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Monday, May 20, 2013

Kill of the Week: CSI: Tribal Band

So KOTW has to go to this interesting story:

There must have been a full moon or something this last week, because the nuts were out in force.  TMC covered this carrier loss in depth.  Only the version of the story they got appears to be complete fiction, a deliberate troll aimed at TMC.  Actual version of how this happened?  Player got called for a CTA, ejected from his carrier at a POS in a system with no station, attended the op, and when he got back, his carrier was a wreck outside the POS.  Password security breach?  Grid malfunction?  Nobody knows, and Tribal Band's CEOs are looking into it.  Needless to say, the bomber pilot isn't telling.

Sometimes this sort of thing is fun: how does it happen?  I myself was involved in a Paladin wreck in the last year that was POS-related.  We left the wreck outside the POS as a mystery for the owner to solve.  I'm not telling that story, and I don't blame the bomber pilot for not telling his.  But between the article and the amusing spectacle of a single bomber kill on a carrier, that has to be this week's KOTW.

Honorable mentions?  Sometimes even PL pilots forget an important step.  Sometimes it's fun to theme fleet a structure bash... it takes a little of the monotony out of the proceedings if you kill a structure with dozens of Vindicators.  After that, though?  Not a lot jumped out at me.  It was a pretty quiet week, all in all.  EVE seems to be holding its breath for Odyssey, as typically happens in the run-up to a new expansion.  And that also applied to the...

Number of dead super-caps last week: 0

That's right.  Big ol' doughnut.  Matter of fact, the only really expensive things that died this past week were a grand total of three assorted jump freighters, all in high-sec, killed by Freight Club or The Marmite Collective... plus this Heron:

Pull up the Sleeper Drone AI Nexus, and you'll find it's a piece of loot that is purchased by large numbers of NPCs for five million ISK each.  There's a running theory out there that this particular item is a great target for RMTers, who buy them slightly above cost in Jita, un-dock with them, get them ganked, scoop them with another character (assuming they survive), then sell them back to an NPC at a slight loss... only now theoretically they think CCP can't trace where the ISK went since it's now in the hands of some random character who scooped the NPC-purchased loot.  Any that are lost are a cost of doing the RMT business.

Can CCP track this sort of thing?  Haven't a clue.  But it sure seems silly to have this stuff in a character that can be tracked by API...


  1. One interesting thing about that heron kill is that on every posted lossmail on eve kill the same character (Docter Per) is on all of them.

  2. Re: Heron/RMT
    From what I read elsewhere, the idea is that the RMTer warps to a safespot, leaves the ship in space and has his RMT partner board it there. And this Heron simply didn't get to that point.

    But I am farily sure that CCP logs all the things that happen on the server.

  3. Good heavens, that heron kill looks just a tad suspicious !

  4. Hello Jester

    I am the TMC writer that got trolled by the nulli pilot.

    The thing about reporting on kills is that there are only really two sources, the victim or the aggressor. If one side lies about the conditions around the kill, there's really no way to know who is lying an who is telling the truth if the lie is good enough. then it just turns into a game of "he said she said". Hiding embarrassment can be a powerful motivator.

    Having said that, Me (a GSF member) trusting nulli secunda, and especially LNAW to not have ulterior motives comes off hopelessly naive. Which begs the question of what is they way of gathering information from sources that are openly hostile. which is something i have not figured out how to do yet.

    1. Yeah, there wasn't anything you could have done in this situation. That's why I described it as a troll and not a mistake. If someone wants to troll you and looks trust-worthy and credible, there's nothing you can do.

      The occasional EVE player has learned this from the occasional Goon to his sorrow from time to time... ;-)

  5. its not holding its breath jester sadly i think alot of players wont be re-subbing in june. im letting all 10 of my accounts go inactive. shut down my WH, I am not excied at all about any of the changes....tags for sec is about the only actual content we are getting. the solution to too many right clicks is not radial menus, thats a new skin on the same problem. this is whole expansion of fluff and graphic stuff. not to mention ninja nerfs to the solo playstyle that half the game plays on their alts to make isk. CCP wont be seeing me buying my 10 plex a month (with isk) anymore and if the next expansion is this bad i wont be back for winter either. Looks to me like dust is getting all the dev time tbh. lots of new sandboxes on the horizon, the age of WoW theme parks allowing CCP to be the only sandbox around is coming to an end and tbh alot of people are playing eve because there is no other sandbox. We were told watch out if you are in a big blue blob, lol but then we get the patch notes and they are nerfing solo players and moving the null sec blobs to low sec......GG CCP GG your going to destroy the only place small gang warfare exist by drawing in the CFC. Good luck on the CSM jester, you guys might be the only ones that can save the game, cuz CCP is apparently run by goons.

    1. Jeez...

      Bit doom and gloom. The world (and/or universe) isn't ending.

      I imagine Dust is getting a lot of development time. Why shouldn't it? The whole point of a sandbox is that you're given the tools, and make your own stories/activities... I don't see what exactly you want CCP to of given you in this expansion?

