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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Robo-blogger partial system failure

I don't get sick very often -- maybe one or two days a year.  But I've been fighting something simply awful for the last three days or so.  (I'm pretty sure I caught it via Skype from Trebor Daehdoow.)  Today, it made itself known in a big way.

I knew I was in trouble when I did an editing pass on the same two paragraphs of the next blog post (PvP Basic Ship Fitting, by the way) three times without reading it.  I knew I was in even more trouble given that I just drove home with all the windows up and the air conditioning off, and this felt normal.  Hint: it's 35C in my little pocket of California today.  Room temperature gives me the chills.

So... yeah.  Gonna go see if I can sleep this off.  Back to normal operations tomorrow if all goes well.


  1. drink lots of fluid and get well soon

  2. CSM members poisoning other CSM members? Sounds like something else I've heard of.

  3. feel better, and then give us whatever half-crazed thing you came up with while sick, also FIRST!

  4. The Dreaded Lurgy™ strikes us all.

    Get well soon!

  5. Imagine --- we could be reading about patient zero in the new zombie plague!

  6. Sounds like proper bad Man Flu ! You know the one, it lays waste to elephants and blue whales!

  7. Wait, you caught it over Skype and now you've blogged about it?


  8. Get well soon. Maybe you aren't a roboblogger after all ... maybe only cyborgblogger ;)

  9. Hope you feel better soon.
    With luck, just a 24 hr bug.

  10. Get well soon. We need the robo-blogger back!

  11. Get well soon, Jester!

    Don't be afraid to give CSM duties priority over roboblogging duties. Let us know how you're going from time to time though :)

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  13. Feel better soon! WW/Mako

  14. You aren't the only one suffering from partial system failure (PSF).

    Looks like the EVE server(s) are also suffering from PSF, over the past several days - oddly enough, starting the same day that the new launcher was introduced. Coincidence? Hmm...possibly, but probably not.

    Funny, though, since this sort of problem usually occur *after* the new expansion is released, not before.


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