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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

You really like me

Image courtesy of Mangala Solaris

So, we were supposed to kick off the election about now, but CCP Dolan announced on the forums that there's going to be a 24 hour delay, and voting will now begin on April 4.  The election then runs for two weeks until April 18.  Expect there to be a big link somewhere near the top of the site that I will be asking all of you to click when the time comes.  ;-)

I was going to post a list of who I think is going to win the CSM8 election this week, but Rixx Javix successfully convinced me to delay that post.  He argued -- correctly, I decided -- that I can hardly endorse a slate of candidates, then predict that some of those candidates are going to lose (if I do).  That's hard logic... the logic of EVE, you might say.  But it's accurate logic and I can't argue with it.  So expect to see my prediction of the winners right around April 18, when the voting is done.  I'll likely hold my opinion of some of the bloc voters until that time as well.

In the meantime, I've been really humbled by a number of both cross-endorsements by my fellow CSM candidates and other bloggers and writers ouut there.  So in a profound display of ego, here's a list.  ;-)

I have received the most pre-election endorsements of any candidate!  Obviously, I'm thrilled and humbled by this.  Thank you.

Trebor Daehdoow, Ali Aras and Mangala Solaris were nice enough to cross-endorse me, rather highly.  Nathan Jameson and James Arget also cross-endorsed me, but after their wormhole buddies for some reason.  ;-)  Thanks, everyone!  Hope to meet all of you in Iceland!

Rhavas at Interstellar Privateer had some very flattering things to say about me.

Rixx Javix, as well as offering the fine advice above and a kind endorsement, is hoping being on the CSM slows down this blog.

Ditto Kirith Kodachi, who put me at the top of his list of endorsements (thanks very much!), but also hopes for a blog-slow-down thing.  ;-)

As I mentioned at the time, Poetic Stanziel endorsed me even before I had decided to run and has frequently had really flattering things to say about me -- almost embarrassingly so, really.  I hope I can live up to them.

I've already mentioned this endorsement by splatus which was also quite nice.

And finally, in addition to Trebor, I've been endorsed by CSM7 members Kelduum Revaan, Two step, and CSM7 Chair Seleene.   Pretty sure the latter wants me to get a first-hand look at how hard the job is...

Thank you to everyone for the very nice public words and wishes!  I appreciate them a lot!

I'll update this post as I find more examples of this rather un-EVE-like niceness.  Know who hasn't endorsed any candidates yet?  Both EVE News 24 and themittani.com.  Certainly riverini will endorse himself, but who else?  And it'll be quite interesting to see what TMC does.  Stay tuned!

EDIT (3/Apr/2013): Updated with Two step's endorsement and the pre-election endorsement results.
EDIT (4/Apr/2013): Updated with additional CSM8 candidate cross-endorsements.


  1. I'm pretty sure Seleene want to see you squirm in the hot seat too. You've got my vote, not so much because I think you will do well to represent my interests, but as test to see how well you cope living up to your own standards. It won't be easy.
    Similarly, Trebor won't be getting my vote or recommended to the corps to give his back a rest and time to see what it like on the other side of the fence for a while.
    I wish you well.

  2. Thanks for your mention in your "March junk drawer". Not sure if I feel honored or insulted ;-)

    I know, a lot of players base their endorsement on podcast interviews and threads on forums. While these address specific questions, I don't take them seriously - at this time in the game everyone lies. For my endorsement, I looked for a candidate with a proven record in engaging the community even if I disagree with him or her. And I do disagree with many of your posts :)

    So, for what it is worth, you have my votes and I am looking forward to see CSM8 elevate the conversation with CCP from "lets duct-tape POSes so that the screaming stops" to "where is EVE Online in 10 years". Good luck.

    1. ::grins:: Well, I *hope* you're not insulted. It certainly wasn't intended that way!

      And yeah, I don't expect anyone to agree with me all the time, just to give me a fair hearing... the same fair hearing I'll be giving them when needed.

      Thanks again!

  3. Government is a necessary evil. Elected governments are a preferred form of that evil. Politics exists because we are human. Politicians are a by-product of all the above and are not inherently evil.


    I really hate electioneering. I hate the process of elections, the lead up, the pontificating, the pandering, the lying. I can't wait for the damn elections to open to I can cast my votes. I absolutely believe in the need for elected representation (in RL, and to a lesser degree in EVE); however, I am constantly soured and disgusted by the real world meta-game played.

    I vote for the folks who refuse to mud sling. Who play it clean. Who aren't pandering, lying, and kissing babies. Who present their platform, who can make arguments without trashing just for the sake of trashing. Who can accommodate suggestions from their 'opponents' who can listen, who can lead.

    In short, I support the folks who tend to get steam rolled in RL politics.

    I just hope that when this election clears, a few good folks are still standing.

  4. CONGRATZ on getting the most endorsements of any candidate

    1. Thank you! That was quite a shock, I don't mind admitting. But I'm thrilled about it.

  5. Was a pleasure to recommend you Ripard, and of course well done on topping the endorsements for the Pre-Election!

    1. Mittens was more than a bit put out by the fact that you guys topped the endorsements. He assumed (wrongly) that his candidates would top the list, even without active prodding of the Goon membership.

      Which, ofc, is why he decided to pull his foot out of his complacent ass and light the election fire under the Goons... sort of, that is... with his confused statement. However, unfortunately, quite a few Goons are getting bored with his "all talk and no action" policies and his "play in high sec and make the pubbies cry" nonsense, so we'll see how many actually vote the party platform. Many of us signed up for the next "big null-sec war" and that's how we're going to vote.

  6. CCP seems to be endorsing you, as well. Sources say that, when elected, you'll be on the list for Iceland. And, FYI, even if the null sec blocs fill 1/2 (or more) of the CSM seats with their members, only one - probably mynnna - will be invited to Iceland.

    Apparently senior CCP folks don't feel a need for much additional input from null this year, esp. with Fozzie on staff.


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