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Monday, April 1, 2013

Kill of the Week: Opportunity + luck + skill

I think I'm gonna go ahead and make it Rote Kapelle day around here and close out with this for KOTW:

I myself am mostly unlucky as a solo pilot.  It wasn't too bad before I started blogging.  Once I started blogging, my solo career pretty much ended.  ;-)  It's not at all uncommon for me to wander around null by myself and have someone say in Local, "Hi Ripard, love your blog, nothing for you to kill here, go away.", heh.  How Rixx Javix gets around this, I have no idea.  I'm just not all that lucky.  Guess I'll never be a Tusker.

So when a Rote Kapelle pilot comes along that's particularly good at the solo game, I get to live vicariously through him, and Rote pilot Zach Donnell is proving himself quite a good solo pilot indeed!  This Tengu fell pretty much as you think it did, running a Hub.  As you can see, he's fully tanked for Kinetic/Thermal, which means he's not at all tanked for the EM damage that Zach's Retribution was firing.  For the rest, let's go to Zach's description (edited slightly):
Once I got him, it was a slower process than I would have liked.  Even with heavy EM damage it was taking a while.  He was a little slow to realize I was the one taking chunks from his shield and not the rats, but once he got on me it was actually a little nerve wracking.  After burning through all the paste in my Small AAR, he was just exiting shield.  But for reasons unknown to me, he stopped firing for a bit.  It could be just luckily for me he had a reload cycle on his launchers.  But either way I managed to hold out with about 80% structure and finished him off.
Nice job!  Lots to learn from this one, starting with the fact that you should:
  • if possible, omni-tank your ratting ship;
  • keep an eye on Local;
  • keep an eye on your intel channels;
  • ask for help from your friends if you need it; and,
  • if possible, rat in a PvP ship (after all, Zach could have warped off any time he liked).
Otherwise, this conversation is in your future:
[05:08:48] Teccmo > well hello there buddy
[05:09:23] Teccmo > what brings u to x5 today
[05:09:24] Teccmo > lol
[05:09:30] Aon Saqaliba > he's in my hub
[05:10:05] Teccmo > .....
[05:10:37] Teccmo > u ok?
[05:10:44] Zach Donnell > don't think so
[05:11:00] Boomer Ex > lulz

Honorable mentions?  How about this Orca.  What... the... hell.  But this Scorpion Navy Issue is pretty impressive as well...  More examples of opportunity plus luck plus skill.  There was also this 29 billion ISK Providence that died to a terminal case of its pilot being really dumb.  TMC has the full story on that one.  Read it and learn from it, so that it never happens to you...

Number of dead super-caps last week: 2

Two more dead supers this week, starting with this Aeon, smashed by a TEST Alliance fleet, killed five days after the Aeon pilot left Dreddit corporation.  Apparently, one does not simply walk out of TEST.  Given that a POS deep in TEST territory is on the mail, this was either rampant incompetence at pulling one's super out of enemy territory before it became enemy territory, or he was baited back in.  The comments on the mail and the ten bubble ships on the mail seem to imply the latter, but there's no hard news about this one.  Anyone have the story?

Second to die, just yesterday, was this travel-fit Nyx lost to an embarrasingly small mixed fleet in Sagain of all places.  I wonder where it was headed...  Anyway, word has it this one jumped in at warp distance from an unarmed POS without even bothering to scout Local or research what was going on in the system.  Horrid mistake as you can see, and this Nyx died before its life even began.

So another quiet week in the life of super-cap losses...  I will again hope for a busier week next week.


  1. I managed to get that SNI's pod. We were really happy with the loot lol

  2. For the Aeon he was killing people who jumped to the beacon. He was told not to keep doing it cause he'd get baited and sure enough he did

  3. The Aeon pilots corp had left TEST and he had been hanging around that system for a few days.

    We baited him with a carrier which he took and killed: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=16970317

    He was then tackled and killed by a kitchen sink test fleet.

  4. Concerning the Aeon: As far as I know, he was camping a cyno beacon in the middle of test space, proceeding to kill this arguably horribly fit thanatos: https://kb.pleaseignore.com/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=796963 . He then chose to do the same thing again the next day, but this time ran into the massive bubble trap and was promptly murdered by a lot of enthusiastically angry Testies. There is a youtube video documenting this somewhere, but I can't seem to find it at the moment, apologies for that.

  5. I'm not sure it could be said that I manage to "get around it" as much as you might think. It makes things extremely difficult. However, it also provides opportunities in many ways, since many pilots want to have my name appear on their killboard, or would like to anyway :) I also try to not give them a choice in the matter as often as I can.

    Certainly, I do pay a price. And die a lot more than I normally would. Just the other day some 'friends' dropped 20 ships on me, just to kill my Slicer! Sadly for them, I managed to get away. lolz.

  6. The Aeron was used to kill a TEST carrier carelessly jumping to a POS beacon 2 days before.


    Some TEST members decided to bait him by jumping carriers to the same beacon. After the 4th try, the Aeron took the bait, a titan waiting nearby bridged a whelp fleet to tacked the Aeron and a ping called all HBC in in delve to come kill it.

    the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTATXHOrRHg&feature=player_embedded

    The Titan at one point jumped instead of bridging and then, there, he couldn't resist pushing the DD botton lol.

  7. The fleet was which finally caught and killed the Aeon (it was baited in by carriers afaik, I wasn't on the fleet) was lead by our great leader of LDK Mar Drakar. Admiral Motti is our corp's Titan alt, which we sometimes use to hotdrop on people, or in this case, catch Aeons.

    Gaia Thorn is one of the leaders of our corp, taking care of recruitment. From what I read on our forums, he came up with the actual plan to catch the super.

    o7 norkdotte

  8. Second the comment on the Orca. What the fbeep, indeed?

    I ran some numbers. Expanded Cargoholds weaken the Orca until it has less tank than a buffer Drake. And contrary to the Hull Tanking Elite certificate, hull-tanking an Orca is not really dumb. He obviously wasn't poor, not if he was hauling thirteen PLEX plus five billion's worth of implants, and it's not like his cargo was big enough to need two EC's, when he could have thrown a bulkhead and a DC on and quadrupled his tank right there...

    It just has the feeling of the guy from Gizmondo totalling the Ferrari Enzo doing something dumb, or the nitwits who line up to buy the latest Apple product only to post the next day on Youtube a video of them smashing it to smithereens...

  9. Protip for all Tengu pilots. Fit a god damn afterburner. Not only will it reduce the need for a conventional tank, but it will enable you to rapidly fly away from the warpinpoint on a plex/anomaly and thus enable you to GTFO if someone warps in on you.

    1. No. Mission Tengus die to 1400 nadoes, not actual tactics.

  10. I was there for the Orca kill.
    I offered to web the guy so he could warp off to safety.
    He refused saying I would gank him.
    He died anyways I could only shake my head.

  11. Wow... 2 supercaps killed. And, our corp was only able to get another 5 built this week.... lol.

    How many supers do you have in your wallet?


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