      New graphics, pretty huge ship changes, drastic changes to industry localization, ore compositions, POS modifications, scanning upgrades, new hacking and archaeology systems, and the list goes on.

      The main point I'm seeing, is that the server population is higher than ever. This tells me loud and clear that people are happy just playing the game as it is, and getting these little extras every six months is just a little treat to always look forward to.

      I think the major problem, reading what you've written, is that you have ~TEN~ accounts. I use three, and even then normally only two actively, with the other one queuing up PI and manufacturing/research slots. A lot of the time I just play with a single toon, as if I'm trying to use two it starts to feel a bit more like work than playing a game I use to unwind after work.

      Maybe try just keeping two accounts live? Take some of the stress out of keeping track of that many "lives".

      If you're looking for an alternative, I've heard good things about Perpetuum - http://www.perpetuum-online.com/ - Might be worth checking out.

    2. I'm sorry I was told bittervets were officially extinct by Crucible. What the heck is happening here.?

      Also, I figure I won't be seeing you around World of Tanks, will I.? ;-)

    3. Yes the server population is higher then ever but kills are down......The POS fixes are a slap in the face tbh after we been asking for POS that dont suck for years, but once again new players are more important then vets. You really dont see a lack of content in this expansion? i know they killed the Jesus feature but having no features at all? as for my 10 accounts ALOT of eve players have that many or more. i used to use the more mining but WH ratting is more profitable. Oh but hey u can finally use your SMA from anywhere in the bubble, thats so worth waiting 8 years for a fix. Oh and heres a mini game for hacking and we are gonna remove the NPCs cuz even tho they are the most profitable thing about the site oh and u cant solo them anymore you have to have a friend to grab loot.......come on.....really.....sorry man i waited for it to come on test and then I played it and it was not that great.....oh yeah btw u get probe formations and a fancy scanner overlay but if u want to use it in u know pvp u still gotta click scan every second....Sorry man if they did a lil more WiS this expansion and we would be looking at a summer of rage again. You didnt see it in the fanfest? all we got was fluff and talk of space colonization and NEW SPACE......NEW SPACE cuz there arent enuf empty systems....I changed over to darkfall for now and im sure ill be back to eve cuz shes the old girlfriend as jester once put it. But CCP is not headed the right direction and i dont see my $150 a month giving me value, i mean i only have to play 8 hours a month to pay for the accounts but whats the point. None of the underlying problems of the game are be addressed just reskinned and i dont see how that is a good thing.

    4. I hear your points, and understand your frustration. But I really feel you're just a bit sick of space pewpew-ing in EVE. It happens. Not just with EVE, but with any game. You get sick of it, monotony kicks in, and you start looking at new games/other interests for a change of pace.

      Then, after a period away, you end up coming back. Maybe you'll be playing another game, and think "I really miss how I was able to do that in EVE".

      Unfortunately, the more one does something, the shorter their patience gets with it, as well as ones enjoyment of it... A prime example is myself.

      I've been playing for a couple of years now, and moved to null about six months ago. I quit for about five months during my initial carebearing, as the game stopped interesting me. I came back though as I missed the freedom of the sandbox, and since moving to null, my interest has changed pretty dramatically from being all about micromanaging industrial operations and running missions, to some light PvP and getting heavily into the meta. I simply love the drama that unwinds, and that you can be a part of if you so wish. It's like an interactive soap opera, set in space, with lasers! Which is awesome!

      Also, as an aside; I think I remember Fozzie mentioning before that this is a cycle a lot of people go through. They work their way to getting into a super, then, ultimately, feel that they've reached "end-game", and quit/take a break. This cycle means that CCP ~ARE~ a lot more interested in getting new customers in the door, than trying to retain a lot of vets. It makes a lot of business sense.

      Bittervets™ require new content to be steamrolled out to stay interested. New players don't, there's already sooo much for them to do and learn. In fact, it can be detrimental to add EVEN MORE content to an already bursting-at-the-seams game.

      I remember starting out, and trying to get my head around the difference in security status'... Let alone POS', standings (both corporation and faction), Factional Warfare, Wormholes, Sovereignty, T1, T2 and T3 industry, jump bridges, contracts, fitting theory, suicide ganking, awoxing, extensive knowledge of useful skills for every occasion... The list goes on.

      My point is, it makes a lot more sense to refine the already huge list of things to do within a game, than keep adding content. Some people would call that content "fluff" (myself included). I'm happy with what's already there to be honest, but I do think the existing features can be improved upon. This is more of a "quality of life" expansion, which, IMHO is much more welcome than... Actually, I notice that you don't actually suggest what you would've liked them to add in your comment.

      What would you liked to see, content wise, added in this expansion? I'm not trolling at all, I'm genuinely interested.

      If you choose to game somewhere else, then I wish you every success; killing, maiming, and otherwise slaying any and all that stand in your way. =)


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