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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Playboy gets it right

Just a quickie.  There will be lots more today, I promise.

But first, I want to send out a pointer to a fantastic article I was just made aware of today (it has a publication date of 1 March):

The article itself is about the death last year of Vile Rat in Libya, and more generally about EVE Online.  Please please please note the URL (playboy.com), which means that if you're reading my blog from work you'll probably want to save the link until you get home.  I doubt your boss will believe you're going there for the article.  ;-)  Once you're home, though, go read it: it's well worth your time.  The article is not only well-written and well-executed, it's also one of the best articles that I've ever seen about EVE Online the game to appear in public media.  The author clearly did his research and did it well; it sets a very high journalistic standard.

While you're reading, see how many of the people interviewed you can connect with their in-game names or CCP names.  ;-)

In a very real (if sad) way, VR's passing continues to advertise that "EVE is real".


  1. Of course I go there for the articles!

    Especially the ones where the author clearly did his research and did it well.

    I wonder if this article has lots of graphs . . .


  2. Great article, except for the "death is real" part, that attempts to distinguish EVE from WoW, where avatars respawn immediately--rather as they do in EVE. I think the author merely copied down something said by CCP, and in this case got it hilariously wrong.

  3. sexpionage, eh>? lol. Those damned Gallente


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