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Monday, May 13, 2013

Kill of the Week: What a waste

Kill of the week honors goes to this waste:

The Gnosis is a nice gimmick, but I'm coming increasingly to the depressing conclusion that it isn't much more than that.  What it does better than any other ship in the game?  It's a terrific newbie ship.  It requires no skills at all to fly, immediately gives you the best bonuses it has to give regardless of player skill, and doesn't require any fitting compromises for a new player to make it work.  As a result, I predict we're eventually going to see the Gnosis take its rightful place as a terrific PvE boat.

Remember how I said a Vexor would be great for tag ratting, for instance?  Forget all that.  The Gnosis is better, much better: it aligns faster, can use any gun you care to fit on it or a nice variety of offensive or defensive drones, and tanks just fine for that kind of role.  Or you can run missions with it.  Or you can run any sort of low-level PvE with it.  Or, I suppose you can lose yours in a totally ridiculous fashion by tossing some cargo in at and losing the poor thing in Rancer.  Whoops!

Even new players need to be shown how to play this game, I guess...  Ah well, I will continue to try to PvP in mine.  ;-)

Number of dead super-caps last week: 5

Pretty decent week for super kills this past week, with five of them down.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that I only know the stories about three of them.

First super of last week to die was this Aeon, smashed in low-sec by a Pandemic Legion hot-drop.  I wasn't able to find any more about this one, though.  Anyone know the story?

Second was this Leviathan, also killed in low-sec.  The story on this one is covered by TMC, but can be summed up rather quickly with: "spy got access to tower shields, spy turned off tower shields, bat phone call was made, dead Leviathan."  It's rather a sad story, and one that is sure to be repeated right across New Eden in times to come.  Pandemic Legion was the beneficiary of the phone call and provided the bulk of the DPS once the Lev was cornered.  Anyway, if you want the full story, TMC has it.  There's also pictures of a huge purple blob and a pretty good video.

EDIT (14/May/2013): Heh, I didn't follow this one closely enough.  The spy tried to turn off the shields, couldn't, and somehow talked the titan pilot into warping away from the POS!  Whooooops...

Next was this Nyx, also... say it with me now... killed in low-sec by Pandemic Legion.  At press, this KM is producing an Internal Server Error from eve-kill, but I find the presence of Viper Serenity and one of his alts (both in hictors) on the KM very intriguing.  Viper's a guy that's well known for taking all comers, escalating with alts until he can't escalate any more, then hoping he can kill you or drive you off with superior reps and support.  He's pretty good at it, too!  It wouldn't surprise me at all if Viper pinned this Nyx and then bat-phoned the closest available DPS, but I don't know if that's how it went down...  But the server error is interesting.  Probably just a poorly formatted comment or something.  If I get more information about this kill, I'll update this post.

That brings me to the actual super fight of the week, in which this Red Alliance Nyx and Aeon were lost in 1V-LI2 to a massive NCdot fleet.  The battle itself was pretty enormous, with several hundred NCdot on one side versus about a hundred or so RA.  RA gave pretty well, killing five Machariels and a large number of other support battleships, dictors, and hictors.  But you can't win the fight without keeping your supers safe and RA wasn't able to do that.  A small number of other RA supers were able to get out.  It doesn't look like either news website has covered this one yet and I don't know how the fight started, but it only happened yesterday so I'm sure it'll be covered in another day or two.  Happy Mother's Day, RA!


  1. Or you can park one at a safe spot in the New Eden System... with some cheap faction modules on top. Where someone will find it. Thanks to the Donator.

  2. Actually the Leviathan story is funnier than that.

    He tried to offline the tower, but had only been given fuel access not config access (he could have pulled the fuel, but apparently didn't think of that).

    With the original plan null and void, he somehow got the titan pilot to accept a fleet invite and fleet warped it to a planet, where it died.

  3. In the article about the Leviathan. Spy thought he had access to shields, did not have access, but Leviathan pilot accepted fleet invite and spy warped titan out of shield.

  4. The battle in 1V-LI2 was for the final I-hub timer ;) The station timer was tonite but no more supers died :(

  5. Yep that's pretty much how the nyx kill went down, third party tackled it and then called us for the DPS. He could have killed it solo for sure with his 2 nyxes since it was cap fit and it was already in ~50% armor when we landed but PL will never turn down a big killmail.

    Here's an unedited perspective of the kill: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_6tTl-jecs

    I'm not entirely sure how the Aeon died since I wasnt around for that one, but reports are that he was sitting in lowsec unaligned shooting an offline POS, which is pretty much a free kill for anyone around.

  6. http://zkillboard.com/detail/30472506/ check that as new KotW ;-P


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