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Thursday, March 14, 2013

QOTW: Power and money

Quote of the week honors this week goes to a pair of quotes on themittani.com this week, both of which caught my attention for different reasons.  First, there was this gem from The Mittani himself:
I've made it personally clear that I believe that media is the most effective way to influence CCP rather than the CSM, and won't be running for CSM8.
Obviously, CSM7 would disagree with that position, and perhaps not surprisingly I do too.  But it's for different reasons.

I brought up this exact point when I appeared on the Declarations of War podcast with half of the active members of CSM7, only to have the premise rejected by them in a big way.  You could practically feel the discomfort coming off them.  "Why not use the bully pulpit to communicate from time to time?" was my question, and the response was almost C-3PO-like in its prissiness: "That just wouldn't be proper."  While I get and totally support the importance of maintaining a good relationship with CCP, I was just having a hard time understanding what was wrong with a little media influence on the side.  ;-)

Maybe I'll feel differently in a few months, but right now I doubt it.

Which is why I disagree with the quote: it's the "either-or" aspect to it that I disagree with.  If you can have an influence as a CSM member and you can have an influence by getting various forms of media involved, it seems a little silly to me to dismiss one avenue.  Does one avenue diminish the other?  Mittens himself certainly had good luck mixing and matching, as did Mynxee before him.  Hell, a cynical man would argue that it's practically the whole reason I'm running: I've got the "niche blog" thing covered and am looking to expand...

Second quote I adored was this one, from JadeCougar of Li3 Federation:
The truth is... who gives a fuck!
Yeah, it's profane and yeah it doesn't say a whole lot... but that's kinda why I like it.  Because without intending to, it does say a lot.  The story behind this quote is that through mistakes Jade made, his alliance got its alliance wallet stolen to the tune of about 21 billion ISK... from a player that was part of the alliance for all of about three days.  It was a rather epic scam.  The TMC article basically tells the story through alliance mails.

I've known Jade on and off for a couple of years now.  He's a really good guy and absolute kudos to him for taking full responsibility for his failures in this theft.  It wouldn't have happened had he been paying a modicum of attention to what he was doing, and he says that flat-out.

The interesting thing to me about this story is how little it means on the surface.  I think a lot of us have been watching these kinds of thefts for a long time now.  For a while, I was tempted to start tracking them and have a tag just for them.  A lot of players joined EVE frankly because the opportunity to launch an epic corp theft was what they wanted to do in New Eden.  Until a month ago, I was getting worried that corps were getting too good at security to get taken in by this sort of thing.  Then this happened, to the tune of 1.5 trillion ISK.

And for that reason it's kind of interesting how petty this particular theft was.  21 billion?  Psh.  That's about the size of the Guiding Hand Social Club heist.  From 2005.  ;-)  It's not surprising that Jade was pretty casual about it...


  1. Mittens is still throwing his toys out of his pram and is advocating "media" above all else because that's pretty much the best tool he has available to him right now. If he were he to run for CSM8, he'd go up in my estimation a lot. It'd show that he's learned to walk and no longer needs that pram. Looks like it's still too early though.

    1. Mittens isn't running for CSM8, because he lost a lot of RL credibility with CCP after his drunken stunt at Fanfest. Sure, he'd certainly win a seat since CSM is a popular election, but he would probably not get the chairman position under the new rules, and there is strong likelihood that he would also not be one of the CSM members to be invited by CCP to Iceland.

      The media is not only the best tool he has left... it is his only tool.

  2. "Mittens himself..."? Go ahead and just all-caps and italicize. Maybe a heart glyph too. That way I'm sure you'll get nicer coverage when you're on the CSM.

  3. Jade's comment is exactly what every level-headed player should think about the CSM process in general.

    FS: My 6 votes in the CSM8 election. 3,000,000,000 ISK, non-negotiable. Serious inquiries only.

    What? No takers?

    1. rtfa. Jade's comment has nothing to do with the CSM.

