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Monday, April 22, 2013

Kill of the Week: Burn victim

KOTW honors this week has to go to a Burn Jita victim, so I think I'll go with this Golem.

It's worth 16 billion ISK.  Flying in Jita.  During Burn Jita.  Face.  Palm!  And that wasn't even the most expensive thing killed during the burn!  Goons killed five... count 'em, FIVE freighters and JFs worth ten billion ISK or more including one full of 19 billion in w-space loot.  More about the Burn Jita 2.0 butcher's bill in a day or two.

Amusingly enough, though, Goons themselves lost a pair of heavily-laden Anshars this week, both to The Marmite Collective war-dec, both in Nonni, both within a few hours of each other.  Here's the first.  Here's the second.  Know what else they have in common?  No loot drops whatsoever except for small piles of ice products.  The Goon conspiracy theories in the KB comments are rather amusing...

Sometimes it's fun to have a friendly little blue-on-blue engagement when alliance-mates get bored.  "Let me see how much damage I can do in this thing," or "I wonder how much alpha I do with a single volley?"  The most famous example of this that I'm aware of is PL destroying one of their own jump freighters a year or two ago with a single volley off of one of their super-carriers.  The pilot was just curious how much damage a single volley would do.  As was this Moros pilot, curious what his dread would do to this friendly Ares.  Whoops!

Number of dead super-caps last week: 3

Super kills this week started with this Nyx, which caught four doomsdays from Raiden. titans which were among the more than 100 ships involved in this kill-mail.  Sadly, his single local rep wasn't sufficient to handle the DPS, nor was his rather budget fit... except for the billion ISK neut, heh.  Presumably, the pilot involved picked that up off the wreck of a better-fit super-carrier.  Credit where credit is due, though: at least the kill seems to have happened in the midst of a capital fight rather than as a gank.  Three other capital ships -- Chimeras all -- were also killed.  Unfortunately for him, the Nyx's side was a little out-numbered...

Next up is this Nyx killed by Cumadrin and the PURPLE HELMETED WARRIORS.  I don't have to guess about the story on this one because Cumadrin was good enough to write it up.  It's a pretty standard story with this group: Cumadrin puts two and two together, determines there's a Nyx in system, probes its likely hiding space down, a lucky decloak, a little bit of drama, a dead super.  But the full story shows off just how much investigative work this group has to put into what they do sometimes and it's worth reading for that.

The final dead super of the week is this Aeon, covered in this story on TMC.  Short version of this one: a Provi FC gets curious about a fairly obvious cyno ship and follows it until it lights its cyno.  Sure enough, a travel-fit Aeon jumps in and is spotted warping to a planet.  The FC hurriedly calls his kitchen sink fleet into the system to try to tackle the Aeon.  The Aeon, meanwhile, warps around a bit, has rockets fired at it by a frigate (starting a 15 minute aggression log-off timer), then arrives at a safe and cloaks up.  And then logs off!  Damn, people are dumb sometimes.  Needless to say, the aggressed Aeon was scanned down and killed by an entertainingly random fleet.

It's helpful if you learn how the game works before you buy that super-carrier...


  1. Someone mentioned anything bigger than 27k m3 doesn't drop anymore. I read it on the 1st of April so I thought it was a troll but could it be the reason nothing dropped from those JF if everything was in freighter containers (120k m3)

    1. The much more easy explanation:

      There were two containers in there. Drop chance per container is 50%.

      Chance that nothing drops: 25%.

    2. The situation is that salvaging a wreck destroys any items larger than 27k, as well as destroying all dropped items that does't fit within that 27k. For ecample if a freighter drops a 100k item, and 3 10k items, the 100k item is automatically destroyed upon salvaging, and one of the 10k items as well because there is no room for it. The reason this is happening is because CCP is incompetant, and removed the limiter that prevented you from salvaging wrecks with more than 27k. when a wreck is salvaged, it is turned into a can and everything that does not fit is destroyed.

      This bug became very prominent in burn jita, where it caused the goons no small amount of losses as the act of bumping a freighter attracts ninja salvagers like flies to a carcass, and when the freighter is killed, the wreck is salvaged before haulers can scoop the loot, destroying most of the drops. This has a similar effect to popping the wreck with guns, except the offender does not get concorded. However, the goons have adopted the tactic of saving any remaining dps after gank on neutral ships nearby, as well as using quick bumpers to knock salvagers out of range.

  2. Half a Trillion isk, 1 system, 1 weekend. HighSec is much too safe..............

  3. How was that golem not already awoxed or suicide ganked before Burn Jita? It seems to have the ehp of a half-fit battlecruiser.

  4. How do you shoot a volley from a super-carrier? Or you meant he ordered the fibos to shoot once?


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