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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Night of the Gnosis

Good news!  CSM duties haven't prevented me from flying in space(tm) yet.  And when Rote's premiere FC called for a Gnosis fleet, I knew I wasn't going to miss it.  The call was for armor Gnosis with four slot tank and trimarks.  Looking at the anemic speed of these things, I fit mine with HAMs and e-war, figuring Javelins would give me some much-needed projection.  An alt with a carrier delivered it to TXW-EI and I undocked to move mods around and get a feel for the thing... incredibly slow was my initial impression.

As I'm playing around with it, a two-person CAS group lands on our station, 41km from the undock: Arbitrator and Prophecy.  I duly report 'em on intel and head for the Arbitrator.  The Gnosis is not only slow, it accelerates like a dreadnought.  It takes me almost 40 seconds to cross the 16km that I need to engage him.  He TDs me and I decide he has no tackle.  Local starts filling up with more CAS but I figure I can blap the Arbitrator, keep distance from the Prophecy, and warp off before the gang arrives.  That was the plan, anyway.

Nope.  The Prophecy outruns(!) and tackles me.  Did I mention the Gnosis is slow?  Turns like a dreadnought, too.  I have about 35 seconds of aggression and I'm still on station, so just for fun I undock the carrier that just delivered my Gnosis and start applying capital reps... which the CAS fleet is able to overwhelm with no problem, and my first Gnosis dies with 10 seconds left on the PvP clock.  So they're slow, can't accelerate, can't turn, and can't take reps worth a damn.  Total time of ownership of my first Gnosis?  Literally 60 seconds.  Sigh.  At least I hadn't fit my expensive ANP to the thing yet.

Just as the FC arrives for the evening, a small Sadistica gang arrives in system.  "Undock in T1 armor cruisers," we're told, "or get in your Gnosis if you don't have a T1 armor cruiser."  We do this but despite being about equal size and offering them expensive toys to blow up, Sadistica doesn't want to engage.  They flee this way and that trying to avoid the fight and we catch some stragglers: two Thoraxes, a Rupture, a Maller, and a Flycatcher.  First blood for the Rote Gnosises, but not for me since I'm in an Omen for that fight.

We turn around to form up but the Sadistica survivors tell us there's an EVE University shield cruiser fleet one more jump further out.  Guess the Sadistica guys felt like they'd get caught between us and that's why they didn't want to fight.  So the Gnosises go in to try to bait the E-UNI group but the Unistas won't be baited.  The Gnosises catch a few of them; the rest run away.  Three more T1 cruisers down.

Back to TXW we go and get formed up.  I borrow a second Gnosis.  We get word from an outlying scout that there's a Gents fleet near Oulley but we can't pin that down.  However there's also a Mega/Navy Mega/Cane group camping the station undock in Oulley itself so we decide to bait them with a cyno Orca.  Get our Gnosis fleet set up on a titan, the baiting goes off without a hitch, and we do for the Navy Mega before he can de-aggress and for the Hurricane who burns off the undock.  The Mega gets docked in time.  The tears from the Navy Mega pilot at getting dropped and blobbed are entertaining.

Since our fleet is now in Oulley that means we don't have to come into Placid through our normal doorway via Alperaute and we have the option of going into Ostingele by the back door and have a go at the gate-campers there.  We only get a couple of jumps in that direction though before we cross paths again withe CAS fleet that popped my first Gnosis.  They outnumber us a bit and they're very hip to get more nifty Gnosis kills.  What they're not hip to do is concentrate DPS.  We have a couple of logi and also jump in one triage carrier; he has no problem keeping our ships up against the fragmented CAS DPS.  We inflict sweet sweet revenge for my first poor Gnosis, taking down 15 of them for no losses.

Gnosises are slow, can't accelerate, can't turn, and have a hard time tackling... but people can't resist trying to shoot at them.  Good to know!

Scout reports nothing doing in Ostingele so we turn left into Black Rise where we get word of a GalFed T1 cruiser fleet.  We eventually track them down to find that they outnumber us slightly and are heavily green and blaster-fit.  The GalFed guys are much more satisfactory about concentrating their heavier DPS on targets.  We start by killing or using damps to isolate about half their logi, then start working on Thoraxes and Vexors.  Meanwhile, they kill two of our Gnosises.  Two slots for resists just aren't cutting it, and these things have no buffer.  Oh well.  We eventually knock down ten of them and they deaggress.  Overall, a fun, ISK-even engagement!

Again, the Gnosises are definitely quite good at one thing: getting people to start shooting at them.  After GalFed scatters, we pick up three more kills popping their stragglers.

