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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Upside down interview

Just a quickie.

If you're reading this on Friday evening and you're down under, I will be appearing on netgameradio.com, channel 1, at 1030 EVE time tonight!  Feel free to give it a listen live if you're able to do so.  For everyone else, I'll post a link to the recording here once that's up.

EDIT (9/Mar/2013): Here's the link to the interview!

In addition, my interview with EVE Stratics is now available, and also includes answers to questions from CSM8 candidates Malcanis, Marc Scaurus, Trebor Daehdoow, and Nathan Jameson.  Go give it a read... some interesting stuff there!


  1. "I am also one of EVE’s most active and prolific bloggers, something that I’ve been doing for two years at my blog, Jester’s Trek.. "

    You are too modest, Jester. I understand that you want to pipe your horn, but being full of yourself is not very becoming. If only your voice interviews were as convincing as the written ones.

  2. Is there a more active or prolific blogger? If there is, are there enough of them that he wouldn't fit into that group?

    I'd assume it's perfectly appropriate to share bona fides in good faith, doubly so when you're running for office.

  3. Not putting forth his credentials would be stupid.....your version of his interview would be what?

    "Hi I'm Jester....I uh play eve....and stuff.

  4. http://netgameradio.com/index.php/download/viewdownload/7-eve-down-under-show-2013/169-eve-down-under-show-07-full-interview-with-ripard-teg

  5. Actually the downloads on that site are broken...

  6. The link should work now... sorry about the stuff up.

    RD (i.e. the Interviewer)


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