- certainly emphasizes that spin, doesn't it?

Here's some more, and here's where it's being talked about on Reddit.

This kind of interface is going to take some getting used to, but I like it a lot!  Love them or hate them, gamers understand skill trees.  They're a part of dozens and dozens of games out there, single player and multi-player.  They're used because they work.  And it looks like EVE is going to finally get them.  And make no mistake: that's going to make the early game easier for new players to understand, without taking anything away from the vets.

Chalk it up to CCP developing something that we didn't know we wanted.  ;-)


  1. looks more like an updated certificate system than an updated skill system. either way, i like it.

    what i don't like about it is the fact that it seems to be really hard to see cross-trains in it, as opposed to not seeing them at all in the current skill tree. someone might see that as an improvement, but i rather have no image of it, until after years of eve it becomes clear, rather than having an incomplete image of it.

    1. CCP's ship rebalancing plan is intended to discourage cross-training for new players.

      FOTMs and corp/alliance multi-racial ship doctrines have created a high (and unnecessary) barrier to new players, who prefer to focus training on one race, one weapon system, and one style of tanking, in order to reach competency quickly rather than being told to fly different racial ships, all at mediocre levels.

      When the rebalance is finished, there should be no advantage of using one race's ships over another race, within the same ship class.

      Cross-training will then become something only vets will want/need to do, after they max out the skills within one race. Optional, not required.

  2. Oh joy of joys, finally being able to see skills needed for things with out back and forth clicking between skill requirements and the books themselves?

  3. This is a great new way to deal with skills!

    I made these a long time ago just to learn the skill trees:


    I don't think many people have ever seen those, and to some extent rightfully so.

    And damn. If CCP can make the images you showed actually show skill progression, that is a huge step towards improving the new player experience.

  4. I think it does take away from us vets. Part of the fun of eve is the research. The time and effort to have to dig and look for the things you want and need. Thinking about how to look and where to look to find the information u need is a skill. All skill trees will do is continue to dumb down the game untel it is ground down into just another theme park where the game holds your hand and guides you to where ever you want to go without having to think.

    1. Vets won't use this, so just ignore it.

      Just like the (useless) certificate system, it is entirely meant to help new players figure out the chaos of the skill training system.

  5. More importantly; look at the icons for the ship classes in the first image. Our overview just might be getting something too!

  6. Did you also notice that super carrier wasn't on the tree!!

  7. They forgot barges and exhumers, we poor miners ;)

  8. Grimmash, those trees were great. I was always hoping you'd finish the project some time.

  9. Thanks for the info. Helps me understand that CCP is doing more than putting all their efforts into Dust.

  10. Someone has been slacking in studying CSM minutes :) ... From the May-June minutes, page 156:

    CCP Sisyphus presented the concept of a Ship Tree, a visual display of ship progression that would facilitate goal-setting by players. The CSM approved.

  11. This has also been shown during Fanfest.


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