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Friday, April 5, 2013

Long term goal: PvP Guides

I've written more than 40 guides to playing EVE.  Over the next year, I'm going to try to expand that number by 23:
PvP 101: Fundamentals
PvP 102: The Overview
PvP 103: Bookmarks
PvP 104: Communications
PvP 105: Ammunition and resistance
PvP 111: Brawling tactics
PvP 112: Individual movement
PvP 113: Tackling and breaking tackle
PvP 201: Basic Ship Fitting
PvP 202: Solo PvP
PvP 203: Fleet Scouting
PvP 211: Skirmishing tactics
PvP 212: Screening and fleet movement
PvP 213: Baiting and misdirection
PvP 301: Advanced Ship Fitting
PvP 302: E-war: Jamming
PvP 303: E-war: Damping, Tracking, and Painting
PvP 311: Cloaky tactics
PvP 312: Engaging and disengaging
PvP 313: Escalation
PvP 401: Small-gang composition
PvP 402: Small-gang doctrine
PvP 403: Commanding a small gang

Yeah, it's time for me to sit down and commence a really ambitious long-term project.  Based on my notes, I estimate that the total length of this project is going to be some 300,000 words.  When it's done, it will replace the very basic outlines on some of these subjects that exist on the blog already.  But don't expect them in order, and don't expect all of them soon!  As I said, I'd like to get this project finished by next April.  And as I work on them, I also might change some of these, move them around, adjust and combine subjects, et cetera.

But this is the overview outline I'm starting from.  Expect the "Fundamentals" guide this weekend, and "Basic Ship Fitting" late next week.  Other guides will appear every two weeks or so, starting with the more basic ones and moving up the chain as the year goes on.  From time to time, I'll reproduce the list above with links to the completed guides by that point.

And I'm determined that at least one of these guides will be written during an 11 hour flight to Iceland.  ;-)

One question, though: from time to time, I am asked to publish a glossary of EVE terms.  There are so many really good EVE wikis out there that I've resisted even though I have one.  Credit for such a document would be really messy, which is another reason I haven't done it.  Should I?

And while I'm asking, are there any broad topics missing from the list above?  Any of the topics that I should try to address sooner rather than later?  Anything that's been well-covered elsewhere that I don't have to bother with?  I'm tempted to drop the Overview guide, for instance, because that would be hugely technical and time-consuming and it's been done to death in other places.  But yet, people still have trouble with their Overviews and that makes me want to do it.  Discuss.


  1. The overview is by far the the most problematic part of eve for someone like me (highseccer trying to pvp in low). Heck; setting up a T2 production pipeline in a POS is more intuitive than configuring the overview.
    PLEASE write the overview guide; and while doing it compile a list for CCP of the most important issues you think needs to get fixed.

  2. A one-man Eve Uni.

  3. It seems like you could probably save a lot of time and effort by leveraging existing guides and wikis. If you make it on to the CSM (go Ripard!), I can see an excellent opportunity for your first "across-the-aisle" type project. Goons, PL, TEST, E-Uni, et al. have tons of wikified information. They're all claiming to represent a viewpoint in which either they personally embrace noobness and the value of new player education (Goons/TEST/Uni) or claim to value a more bloodthirsty, educated, and competent playerbase. Of course, there's the EVE wiki too. Perhaps the better (more noble?) plan should be to pick up the mantle of the politician/executive and lead the effort to turn the wiki into what it should be, which is more than just a bunch of definitions, stats, and bland encyclopedic format. Your site, its splendors aside, is basically an unmarked island in the gigantic sea of EVE information out there. It'd be nice for new players to have one place to go for information. The learning cliff analogy exists mainly because it isn't a depcition of a player trying to master a game, it's a depiction of a player trying to master a discipline. No wonder it takes 2 years to get anywhere in this game. You have to get the equivalent of an Associates degree.

    1. Distilling the education time line in this fashion for noobs is actually part of RTs dastardly plan to turn highsec into a free for all warzone - destabilizing nullsec supply routes and leaving Rote to carve bloody slices out of both empire and null.
      You have to admire the cunning.

