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Monday, May 13, 2013

Burn Jita Redux

I've been asked a few times if I was going to cover Burn Jita 2.0, which wrapped up right before Fanfest.  To be honest, I'd forgotten about it, but I was reminded of it over the weekend reading The Mittani's GSF CEO update for April.  So since I still have the notes, I thought it would be fun to cover it briefly.

In the update, Mittens is rather smug about how Burn Jita 2.0 went down, and with very good reason: it absolutely dwarfed the success of the first version last year.  By my count last year, a total of 53 freighters and 12 JFs died, for a grand total of 65.  42 of those were in Jita, and after that the Goons had to spread out their attacks quite a bit to continue to get kills.

In the following two tables, "j" is a kill in Jita.  "s" is Sobaseki, "S" is Sivala, "i" is Isanamo, "I" is Ikuchi, "n" is Niyabainen, "c" is New Caldari, "k" is Kusomonomon, "p" is Perimeter, "m" is Maurasi, "v" is Veisto, "u" is Urlen, and "U" is Uemisaisen.

Here's last year:
Friday:jjuuj jijjj pppps pjjjj
Saturday:  jjspj jpksj jjjsj jjjjj jjvsj
Sunday:jjjjp jjjjs jjsjs jjpjp

And here's this year:
Friday:jjjjj jjjjj jjjjS jjjIj jjjjj nj
Saturday:   jjjcj jjjjk jjjjj jjsjj ujjjj jsppc jjjjj mjjjj jjpjj jjjjj jjsjp jjjjj pjjj
Sunday:cjjjj jppjj jjjsj jjjjj jjIjj jjjjj jjjjp pjjjp jppcj jjjjp jj
Monday:cpjjj jvUIj jjujp j

Last year, 65 total JFs and freighters died.  This year, nearly that many -- 64 -- died on Saturday alone.  Total for Burn Jita 2.0?  159 by my count, about two-and-a-half times the death toll last year.  I didn't count what appeared to be seven duplicate kills.  In addition, while last year 12 jump freighters died comprising about a fifth of the total, this year the total jump freighter kills appears to have been... 12.  So either JF pilots are getting smarter or the word spread among the JF pilots much more rapidly and thoroughly than among the standard freighter pilots:

Friday:Ark, Rhea, Rhea, Ark
Saturday:    Nomad, Rhea, Nomad, Ark, Rhea, Rhea
Sunday:Rhea, Rhea

And this year's event was so successful and presumably so much fun for the participants that they had a hard time stopping.  Freighter kills continued well into Monday, so I've gone ahead and counted those 16 kills as part of the event.

As far as I can see, compared to last year the individual freighter pilots weren't carrying quite as much.  There were lots and lots of empty freighters this time, or freighters just carrying small ISK values in minerals or ships.  As far as I can tell, there were only a few freighter kills that could be valued above five billion ISK, and perhaps one or two above ten billion.  That's a far cry from last year where there were lots of high-value kills.

Still, 159 freighters and JFs can only be regarded as a massive success for the Goons.  Mittens and Co. have every reason to be really smug.

Much of the death toll can be placed at the feet of a distinct lack of publicity about the event.  The Goons announced it about three weeks prior to it taking place but after that, there was more or less a communications black-out about the event with almost no coverage anywhere.  I'm sure that helped with the initial surprise on Friday.  Last year, CCP went out of their way to warn players that the event was going on with both an in-game news item and a log-in graphic warning of the interdiction.  This year, I didn't see either of those.  And of course, I've already teased much of the TMC senior staff about their own lack of coverage.  ;-)

All in all, a really good event this year!  As long as you weren't a freighter or a JF pilot, of course...

Some highlights:
ScavengerLooted a previously ganked freighter 
Noob deathKilled in part by a bunch of Velators and Reapers
Wormhole lootBecause freighters are the best way to haul it
He madDied horribly, then posted about it
Cloak saleLost a couple months of T2 cloak production
Blueprints......but only for three BCs
Megathron stampede...but none of them dropped
InvulsEnough to make the world invulnerable
Ships for everyone!No matter what type you want
Tengus and HulksBut a shitload of Amarr armor dropped
Stock the worldLots and lots and lots of T2 mods
CatalystsYour attempt to bring them to Jita has failed
Faction modsWhy would you ever do this?
Advanced Mobile Labs    Worth ganking when Burn Jita isn't on
PaladinsThey always had the lowest INT
Manufacturing pile INot going to sell any of this, sorry
Manufacturing pile IIGoing to market, but not to sell
Ship pileCloakies and logis and Deimos, oh my
Feeding the fireI wonder who those 156 Thrashers were for
Black Ops avertedThree Sins, 20 bombers
This guy lost twoThis was the second loss in two days
Probable Red FrogLikely, 19 failed RF contracts here...
Lots of implants!But none of them dropped!

Will this be an annual event?  As long as Goons get their finances in order, I don't see why it wouldn't be... see you next year!


  1. Huh. I was under the impression that this year's wasn't well-attended. How much of the mayhem do we believe was actually committed by Goons? (It would be rather cool if it had caught on with others.)

    1. Last year, many folks came out to Jita, specifically looking to kill Goons. This year, not so much. So, not as much PVP and more freighter ganking.

      And, yeah, the old Goons didn't turn out as much, or stay as long, as last year.

  2. There were two mitigating factors this year, which contributed to the higher death tolls:

    1) CCP put a cap on the Jita gates, which stranded a lot of freighters at the gates, making them easy(er) targets; and

    2) Any freighter, empty or not, was a valid target this year, whereas last year involved more scanning for pinatas and letting the empty birds go, in hopes they would return fatter.

    Factor (1) also made TiDi less of an issue this year, which facilitated the kill rate.

    1. There is always a cap on the Jita population - super-node or not, there are only so many ships the hamsters can support. I have been denied entry into Jita a couple of times even without a Burn Jita event.

    2. @Druur - Ignorant savage. The cap is different for large-scale PVP events and normal traffic. PVP puts a much higher load on the node.

    3. But the fact is that Jita has a cap, even in peaceful times.

      Nobody should be surprised if he gets stranded on a gate to Jita, ever. And not anticipating the increased possibility for stranding while a PvP event is going on, is just incompetence.

    4. Last year was the same thing, there was a lot of idle freighters on the gates.

  3. Hi, Red Frog Rufen here.
    Just confirming that the one with 18 contracts double-wraped (19 is including the double-wrap itself) isn't a red frog pilot.

    we only lost 3 freighter, each with 1 contract.

    (and delivered over 400 to or from Jita)

    1. >> claims to be someone specific
      >> posts anonymously
      >> offers no verification

    2. It's him and it's true. But if your panties are all in a twist, go to the Red Frog sell forum thread and ask if this is him and if its true. You'll get your answer.

    3. You can, indeed, convo me or mail me in game to verify my identity.

      I just don't have any of the suggested profil.

  4. This is a superb plug for RF freight, not that they need a plug so far as I can tell, being the gold standard of freight transportation. 400 contracts fulfilled in and out of burn Jita 2.0 damn I know who I am going to if i need to move stuff.

    BTW, I am not associated with red frog or any other freight carrier. Just highly impressed with them.

    1. Yeah, I made 10 contract to Jita and only realized afterwards that Burn Jita was fully active.

      The more the surprise that all the contracts were done before Sunday night.


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