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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Revealed at PAX East

So, sirunidan was on-the-ball enough to take pictures of the display screen at PAX East during CCP Unifex's presentation on what we can expect from Odyssey.  Here's the first six pages.  Here's the second six.

The meat starts on slide five where we're told that the mechanics and the UI of "discoverable sites" will be changing, as will "rewards".  What kind of rewards?  We don't know, but there's some hints.  On page eight, we see pirate tags, the in-game symbols for a number of moon-goos.  The first almost certainly refers to the "Tags-4-Sec" already revealed in the December CSM Summit Minutes.  The latter has some interesting implications, I'm sure you'll agree, particularly in light of the fact that page seven refers to "relocating resources"...

Let's hope the resources being relocated are moon-goo-shaped ones.

Page six (reproduced above) has a few teaser graphics of what the new exploration UIs might look like.  There's an intriguing rumor/speculation going around that the bit on the far right refers to a hacking mini-game of some sort.  Page nine references "new ships" and we have confirmation from EVE News 24's source that this -- at a minimum -- refers to a new set of Empire faction combat battle cruisers: Navy Drakes, Harbingers, Brutixes, and Hurricanes.  Here's some pictures.  My favorite ship class is getting one hell of a buff!  Can't wait!

Does this mean that CCP Fozzie will be putting off battleship re-balancing for a bit in favor of re-balancing faction frigates and cruisers first instead?  If he's looking for opinions, I'd be in favor of that...

Whether the Gnosis Jove/SCT battle cruiser is also included in this isn't mentioned, but I'm sticking to my prediction that the Gnosis is going to be the official EVE 10th Anniversary present to all capsuleers.  We are promised a special give-away for that date, which happens on 6 May 2013.  CCP Unifex: "You want to have an account subscribed on that date."

It also looks very likely that there are going to be a number of big advances on the POS front, including -- potentially -- personal hangars for individual corp members.  That alone should go a long way toward quieting down the angry wormhole contingent, though it's just a first step rather than a solution.  The EN24 article has a really funny quote/story from CCP Dolan on this issue...
CCP Dolan told us how the POS code was constructed, in very loose terms. CCP is somewhat forgiven for their lack of progress on it, it sounds like staring into the unblinking eye of an Elder God, fueled by drunken Icelandic programmers. He discussed it as an inverted pyramid and the top of it was rat AI, better known to us as Skynet. Yes, the POS runs on the same NPC AI as pirates and faction police. I shit you fucking not.
Since POSes have to independently shoot at people from time to time, I guess this makes some kind of sense... oh wait, no it doesn't.  Yikes.

CCP Unifex also had an interesting message: "If you've been in a big really well-established alliances... watch out."

More minor stuff: upgraded graphics for stations, supers, and other in-game assets including what most of us see when we're docked.  There's 1400 people coming to Fanfest, and there will be an HD stream for everyone who couldn't make it (twitch.tv will be handling that).  DUST 514 seems to be ready to come to null-sec.  And there's a hint that there might be "new space" or perhaps even some new systems introduced to New Eden.  That one seems a bit more speculative.

Anyway, here's CCP Unifex's full presentation on Youtube:

EVE Online: Odyssey will be released 4 June 2013.  72 days and counting.  Looking forward to it!


  1. I don't believe that was a Dragoon. I think it was a Retiever/Mackinaw


    1. Thanks! Looking at it closer, I agree. I've removed the reference.

  2. Since your real name and identity are about to be revealed to the world, are you going to introduce your "real" self before CCP does it for you?

  3. I fail to see this "Dragoon mining ice" that you mention. I do see a Mackinaw...

  4. Dragoon? looks much more like a reskined Ret.

  5. That's not a dragoon mining ice. It's a Mack or a Hulk.

  6. Definitely not a dragoon, but a plain 'ol mackinaw.

  7. That's not a Dragoon; that's a Retriever/Mackinaw with a different texture.


    So we may be seeing new mining barges or some-such, or maybe someone in the art department got bored one evening and decided to make some spiffy new textures.

    Adding some personal space, or even just adding more granularity to existing POS spaces, will go a long way towards solving the core problem with POSes -- the lack of any meaningful control over access to POS spaces. And that's a problem with corp roles and the industry interface, not with POS structures or their aggro mechanics.

    The core exploration probing mechanic is probably the least broken of EVE's systems, so I don't think it needs any work. The DScan does, but probing itself is fine.