  4. Yes, you need an overview chapter to be considered complete.

    If you need a proof-reader for any of these, you know my email.

  5. If the goal seems to be a complete top down view at PVP, then yes you need to do overview and subjects like it. If only so you can reference the guide later on down the line.

    Same thing with a glossary of Eve terms. That one though I wouldn't write all at once, I'd write a basic place holder post, and add terms to it as need be for the later articles. Terms may change, new terms may come into being. April of next year is 2 expansions away, and between now and then we know at the very least something is going to happen with the Scanning system. So the Fleet Scout guide could need terms that don't even exist yet.

  6. Ohh can't wait until these come out. Always interested to see what other small gang PvPers have experienced and to learn from them.

    The only broad topic I could think that might be worth a separate article would be target selection.

    I can't tell you how much it annoys me when an FC primaries a Maller when their is logi on field and in range, as well as squishier high dps targets.

    Although target calling could fit into several of the other categories you described so...

  7. Asymmetric Warfare: Awoxing and Suicide Ganking

    1. I'm not enough of an expert to write a full guide on this.

  8. Maybe a subsection?
    PvP 311.1: Decloaking tactics
    PvP 213.1: Logon camps

    And for laughs:
    PvP 404: Catherding

  9. In some cases, it may suffice to just refer to a collection of the best resources that are already out there, and save your time for the guides that really do add something :)

  10. Looks great. I always look forward to and often point other newbs to your guides. I think your list is pretty inclusive, but I haven't done much pvp. A bit off topic, but have you thought about a T3 guide? That's one ship class that's a bit intimidating at first glance.

  11. So uh, you expecting to lose the election?

  12. "And I'm determined that at least one of these guides will be written during an 11 hour flight to Iceland."

    I think you'll win a seat. But you're sure you're going to win a seat.

    At least Darius III isn't running. Your chances have improved. :) :)

    1. Hes talking about going to fanfest :P
      He's got an ego on him, that jester, but its not quite so big as the mittani and :10058:

  13. Questions like this tend to garner a very positive-biased sampling, as people that want to see something feel encouraged to chime in, and those that don't, generally don't care to comment. Personally, I think you should skip the glossary in favor of more valuable topics. Finding definitions is super-easy, and the guides to eve terminology are as plentiful as stars in the sky.

    As a 6-month old player, I would love to hear as much as you're willing to write about fitting theory. Every damn person in EVE claims to be an expert and gives contradictory advice; it's enormously frustrating to figure out, for example, whether I should use a low-slot for an armor explosive hardener and rigging to increase DPS, or visa versa (and most importantly: why?) There's also an extremely prominent negative attitude surrounding fits that are suboptimal. I can't tell if someone is piling scorn and ridicule on a fitting choice because it is actually /that/ awful, or because a slight tweaking would increase its tank by a few points. I've yet to figure out if medium rails are indeed giant piles of fecal matter, or just ever-so-slightly the least optimal choice for the most popular pvp ships. What would help me the most: Add a "n00bie's Corner" to posts that call out a bad fitting, and use them to explain the all-important 'Why'. Or better yet, pester Azual until he starts writing again. He always spoke with a barely-contained sense of excitement of the myriad of possibilities each ship offered. He laid out the gamut of viable ways to equip each vessel, but unfortunately that font of knowledge has fallen silent lately. I don't have to worry about that in your case ;) but it's nice to have a few different perspectives available.

    1. It is impossible to express how much I agree with the 1st half of your 2nd paragraph Mr. Bad News. +1 to you sir.

  14. You're a good man, Ripard Teg.

    Looking forward to the solo PVP guide...
    What do you think your chances of getting voted chairman of CSM 8 would be if you were elected with an unexpectedly large vote count?

