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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Quote of the Week: Use a pun, go to jail

QOTW honors this week goes to Seldarine in the Syndicate Competitive League.  Good Heavens, was that guy full of puns.  There were so many puns, verbal games, references, and other assorted nonsense in fact, that it was sorely tempting to list a whole plethora of examples.  Alas, I decided to resist and instead just go with the crown jewel of the collection.  Seldarine nearly always had a pun or word game to drop when a ship exploded; usually it had something to do with the pilot's name, the ship's name, or the alliance name.  But he also apparently stored a small collection of "general" quips to be used when he couldn't think of a more specific one.  Here's the king of that collection:
That ship exploded so fast that if you "SOMER.blinked", you missed it.
Yup.  He really said that.  It was a doubly amusing quip because SOMER.blink was one of the sponsors of the SCL.  Product placement name drop?

Anyway, the SCL organizers are hearing from a lot of you out there that Seldarine's word games took away from the enjoyment of the event.  While that's understandable, I will mention that the guy was probably nervous and wanted to be seen as engaging and fun.  I know I would be worried about my ability to provide constant insights over an all day period.  So try not to be too hard on the guy.  ;-)


  1. I thought Seldarine was hilarious and did a good job commentating. He seems like a really nice guy.

  2. I didn't think much of the puns (probably didn't get a lot of them), particularly the QOTW, but they were a sign of life, and I gradually warmed up to them. The puns were probably the worst intentional feature of the competition, but you're okay by me, Seldarine--just keep the cogent commentary coming.

    Howard Cosell was annoying, too, and turned out just fine.

  3. How come whenever I picture Riverini annoucing for a tourneyment whenver the last ship dies he's scream GGGGGGOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL for like a minute?
    Maybe its because I saw him doing the Harlem Shake.... speaking of the devil how come CCP Guard hasn't had a video of all of CCP doing the Harlem Shake yet?

    1. Because the Harlem Shake was dead by day 2.

  4. He was wonderfully entertaining!!!

  5. And hear I thought the QOTW would relate to the signature radius of large guns. Ah well...

  6. I'm glad to hear from the other comments that I wasn't the only one; I loved Seldarine's commentary!


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