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Monday, May 27, 2013

Kill of the Week: Slave blood

Despite the massive fights in Delve this past week (more on them in a sec), I'm going to go with a pure role-play with this week's KOTW since I found it so amusing:

Here's the video of the death.  In celebration of capturing the Arzad system, the Amarr militia staged an absolutely brilliant role-playing event, declaring that the Amarr Empress had demanded that "Arzad be painted in slave blood."  So the Amarr militia loaded a freighter with an incredible 132,000 slaves (plus assorted other comedy) and then destroyed it themselves.  The slaves were left as a single stack:
  • had the slaves been destroyed, there's the slave blood; but,
  • since they weren't, the militia plan was to leave the entire stack unlooted in the freighter wreck for up to two hours.
Why do the latter?  So they can pop the wreck and end the lives of those slaves, of course.  But also to give the Minmatar role-players out there something to agonize over.  Do you try to slip in with any sort of ship and save their lives?  Or do you leave them to die slow agonizing deaths in the cold of a deep space wrecked starship?  And with all of them in a single stack, you'd need a pretty significant ship to save them all...  Quite the little dilemma, I'm sure you'll agree!

And it makes for both an amusing kill-mail and a fantastic addition to EVE's lore.  Loved it!  Kudos to those that planned and executed it!

Here's the first 1-SMEB battle in Delve, here's some screen shots, and here is Elise Randolph's battle report for it.  It's quite well-written so take some time and go ahead and read it.  There days later, there was an even bigger battle in the same system!  Here's the second battle report, also written by Elise, and here's the butcher's bill.  I wasn't there so there's nothing I can add to either of these.  There's a pretty win quote in the second one, though:
Shadoo was the calmest FC in the PL fleet
Pretty funny, given Shadoo's most famous meme...  There's a couple of good stories about this one on EVE News 24; TMC went with Elise's BRs.

Number of dead super-caps last week: 4

All four supers died on the same day, Thursday last, three of them CFC supers within minutes of each other in MC6-5J in Venal.  First to die was this Goonswarm Hel, second was this Fidelas Constans Wyvern, third was this FCON Erebus.  Again, both EN24 and TMC covered this one and not surprisingly, come at the fights from two different perspectives so for that reason, both stories are worth reading.  EN24 takes the (mostly) Black Legion perspective, TMC takes the (mostly) CFC perspective.  Short version as I understand it: Black Legion formed a massive dread fleet and decided to reinforce some Goon POSes to see if they could get a response or an escalation.  They got both.  Black Legion won in that they killed three supers.  But they also lost 40 dreads doing it.  It's a good trade... just.  Certainly, I enjoy seeing supers die so kudos to BL on that score!  Go ahead and read the stories to get the full detail.  There's also videos.  Good stuff!

Also killed on Thursday in Feythabolis was this UnclaimedDOT Aeon, by a mixed group of Nulli Secunda and Kadeshi supers.  The situation on this one is confused to say the least.  Unclaimed is in the midst of a fail-cascade owing to alleged alliance leader financial misconduct so without first-hand intel (which I don't have), there's no telling how this one died except it was likely collateral damage of that.  There are apparently stations changing hands with Unclaimed pilots still trapped there, POSes failing right and left... it's a bit of a charlie-foxtrot and not the orderly changing of hands that's become more typical in null-sec sovereignty.

So role-playing, a goodly number of super and capital ship deaths, the fight in TXW that I already mentioned... pretty fun week in New Eden all in all!  Let's hope the pace keeps up and picks up into the early summer!  There's already an Avatar kill this week, but I'll talk about that next week.


  1. What I find funny is all the minmatar ships on the killmail. You would think if they were going to roll play properly it would be a fleet of abbadons or something.

    1. Karmu IvanostrovMay 28, 2013 at 2:20 PM

      IWHIP does a TON of Amarr fleets.. Most doctrines consist of Amarrian laser goodness burning the heretics.. We are not really hardcore roleplayers, but its fun killing slaves in the name of the Empress.

      Amarr victor!

    2. Haha, the second you stop using Augs and Guardians we can talk about that.

  2. Karmu IvanostrovMay 28, 2013 at 7:47 AM

    Amarr Victor!

  3. Karmu IvanostrovMay 28, 2013 at 8:24 AM

    Interesting to note, the taking of Arzad was not just an EvE operation. Our Amarrian brothers at Subdreddit put boots on the ground and helped us a TON.
    It is believed this was the first time real, organized coordination (not coincidental) between EvE and DUST was used to take a system. The system went from -4% to about +16% Planetary Control in just a couple of hours.
    As Subdreddit helps IWHIP on the ground, IWHIP provides Orbital Bombardment support across the warzone. http://imgur.com/a/Ck5SQ

  4. Lol at all the non-Amarr ships used

  5. Seems the Aeon was awoxed. UnclaimedDOT phobos is on the km, and lots of people talking about an awoxer in the comments.

    1. Yeah, wouldn't surprise me in the least.

    2. Yes, that is one of many casualties in the civil war we're fighting here in Feythabolis and environs.

      Here're two more--not supers, just carriers, but with a story:



      This was early in the rebellion. Many of the corps planning to move from TROLL to -ASH- were sitting tight, waiting for members to log on and get their stuff moved, last-minute builds to complete, etc, before officially dropping alliance. There had been rumors that the pvp corp HIFI was about to join the rebellion, but then conflicting intel/rumors circulated in some corners that they had changed their minds. Many corps who were not planning to leave did not know, yet, how many corps were planning on flipping.

      So when HIFI dropped alliance, many were not ready for it.

      First, a gang of -ASH- talwars were zooming around the Unclaimed. (and Dinner Coalition) staging system, x-7b, raising mayhem. (It's what Talwar fleets are for.) A Chimera undocked, and they started shooting it, but not to much effect. Haha, lots of lols. But you know what they say: it's all fun and lulz until a former-alliance titan lands on grid and doomsdays your carrier.

      The second kill was a repeat of the first, but this time sans talwars. Somehow word of the first titan attack hadn't gotten around to everyone. When the second carrier died the next day, the pilot announced in chat, "I just got AWOXed." He apparrently had not realized that HIFI was no longer blue to TROLL.

      On top of that, Alliance chat erupted in howls of rage. Not merely over the loss of a carrier, but because many minutes had gone by between the firing of the doomsday and the report in chat, thus causing them (it was argued) to miss out on the chance to catch the titan before it's doomsday timer was up and it jumped out of dodge. (It was pointed out by at least one person that based on current circumstances, the odds of putting together a fleet capable of catching and killing the HIFI titan on short notice were slim to none.)

      I've been involved in numerous alliance-level wars, but there's a wildly personal intensity to this fight that I guess only comes when it is brother against brother.

  6. ahh you forgot the Tribal Titan http://kb.tribalband.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=130521

    1. No, I didn't. It'll be up next week. KOTW ends 12:01am on Monday morning so I have time to do research before publishing if possible. That one died five hours after the deadline. I mention it in the last para.

  7. EVERYONE who plays EVE role-plays to a certain extent.

    Why make the difference between storyline role-players and those who actually think they're not role-playing but at the same time consider themselves spaceship pilots with all sorts of elite combat skills? Or the ones who just run missions. Or alliance leaders who believe that they're some great (armchair) generals? I could go on, but you get my point.

  8. What always amuses me in the ARMOUR HACS video is that when Shadoo takes over calling so the fleet can primary close targets with high damage ammo the person filming is still merrily rolling along with Scorch.

    I've been FCing quite a lot recently and it serves as a very useful reminder to tell the fleet which ammo to use all the time.


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