    As far as minigames, I do hope that CCP thinks long and hard before implementing them, and does so very cautiously and only after a lot of closed internal testing. Minigames (and quick time events) have a tendency of getting stale and becoming a chore very quickly, and may end up interfering with rather than contributing to the player experience. As well, since EVE is a real-time game, I can't see a good way of implementing exploration mini-games without forcing a player to become a sitting duck for as long as it takes him to solve some arbitrary puzzle.

  8. Fozzie has only a minor role in BS balancing, most of the work is being done by CCP Rise, formerly kil2. So, no, he's not putting off BS in favor of faction ships.

    1. This was confirmed by Fozzie a while ago. He will only act as a consultant on the BS rebalancing. Rise will do most of the work, and BS rebalancing is expected to be completed in the summer release.

    2. I thought that the command ships were the next in line? Or they just going to stick with the tech1 stuff for now.

    3. Well I'm hopefull the faction BC's will help newbie's to incursions so they become more inclusive... it's tuff for them to get over having to get over the hump of needing T2 large guns.
      If faction BC's become as powerful as T3's there I'd be happy as an Incursion FC

    4. @Darth - the idea that you'd expect noobs to buy and fly faction BCs, just to participate in an Incursion fleet is as absurd as expecting them to be able to fit T2 large guns.

      Anyone who has played the game long enough to effectively fly/afford a faction BC, or fit T2 large guns, is no longer a noob.

    5. @Anom
      In a game with legit character sales, you cannot make that statement.

    6. @Anonymous after T2 med guns it takes about 21 days to train up T2 large guns I seem to recall... that is the hump I had in mind in my post. Incursion newbies!= Noobs necessarily

    7. CCP Unifex also had an interesting message: "If you've been in a big really well-established alliances... watch out."

      This, This and THIS!!!! I cannot WAIT for Moon goo to get nerfed or moved or whatever... CCP cannot have all of Null sitting on the Golden Goose forever.
      Hisec = safe for noobs and Indusrty so we have new players coming into the game and ships to assplode...
      Losec = less safe for Noobs to try out and smaller gangs, Pirates, etc. to live...
      Null = 23/7/365 WAR without End... not The Big Blue Cockring keeping a 'lid' on that pressure... When Major Alliance Leaders get 'retired' or leave because they can make war... there is a serious issue that needs changes...

    8. @pixelshipmistakes - "In a game with legit character sales, you cannot make that statement."

      Very, very few noobs buy characters. First off, they don't usually have the ISK, and, second, they don't know what to buy (or not buy).

    9. @Darth - "Incursion newbies != Noobs"

      Ok, I'll buy that. :)

    10. "@Darth - "Incursion newbies != Noobs"

      Ok, I'll buy that. :)
      Well a few noobs try to get in but w/o 4-10m SP in the very least they won't ind thier ways into fleets

    11. "Well a few noobs try to get in but w/o 4-10m SP in the very least they won't ind thier ways into fleets"

      This is actually one of my pet peeves against the way Incursions are run. Any activity in which noobs are being actively discouraged from participating seriously needs to be redesigned by CCP.

  9. I would take anything that Dolan says with a bucket of salt, esp. technical issues, with which he has absolutely no experience or knowledge. Remember that this clown was hired as a community manager, and not as a programmer, or even as a member of the QA team.

    1. ...anything that Dolan says with a bucket of salt... Really? SO you believe Dolan is out there just saying whatever comes to mind? You believe what he says isn't the end product of his daily working @ CCP and working with the other Devs and Lead's and Managers and Directors? If so you have a lot more to learn about how businesses like CCP (being a for profit business and all) work.

      As for me, I take any and everything anyone named "Anon..." says on the Internet far sooner than something someone 'real' says.

    2. "SO you believe Dolan is out there just saying whatever comes to mind?"

      Yep, I know him from his brief time in TEST. He leads with his mouth, not his brain, and usually speaks based on hearsay without facts to back him up.

      "You believe what he says isn't the end product of his daily working @ CCP and working with the other Devs and Lead's and Managers and Directors?"

      He doesn't actually spend much time working directly with any of the software devs, and has little, if any, daily interaction with leads, managers and directors. I guess you don't know much about his actual job position at CCP.

      "If so you have a lot more to learn about how businesses like CCP (being a for profit business and all) work."

      Well, why don't you enlighten us with your extensive knowledge in corporate business? I only spent a few years as a tech manager & jr veep at one major entertainment company, and another few years as a (paid) biz & tech consultant to two other companies, incl. one in Iceland. So, I'm certainly open to learning more about how businesses like CCP actually work. Yeah, I'm bragging and being sarcastic, just to prove that I probably know more than you do.

