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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fanfest Day Minus One: Packing

My first flight departs in a little over eight hours as I write this and I am now all packed:
  • Incidental things like clothes, bathroom stuff, the usual.  ;-)
  • Heavy coat and gloves (it's just above freezing most of the week).
  • Lighter, water-resistant coat (I tend to be warm-blooded most of the time).
  • Umbrella (it's supposed to rain Tuesday and Wednesday).
  • Hiking boots and jeans (I'm doing the Golden Circle on Wednesday, presumably in that rain).
  • Passport (be embarrassing to forget that).
  • Computer, various computer supplies (the blog must go on!).
  • Tablet and charging cable (Android, if you're curious; for taking notes).
  • Lots of "digital packing", of course.
  • Heavy travel backpack.
  • Lighter wandering-around-town backpack.
  • Four power adapter plugs (and a power transformer that I hope I don't need).
  • Hotel room snacks (I hear food is expensive).
  • A big pile of print-outs of all my travel arrangements (print-outs don't break).
  • Spending money (duh, but you'd be surprised how many people forget).
Hoping to pick up a map of Reyk and some additional food on my first day in town, and I will be using my duty-free allotment for both booze and cigarettes (I don't smoke).  Let's hope I'm not forgetting anything!

Tomorrow, Monday, Fanfest Day Zero:
  • Travel day!  L.A. to New York, New York to Reyk (overnight).
Day after, Tuesday, Fanfest Day One:
  • Arrive in Reyk far too early, no official activities scheduled.


  1. You should not need the power transformer. Check your power supply (or supplies). These days almost all of them are rated 100-240VAC 50-60Hz input, which makes them universally compatible. You should only need the adapter plug(s).

    Also, don't forget to bring along your bank cash card, as well as your regular credit card. You should be able to use either, or both, to get cash from local ATMs, as necessary. The exchange rate is usually much better than what you'll get at the airport or any cash exchanger.

    Don't forget to take along a water bottle or two, if you plan to do any hiking.

    And, what about a camera?

  2. Tuesday evening there is a eve symposeum that my mates and i are going to.
    If you want to i think i can also get you a seat at our pre music dinner.
    Let me know.

  3. Should have gone through Seattle or Boston man. JFK is a nightmare

    1. Boston airport with recent events probably looks like a military outpost

  4. With the exception of the foul weather gear and hotel snacks you pack just like me. I've spent 166 weeks over the last 13 years on the road and until I started playing Eve I would only pack 1 laptop - now I pack 2 (gaming laptop). When I was a Chief in the Navy I used to tell my troops before they headed out for liberty "if you're going to stay out late hooting with the owls then you damn well be ready to scream with the Eagles in the morning!" Stay safe out there Ripard!

  5. You are forgetting to pack the hampsters for the ritual sacrifices into the icelandic volcanoes so their server never dies on ya in the most inopportune moment while playing EVE :P

  6. I'm arriving on tuesday and i'm going to the golden circle trip aswell. I have no idea how you look like, but i'll probably see you around.

    safe travels

  7. Safe travels! I'm chilling in London (no pun intended) before headin out to chillier Iceland tomorrow. See you there!

  8. Went to Jamaica last year got 5 cents off the dollar cheaper rates from the money exchange in town than either the airport or my hometown bank.


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