    2. I'm sure Darius III willtake you up :P

  4. As a 'business and communications professional' I'm surprised that you can't come up with at least a few negatives to using the 'media' to pressure CCP.

    1. As a 'business and communications professional' I'm surprised that you can't come up with at least a few more positives to using the 'media' to pressure CCP.

  5. Dinsdale PirannhaMarch 15, 2013 at 9:35 AM

    This voting process is a sham, put in place by the null sec zealots to control an even larger piece of the economic pie of Eve. There is serious, serious real money to be made by controlling the purse strings of a large null sec alliance.

    It is no surprise that when Bolton left Test to join CCP, one of his first priorities was to get the voting system for the CSM altered to swing even more control to the null sec alliances. Soon, we will hear, with near unanimous CSM voices "high sec makes too much money, and null sec is far too poor for the risk involved., Null sec must have more control of the economic engine, in the form of T2 industry and null sec only superveld and superscordite".

    We have seen this campaign for months on the forums, and it just part of a co-ordinated plan, one that I guess has another year to play out fully. The other shoe to drop, after high sec income his hammered (because the null sec crime lords can't control it), will be game mechanics introduced that allow the null sec leadership to introduce a controllable tithe on all the null sec farmers/industrialists. They already have head taxes, bounty taxes, refining taxes, and control of the moon goo income. By limiting T2 mfg to player owned stations, the null leaders will be able to get a bigger piece of the T2 mfg cost with a tax on the mfg slot. The current tax on every T2 item with control of the moon goo is not enough. The only thing left is for the crime lords' lackeys inside CCP to create some way to tax manufacturing array's at POS's. That can be done with introducing some kind of tax on operating a POS in null sec sov space, payable to the null sec alliance leadership.

    The current campaign by the null sec propaganda teams is not about balancing risk/return. It is about money. Lots and lots of money. The more ISK the null sec leadership can force to pass through their hands, the more they can siphon off for their own personal purposes. And that purpose: more control of the game, and for the more brazen: RMT always beckons.

    1. cuz the CSM totally controls the devs.......

    2. Wow.. I know eve attracts a lot of tinfoil hat crazies but this takes the cake.

      Have you any _evidence_ to support your claims?

    3. "This voting process is a sham, put in place by the null sec zealots to control an even larger piece of the economic pie of Eve."

      I too see this voting process as a sham without compulsary sufferage so CCcP gets gets a much better view of what its player base wants!

    4. Given that two Anonymous posters voice their opinions (Darth, I believe you and I are at least reading the same book, maybe not the same page), I will respond.

      I would love to see the CSM/ CCP devs (same thing) prove me wrong and NOT decimate high sec. But the fact is that the vast vast majority of recent hires for CCP have some from the null sec alliances that benefit most from more of the economic pie being controlled by said alliances.

      Name a dev hire who came from high sec in past 12 months.
      Name one who came from high sec in the past 2 years.

      Are we to be believe that only null sec has people with the skills to work for Eve?
      I don't think so.

      So CCP is dominated by the null sec zealots, who in turn hire other null sec zealots, and the cycle continues. And these devs still have allegiance to null and do the null sec leadership, their friends', bidding.

      And that is why my original statement stands.

    5. "Name a dev hire who came from high sec in past 12 months."

      Most high sec players have *real* jobs, and RL activities outside of EVE. They don't have the in-game time required for a typical null sec fleet op, nor any interest in working for CCP.

  6. JadeCougar didn't want that ISK anyway.

  7. 21 billion for an alliance thet does sound a bit paultry... I liked the thief's comment about 1 director siphoning a billion ISK a day from the wallet.. soundds like that director actualy saved the alliance alot of ISK & thwarted a bigger loss

  8. I completely disagree with you about the csm/media. I contacted kotaku in 2010 when CCP was well on their way to ruining the game, and their article really got CCP to commit to fixing the lag introduced with the previous patch.


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