      "As for me, I take any and everything anyone named "Anon..." says on the Internet far sooner than something someone 'real' says."

      To paraphrase from a favorite movie: "I do not think [this statement] means what you think it means".

      TurAmarth ElRandir, give it up, unless your true goal is to prove you are as much of an idiot as Dolan.

  10. Should be interesting if CCP does redistribute TECH moon IMHO I would be amiable to weakening/redistribution of HI SEC's strangle hold of lo end minerals.... time will tell but I'm sure NULL will will have an advantage in resources which they should but Industry should be pre eminent in the less lawless HISEC empire like it wasin the wild west of the USA

  11. Why do ppl keep saying Navy Brutix, when that's clearly a Navy Myrm on one of the slides?

    1. The pictures of the updated ships in the link above clearly shows a Brutix. The Myrm in the slide is just showing off the upgraded docking graphics. I agree it was probably a poor choice of ship for that...

    2. Yeah the Myrm in the slide is the normal skin by the look of it. The Navy Myrm is in the FHC thread also.

      Unfortunately it looks like we won't be getting any of them. Chaos server doesn't mean we get it. Having Eve News say it's confirmed definitely doesn't mean we get it. You'll also notice those first four pics had their names cropped out. The only official word on Navy BC's from CCP Ytterbium:

      "We already have troubles having diverse, interesting hulls roles on this particular level. HACs, tech3 cruisers, battlecruisers and command ships currently are very close of each other on that field. Introducing a Navy Battlecruiser would aggravate the issue even further."


  12. Dinsdale PirannhaMarch 25, 2013 at 6:30 AM

    While a destruction of the top down moon goo cartels would be a welcome, albeit shocking change, I won't believe it until it is actually on TQ. As for the "rebalance" of industry favouring null sec, that still screams major nerf for high sec, and that is entirely unacceptable.

    As I said before, the brief blurbs offered up by CCP are precisely the same phrases pounded ad nauseam by the null sec propaganda machine over the past months, which suddenly stopped in earnest a few weeks ago. (It's as if they were told what they wanted was happening, so they could stop the forum whining). If CCP hammers T2 mfg income in high sec, they are just handing a different, but even MORE lucrative, income stream to the null sec cartels. And when CCP introduces superveld and superscordite to null, there will be a massive devaluation of low end mins in high sec, which translates in an equally massive loss of income for a large group of high sec players.

    I simply refuse to believe that all these devs who were recruited from null sec alliances forgo all their past friendships, allegiances and prejudices the moment they are hired by other null sec zealots inside CCP. It flies completely in the face of human nature. And as for the CSM, it has been said before, they are simply an extremely powerful lobby group. Although there may be a few exceptions, the vast majority are there to further the special interest group they came from, and in the case of the majority null sec group, to weaken high sec as much as they can.

    No, I don't believe for a second that CCP will start weakening their friends and alliance mates by taking away the ingame tools that allow the null sec cartels to exist, unless they plan on giving something else to them that is just a powerful.

    1. Again with the Goons are ruining your game? Can you not look past this?

      I'll type this slowly. So you can put away the tin foil.
      At the moment there is plenty of Veld in Null. The real issue is that; not that Null lacks low end ores, but Null industrialists are too lazy to get it. Even if they had superveld (I hereby dub uberveld™) it still will boil down to players not interested in an Ore in terms of market value. They will do what any decent industrialist will do, put into a spreadsheet and come up with ABC earning per hour upto (at a guess) 20% or 30% more isk.

      I have yet to see any indication that any major alliance possesses someone at their directorship level who has a thorough understanding of Industry. It is part of the reason their Industry is at cottage level. And whilst they continue to focus their efforts to combat orientations I have nothing to fear in high security industry.

      Because whilst various Null entities point to game mechanics as their logic for low-watt industry. This poor excuse is parallel to the wretched hi-sec miner saying that game mechanics disadvantage them compared to gankers. The bottom denominator is; players choice is what determines the result. They are getting out of their industry the effort that they put into it.
      So let's say tomorrow that Null gets uberveld, and then they essentially need to force their pets and renters to mine it. When they are not buying from hi-sec, supply and demand 101, less demand means less price right? These null miners will go into their spreadsheets and see the gap is not 20 or 30%, but now 40 or 60%. How long before that sinks in, and they switch back to ABC? And just because the price might sink in hi-sec, does not mean that there would be drop in hi-sec mining either. They mined on competition to drone poo and mission loot re-processing.

