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Sunday, March 17, 2013


As you probably heard, Rixx Javix and The Tuskers sponsored Deathrace 2013, a 75-jump race through low-sec.  First prize for the winner: 800 million ISK, a 50-day time card, a Machariel, and a Tornado.  There were also various other pretty cool prizes.  You can read all about the event and the rules over at Rixx's blog.  The amusing thing about the race is that not only would it be a race and not only could the racers shoot each other but that there would be various obstacles placed in the way of the racers to slow them down.

About a week ago, Rixx was good enough to ping me and ask if Rote Kapelle would be open to being the final obstacle.

In short, how did Rote feel about being a race spoiler?  If he were to give me the end destination of the race, would Rote set up a little camp?  I warned him that since the race was scheduled to begin at 1700 EVE time, this was a little out of our prime TZ but that we'd do our best.  Happily, the system that he specified -- Y9G-KS in Syndicate -- is a null-sec system that Rote travels to a lot.  Even more happily, I already manufacture large tech 2 bubbles so I had a good stock of them ready to go.  I begged for a little bit of assistance and in the end, Rote Kapelle and our sometime blues The Nizari did me proud.

We ended up with a fleet about 14 strong: two Rapiers, an Arazu, a few blap Tornados, and a random assortment of other fast stuff that's good against frigates: other attack BCs, a couple of Vagabonds, plus myself in a 650mm artillery skirmish Hurricane with a Standard Drop ingested.  ;-)  After a couple of false starts -- why, when you "jettison for self" a bubble, can't anyone come along and anchor the thing? -- we got our camp established right around the Conomette gate in Y9G.

We arrived and were in place at 1810, about five minutes before the first racers reached the system.  And over the next thirty minutes, we did this:

I'm very pleased to report that only a single ship died in Y9G during those 30 minutes that Rote Kapelle didn't have some kind of hand in.  ;-)  That turned out to be 111 dead ships in all.  At first, I tried calling targets.  But as racers arrived in the dozens, our little 14-ship fleet was overwhelmed with a classic "target-rich environment."  Target calling shifted to my alliance-mate Bob Shaftoes in one of our Rapiers.  As he webbed things down, we killed them.  And killed more of them.  And then a few more.  In fact, this little exchange happened between Rixx and I about ten minutes in...
[ 2013.03.16 18:20:57 ] Rixx Javix > WE SHOULD START LETTING PEOPLE THRU A BIT
[ 2013.03.16 18:21:06 ] Ripard Teg > It's happening.
[ 2013.03.16 18:21:13 ] Rixx Javix > KK DONT KILL EVERYONE
[ 2013.03.16 18:21:32 ] Ripard Teg > We don't have enough to.  ;-)
[ 2013.03.16 18:22:12 ] Rixx Javix > LOL OK
"It's happening" meant that there were so many ships coming in by that point there was no possible way we could stop them all.  At any given time, there were dozens and dozens of ships on grid, enough to overwhelm us.  But since we were coordinated and they were not, we ended up losing only three ships.

I can't recall the last time I had so much fun playing EVE Online!  Thank you so much for including us in your race, Rixx and The Tuskers!  We had a blast and we hope all the racers did too.  For those of you who slipped past us, excellent flying!  I'd like to pay particular homage to Finger Puppet.  Did he win?  I'm not sure.  I wasn't paying attention to that part.  But he was one of the first to arrive in system and did some great, great flying to avoid us.  I quote another Jester, who once said "That was some of the best flying I've seen yet... right up the part where you got killed."  ;-)

Eventually, enough ships landed on grid that we decided it was time to go ahead and quit the field.  We didn't even try to loot.  Several billion ISK was left behind.  Hopefully, someone profited greatly by today's experiences!

I leave you with some quotes that I found particularly amusing and heart-warming from either Y9G or the entry system thereto...
[ 2013.03.16 18:31:24 ] Uhtredskaer Lothbrokson > FUCK
[ 2013.03.16 18:31:25 ] Uhtredskaer Lothbrokson > RUN
[ 2013.03.16 18:31:29 ] Uhtredskaer Lothbrokson > FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES
I am such a "bulle"...
[ 2013.03.16 18:37:18 ] Watson Desecond > DON4T JUMP
[ 2013.03.16 18:37:24 ] Watson Desecond > camp in 97X
[ 2013.03.16 18:37:32 ] Watson Desecond > with bulles
...but this was my favorite:
[ 2013.03.16 18:37:33 ] Piren'e Colass > God damn you rote kappel
Sorry about that!  Oh wait... no, I'm not...


