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Monday, May 27, 2013

Those wonderful toys

Just a quickie.

I absolutely love the look of the new NPC EoM Apocalypse, as captured in these screen caps from Singularity by Funzinnu BT.  Why is it that EVE's NPCs get all the best paint jobs?

The new Paladin is pretty sexy too.  Almost makes me want to buy one.  Almost.


  1. Oh the things I would do for a Gallente/Amarr Hybrid+TD pirate faction line.

    1. "Gallente/Amarr Hybrid+TD pirate faction line."

      Well said good sir

  2. "Why is it that EVE's NPCs get all the best paint jobs?"
    Because otherwise there'd be absolutely nothing interesting about most of them.

  3. I think all the apoc model will get the new skin not just the npc. Anyway this the the second time blogspot ate my post as I was commenting from smartphone lol

  4. Looks like the Amarr finally finished building the bottom of the Apoc.
    About damn time.

  5. My rankings of the new hulls:

    Apocalypse: cute
    Navy Apocalypse: sexy
    Imperial Apocalypse: amazing
    Paladin: awesome
    EoM Apoc: zomg, I want one!!!

  6. I still think this new apoc hull is crap. :-(

    The old one had long an bold lines, this one looks like it gut squashed with an iron half way through.

    Also the colour scheme in the pictures here and the small details are more in line with Caldari then with Amarr ship designs.

    1. Karmu IvanostrovMay 28, 2013 at 2:23 PM

      If you were to look at the guns on the first picture you'd notice those are not Lasers, but Railguns... EoM uses Amarrian ships with Railguns and Missiles. Makes sense to have a Caldari-esque paintjob

    2. In all honesty, I'm not much of a fan of the old hulls in general. For instance, I hated the old Scorpion, love the new one. I hated the old Tempest, love the new one. I didn't like the old Stabber, adore the new one and so on. Apocalypse is just the latest of the new shinies that I love.

    3. Scorp is full on the spot!

      The new tempest is kinda okay.

      But the new apoc? naag.
      Not in a million years. I a have two Paladins so I guess I'll just have to makedue.

  7. Hm, just remembered I have not seen the "Roden Police Major" since the Megathron update. Gotta look out for it. It was so pretty.


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