      Farms and Fields is and always will be a joke. The predator/prey cycle is just another name for it. Hands up who pays $15 a month to be a punching bag? Null alliances hand out ships to combat pilot and are trying work out how to tax their industrialists? Let’s just set the clock back one thousand years for these feudal lords. That would make a motivation poster to encourage hi-sec industrials to immigrate into null serfdom. (queue "help help, I'm being repressed").


    2. No one in null mines low end ores, because it is cheaper, easier, safer and faster to just buy it in empire and ship it back to null.

      Why do you think mineral compression is still so popular?

      Hell, most of us null industrialists would prefer high end ores to also be in high sec, just so we don't need to hassle with getting someone to mine it in null.

    3. @Anon2:26... lets see,
      Again with the Goons are ruining your game? Can you not look past this?
      I believe Goons have stated over and over again and again...

      "We don't want to ruin the game, we want to ruin YOUR game!"

      So yea.... Goons suk, they are ruining the game, and things need to change. I think Disdale is wayyyy off the mark though;

      ...the "rebalance" of industry favouring null sec... it does NOT say that anywhere... it's does say, "Relocating Resources" period.

      ...refuse to believe that all these devs who were recruited from null sec alliances forgo all their past friendships, allegiances and prejudices the moment they are hired by other null sec zealots inside CCP.

      This is a REAL WORLD job... If told by their bosses "We are gonna change Moon Goo and nerf Null hard in order to stir things up.", do you honestly think for one second that they would put their jobs at risk? If so then yer an idiot and you take the game far too seriously. A LOT of what you say has that flavor... that CCP it "taking sides" w/ the Null sec players who are NOT the majority of the players in EVE... you need a reality check bro.

    4. Dinsdale PirannhaMarch 26, 2013 at 5:56 AM

      @ Turmath:

      This is indeed their RL world job. And the lower echelon devs do have to so what their bosses ask for. But what happens when lead devs, their bosses, like the goon soundwave and Greyscale (don't know his affiliation) have posted on the forums their burning desire to crush high sec industry? When these null sec zealots tell the junior devs "we are creating superores for null sec that have 10 times the trit and pyerite yield of high sec" , that is exactly what will happen.

      The null sec cartels have infiltrated the CCP game design and development teams to the highest level, and now only hire like-minded people in those areas. Name the last CCP dev/game desinger that was hired from high sec, and how many since then have been hired directly from null sec leadership roles.

      The ONLY thing that can stop them are the accountants. And I find it highly unlikely the accountants read the forums. They look at financial statements, which show the damage done many months prior. A devastating nerf to high sec in June not reflected in any financial statements until Dec at the earliest, as 3 month and 6 month subs of high sec sec players start dropping.

      And one last thing: Given the huge potential of RMT that exists and clearly is happening within the game, who says that some of that money doesn't find its way back into the hands of the devs who create the opportunities for said RMT for their former null sec alliance mates? Look at the size of the Eve economy, and how much of it flows through the hands of a very small group. Overall, the Eve virtual economy has a value of millions of dollars, or even euros. How much of that can be siphoned off by the null sec cartel leadership, to distribute as they see fit?

  13. Regarding the navy BCs, another EVE player joked when the first leaks of them appeared:

    "So CCP did just balance all of the BCs to introduce 4 new ones that everyone will fly?"

    Unless, of course, the navy BC get dramatically different roles.

    1. I dunno about you, but I fly BCs in roles where I am worried about ship losses. This is because (a) they are cheap, and (b) they can be insured for cheap. Well, and (c) effective. If the new BCs follow the same pattern as other faction warships, then they will be expensive - 4-10x as much as the base ship. So they can have the "same" roles just fine -- they'll get used by rich players, and for highsec PVE. The basic BCs will continue to get used for PVP and PVE in insecure places.

  14. After Navy BCs I assume we'll get pirate & cov OPs ones next :D

  15. Hey, thanks for plugging my video, Ripard! As a long time reader, I can conclusively say it's an honour! Sorry for the quality - PAX is a pretty loud place. ;)

  16. Jester, what is your take on the idea of CCP opening up Jove space for the Odessey Expansion? Not only would it fit very well with the new exploration theme, but would also fit well with the 10 year anniversary which will closely coincide with expansion timing.

  17. "Let's hope the resources being relocated are moon-goo-shaped ones." I'm hoping this new 'exploration' scanning module will open up comets laden with moon goo & ring mining sites- keeping the moons as they are TBH


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