  1. I was trying to loot the field- should have waited a bit XD, if I still had my syndicate stash of ships I would've managed too- moving into wormholes has its downsides. Still, covered my loses.

  2. Replies
    1. Rixx just finished his blog post on that:


  3. Talk about leaving me in suspense right up until race time! But glad to see my old mates in RK come thru for us, thanks and thanks to everyone in RK that showed up and helped to make the finish something to remember.

    We had three groups lined up to "assist" and RK was the only one that came through for us - so your efforts helped make the race and are very much appreciated.

    And I'm glad to hear you had a blast doing it. Here's to next time!

  4. Glad you had fun Jester with your arranged PvP event that was completely staged by players in order to generate fun, which was had, and good fights.

    I can't help but see some irony here though in how you critiqued Shadoo's proposal to turn Cloud Ring into a giant thunderdome for two weeks. These two events to me are very similar in their origin and goal, which is to have fun. Now sure you can disagree completely with the reasons that Shadoo gives and all the entitlement that seeps through it, but at the end of the day in both events, ships will blow up and people will have fun. That's worth trying right?

    1. There's a HUGE difference between a one-time arranged fight, and an arranged consequence-free WAR.

    2. Again, isn't that just a difference in scope? Also as far as whether a sov-war carries consequences, do they really carry any at this point. Sure alliances are kicked out of their space and may even dissolve, but these alliances or their corporations will just move to some other patch of space and make less, but still a good amount of isk. The players in null will remain the same and with SRP line-members of each alliance don't stand to lose that much anyway.

      I'll agree that a sov-war has a lot more consequences, but are there really that many, and are these gains or losses worth fighting over in the giant structure grind that an HBC/CFC war would be? On an economic level the CFC and HBC don't stand to gain a lot from fighting each other that they don't already have, so using tech as an excuse for them not fighting doesn't make sense to me. If tech is so valuable then the HBC should make a play for it, but they don't want it. It's not worth the effort with the current system. Hence this proposal for 'war games.'

      Again though, the big similarity between these two events, this Death Race, and Shadoo's 'war games' have the same goal in mind, having fun in EVE. That should trump any major differences between the two. I'm sure I'll be shooting at Rote too when this event does kick off too. Should be fun regardless of any meta-bullshit people seem to see in the background.

  5. Just can't figure you out Jester. Are you for shooting people or against it?

    1. As long as you insist on understanding things in black-n-white, you probably aren't going to figure it out.

  6. Uhtredskaer Lothbrokson was in my race fleet. The best part of his quote is that about half way through the race, his keyboard broke, perma locking his caps on. He spent the rest of the race in shout mode. We had dismissed the thought of bubbles as we were told by the Tusker leading our fleet, "Tuskers bad at null and bad at bubbles." Did not occur to us that Tuskers might have subcontracted that bit out. The last jump was a shock, ending with Ripard and Rote Kappelle blowing my race Jaguar into gas. I should of held my cloak longer!

    I have to say, it was a blast of a race, looking forward to the next one!

  7. You should have sold them travel permits.


  8. I'm actually surprised I lived to the end of the race, and was able to get blown up by you ;). For some reason my astarte lossmail isn't showing up on any killboards. Anyway it was fun, and here's to next time o/

  9. Too bad the final obstacle took out all of the best racers, then removed itself when the middle of the pack arrived.

    1. By that time, there was a sufficient mass of racers on field shooting *at each other* that our continued presence was a little superfluous. We'd also lost all of our ships with tackle (the rest were tackle-free BCs).

    2. the best (death)racer is the one that reaches his destination
      those that reached the camp first (and alone) were not the best, only the fastest

    3. Clearly they weren't the best racers if they made the huge and obvious tactical error of straying so far ahead of the pack and thus making themselves stick out like a sore thumb. The *best* racers would have camouflaged themselves among the mediocre racers precisely to slip through just such an ambush.

  10. Well well, organised war games can be fun. Who knew?

  11. I'm still trying to figure out how I didn't get podded at the end. Mind you, I have to thank you and your squaddies, because if my MWD hadn't burned out right at the end, I might have finished in my ship, not my pod, and I wouldn't have had my most profitable day this entire fbeeping month. :)

    1. I ordered my fleet not to pod anyone unless they requested it in Local because I knew the Death Race had a winner slot for first pod to finish. ;-)

  12. Bulle is just french for bubble, the guy must have been french and switched language in the general panic.

  13. Good read.

    Out of (academic) curiosity (of EFT warrior), which frigate and especially fits do you think would be optimal for such event (as deathrace)? I was thinking about ~8k EHP T2 with 2s warp time, since it seems in case of bubble, point protection and MWD won't help much?



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