From there, over to Old Man Star and a group of Soul Takers Redeemers on the 8-1 station undock.  We send in the Gnosises alone and aggress to let them know we'll be happy to fight.  The Redeemers dock up and are replaced by a small battleship group, who aggress under reps from a pair of Augurors.  Our Gnosises are damp-fit and we hit one of the Augurors with about 15 or so damps lowering his lock range to a few dozen meters.  ;-)  Then we crush the other Augoror while the rest of our fleet jumps in.  The local spike causes the Soul Takers battleships to deaggress and dock back up.  We tease them about at least staying aggressed long enough to get a sweet Gnosis kill next time, then head for home without further incident.

Ripard Plays This Game(tm).  No doubt I am slacking in my CSM duties.  ;-)  But quite a fun evening!  gf to everyone who gave us a fight last night!


  1. Well, I guess when you fly a Gnosis in fleet you can repeatedly yell "PIGS IN SPAAAAACE!" as you accelerate.

  2. Darek CastigatusMay 9, 2013 at 3:50 PM

    In my experience the Gnosis is pretty kickass as a Laser/Shield boat, cant do much about the speed but the damage projection is boss. The tank is pretty reasonable too, especially if you go double LSE double Invul.

    1. In armour Incursion fleets Gnosis looks rather anemic from the experiments we've tried so far.

  3. Great read. What's more enticing than a Gnosis kill mail? A Gnosis KM with one certain CSM leader piloting it! Hmmm might have to try and get me one someday:-) But by the sounds of it, you might not be flying them to often. Fly boldly pilot o7 and good luck in your new job.

  4. You forgot to mention we Gal Mil guys called to bail when the cyno lit to bring in the archon :-) surprised we got two of you. Only one km got posted in fleet before I left. We figured the other two we were beating on deagressed and jumped the gate.

    1. I was about to say the same thing.....

    2. We had 2 logi comped (as opposed to hostiles 4? 5?). Carrying an escalation in your pocket allows you more latitude on taking fights (otherwise, why bother ever engaging a 10k+ DPS gang?

      Keeping your logi on standby allows you to right-size all the fights, at the cost of losing an archon from time to time. I still prefer it to logi-ball.

      If you want to complain about logistics in general, then I'm all with it. I'd love to see all RR go away, including triage.

  5. Jester, why is your KB such a PITA to use? Is clicking on the ship battle summary just too much and one has to scroll through the list of kills/losses to find a killmail?

  6. Shield gnosis is far better in the mobility department

    Armor one isn't too slow either

  7. Won't Engage Without Triage Kapelle checking in again

  8. Shouldn't this be, Gnight of the Gnosis?

    Anyway, props to you guys for putting them on the line. Somehow I'm completely unsurprised that they were especially eager to pop your ship.

  9. shields, missiles and drones. best fun of all, it does not require a BC skill to fly. I had the insane thought of a off-grid link/gang fitting and skipping the entire ship skilling process. just start with some defence skills and pure leadership toon salted to preference.

  10. Does the current CSM communicate with CCP about the Sisi feedback, especially about probing?

    James Arget on the ball?

  11. Congratulations, You encountered CAS Combat Day, where CAS goes out and watches stuff blow up. Sometimes it's yours, sometimes it's Theirs, sometimes it's ours.

    As to the fight with CAS in low sec I wanted to add a few points. We were wrapping up an 11 hour roam (still tired) and were moving at best speed to Orvolle (which was really slow). Rote slipped in between the fleet that was spread between 2 systems (lucky bastards). The FC ordered everyone to the fight (WWEEEEeeeee!!!). Our ships landed piecemeal into a gang that outnumbered us (ouch), out DPSed us (ooof!) and was grouped together with logistic support (weenies).

    Thanks for the fight!

  12. Time was that risk averse PVP like dropping 22 ships on a 2 man gang would get you "scoured" out of Syndicate by Rote Kapele. Funny how times change, space bushido and all that

  13. 15 damps arent really any more effective than 5

  14. For a moment, when I read the first words I thought you'd be making a Prof. Farnsworth/Futurama reference.

  15. For shame, Jester. You missed a golden opportunity with this post title.

    Should have been "Gnight of the Gnosis".

  16. Thanks for at least mentioning the CAS fleet. So many do not want to recognize what we in CAS do. I bet if CCP looked CAS has the highest retention rate for any NPC Corp in the game and there is a reason for that.

    What other NPC Corp in game actually gets brand new players with less than a week in game into a fresh clone and into Null and lowsec for actual PVP?

    An yes we were 11 hours into our CCD roam with a tired LC and a spread out fleet. Then again if we do not loose at least 1 ship when on our roams we do not look at CCD as being fun or productive for us. An considering we consider ourselves micro and small gang pvpers, we managed to stack up 63 kills with 14Bil isk in ships destroyed.

    Love us or hate us we are CAS and we will will continue our CAS tradition of CCD :)


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