  15. Should I deposit all of my isk with Ripard Teg or just start writing checks to you?

  16. and eve glossary is a good idea, as an older carebear/cat herder I find it's nice to have your guides to point at (and damn it would be good to look up some of those terms)

    I also think a well written Overview guide with lots of pretty pictures and suggestions on how to set the 5 overview tabs up is very useful

  17. 300,000 words. Thats roughly 15,000 per guide, or about 30 pages each. You sure you want write *that* much.

  18. The PvP guide is a great idea Ripard. If you want it to be a one-stop-shop, comprehensive guide to all things PvP, you really do need to include an overview guide even if it has been done to death elsewhere. It's one of the most important aspects of PvP so it would stick out like a sore thumb if it was missing.

    As for a glossary of Eve terms? This would be cool but shouldn't take precedence over a PvP guide in my opinion.

  19. This is interesting. There are a lot of underemployed graphic designers knocking about now that EON is no more, have you considered approaching some to create a rival ISK guide?
    I look forward to seeing what you come up with, it is bound to be a marked contrast to that tome of Eastern European perspective.

  20. So basically you are planning on writing a full Eve technical manual in 12 months, continuing to blog on additional topics, serving as recording secretary for CSM 8, and actually playing EvE?

    Anything else you want to add to make the rest of us feel inferior( =D ) ?

  21. While PvP is not my nature, I love all of your guides, because they are so comprehensive, and there is always something new to learn, even if the topic itself doesn't catch my interest.

    And, yeah, that campaigning and CSM work leaves/will leave you so under-worked. Admit, you are just trying to spite the bloggers who hoped for your posting output to collapse. ;)

  22. Looking like we will get more good reading. You once mentioned the FOTW kind of articles were the easiest to write. And you wrote that: "It seems pretty clear that the L3 mission ship of choice for Amarr is soon to be the Prophecy (that will be a FOTW when the new Prophecy is actually released)" Now I'm not much of an EFT warrior, so ....

  23. I look forward to everything you plan on making! I have been a miner for a long while and PvP is still a hard one to learn about.

  24. My comment is in regards to your last 2 paragraphs Jester. While there are a ton of terms glossaries and guides covering a bunch of these other subjects, I've found from reading your other guides, and posts in general, that you have a talent for explaining aspects of the game in a way that is far easier to understand than others that write about this game. So many times i've looked up guides to some random thing, wasn't happy with what I read, and came to this site and immediately said, "oh, so THATS what the hell im supposed to do."

    In sports, they say a great player doesn't always make a great coach. However, I think that you're one of the few exceptions to this rule, and it would be a waste not to use that. So write them all!

    oh and dont get rid of the Overview guide!!! As a player just starting to get into PVP, I've been scanning the web for a solid overview guide to follow.

  25. A guide on how to move stuff such as modules, ships, and materials in and out nullsec would be useful.

  26. Combat probing
    D Scan
    Catching ratters
    Gate camping
    Countering gate camps
    engaging on a hostile station
    Raiding from wormholes (my specialty) ;)

  27. I'm sure you have many notes flying around and maybe even pre written parts of some of that stuff already. Is that manageable in your blog software or do you use some kind of PIM or note taker to organize all that stuff?

  28. You'll probably find a glossary good in the context of the PvP guides you're planning on writing. You can explain a term once and reference it in multiple places.

    More importantly than that though, can I suggest that you create these using a file format that will allow you to export in multiple different ways. It would be good to have an inter-linked set of web pages, but also a PDF of the whole set (hyper-linked for computer-use as well as printable), and possibly even ebook formats might be handy. Also then you can maintain the guides and re-publish as Eve evolves. (Of course there's nothing stopping you also publishing a blog post for each part as you write it.)

  29. Maybe you've already done this somewhere but I was wondering if you could do a guide on warfare links, gang links, skirmish links, or whatever they are called. Because it's an area I don't understand at all. For example why are they broken down in to different categories and what do they affect?

  30. I've always wanted to read a good article on active vs passive tanking in PVP, the basic theories, armour vs shield, implications for range choice and combat duration. The whole works basically. I guess you'll touch on some of it during fitting and resistance.

  31. Don't mean to necro this..."thread" but holy shit dude i love you


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