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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What's in your hangar, 2013

Last year at this time, I wrote up a list of the ships that were in Ripard's hangar at that particular moment in time, and said that I thought it would be a fun experiment to make it an annual post to compare and contrast how my hangar develops from year to year.  In particular, I'm interested in noting which ships I fly a lot, which ones I never fly, which ones change, and which ones don't.

Last year, I was concerned that Goons would make T2 ships more expensive and yeah... that sorta happened.  But I find that I'm not losing enough ships in Rote Kapelle to care all that much.  So to date, it hasn't been an issue.  When I lose something, I replace it a week or so later and if that fleet comp comes up during that week, I fly some other role.  Ships that I fly a lot (or lose a lot), I keep two of in TXW, just in case I lose one.

Just a reminder: I like to name Ripard's ships after one-liners from movies, particularly action movies.  So in each case, I've given the source for the one-liner.  ;-)

So here we go (again), a list of all the ships in Ripard's main hangar in Rote Kapelle's home system:

Enyo (x2), "You're Fired".  Name source: True Lies.  I'm down to two of these, because Rote discovered quite by accident how awesome shield Enyos are in late night fleets, so I've actually been flying them again.

Harpy (x1), "I Don't Score Much".  Name source: True Lies.  I mentioned last year that all my AFs came from the same pile generated about three years ago, all named after lines from True Lies.  This is one that I rescued from E02 in Great Wildlands, but haven't flown this year.  It's a Blarpy.  I probably need to retire it.

Hawk (x1), "Dance for Me".  Name source: True Lies.  Also rescued from E02, also not flown.  I refit it to MASB.  I probably need to retire this one, too.

Ishkur (x1), "Snow Cone Maker".  Name source: True Lies.  I refit this one to shield also, and use it as a long-point AF in Rote's late night Enyo shield roams (the shield Enyos are typically scram fit).  Haven't lost it yet that I can remember.

Wolf (x1), "I Married Rambo".  Name source: True Lies.  Used this in a couple of solo fights and one frig fleet.  It's still awesome but I don't get to fly it very often.

Naga (x1), "Just Shoot the Thing".  Name source: Men in Black.  This is a new add.  As part of the donation drive last year, someone sent me one each of all four attack BCs.  The Naga gets flown the least, mostly because of its lack of agility compared to the other three.

Talos (x2), "Bring Me His Head".  Name source: Game of Thrones.  Probably my new favorite PvP ship, both of them are shield gank fit.  I just love them.  I use them for belt ratting in addition to PvP, where they make great mid-range skirmishers.  I got about 120 kills in this boat in the last year.

Tornado (x2), "Ska-doosh".  Name source: Kung Fu Panda.  Refit one of these to 800s.  Other than that, no change.

Armageddon (x1), "Fire ship".  Name source: Horatio Hornblower.  That all neut Geddon I praised to the skies today?  Have one.

Machariel (x1), "Let's Party".  Name source: Commando.  We continue to use a small number of these as anchors for larger nano gangs.  It's a role I really enjoy.  I don't get to fly my Mach enough.

Maelstrom (x1), "Flame Units Only".  Name source: Aliens.  This is an old LAWN NC fleet Maelstrom that I had a vague idea to refit to a double XLASB fit.  Haven't done it.  It's gathering dust in a big way.  I should probably sell it.

Raven (x1), unnamed.  Just got one of these from another Rote member.  Ravens are about to be awesome.  More on that when I finish my upcoming battleship post.

Scorpion (x1), "Nobody Likes You".  Name source: The Last Boy Scout.  This is an old Sturmgrenadier ship, brought in from empire because armor Scorpions are also soon to be awesome.

Tempest (x1), "For Close Encounters".  Name source: Aliens.  No change from last year.  Every once in a while I get to undock in it, but never for anything serious.  Sad face.

Typhoon Fleet Issue (x1), "Game Over, Man".  Name source: Aliens.  Remember that button-orbiting thing?  This is one of the few things I got for myself with that.  I would use it sometimes in goofy Rote armor gangs, where it was a lot of fun and got me strange looks.  So you can imagine my happiness given how awesome this ship is about to become.

Vindicator (x1), "No Mercy".  Name source: lots, but I was thinking of 300.  This was a thank you gift from Rote Kapelle for my support of our ATX team.  <3 Rote.  That said, I haven't gotten to fly it in anything serious.

Brutix (x1), "Hasta La Vista Baby".  Name source: Terminator.  Ripard spent a lot of this year bringing his drone skills from "shit" to "acceptable" to "pretty damn good."  I bought myself a couple of ships to celebrate that; a shield gank Brutix was one.  A dual-rep Myrmidon was another, but that one hasn't made it out to TXW yet.

Cyclone (x1), "Mail Order Shit".  Name source: Eraser.  Bought and built when it became clear how awesome Cyclones were going to be thanks to the BC rebalance.  And they're every bit as wonderful as I mentioned in this post.  I mostly use it for home defense.

Drake (x2), "C'mon Bennett".  Name source: Commando.  I flew this a lot in PODLA configuration this past year.  I've lost three of them and keep replacing them to keep my TXW stock at two.

Ferox (x1), "Party Pooper".  Name source: Kindergarten Cop.  I brought two of these -- originally Gentlemen's Club rail sniper Feroxes -- in from empire to lose in hysterical ways.  One down, one to go.  I teased CCP Fozzie at Fanfest about rail Feroxes but he remains adamant.

Gnosis (x2), "Sarah Connor".  Name source: Terminator.  Received three of these.  One dead, two to go.  One is fit armor, the other shield.

Hurricane (x4), "Alabama Tick", "Pushing Pencils", "Sexual Tyrannosaurus", "She's Your Baggage".  Name source: Predator.  One 425 Welp Cane, one armor Cane, one 650 skirmish Cane, and one 720 Cane.  No change from last year, except I think I refit the 720 Cane as an XLASB Cane.  I certainly haven't been flying these much since the BC rebalance.

Prophecy (x1), "English Accent".  Name source: Robin Hood, Men in Tights.  Rebuilt for "RR chicken" fleets, which are hysterical.

Huginn (x1), "Lowly Lowly Cook".  Name source: Under Siege.  Rote mostly prefers Rapiers.  I fly the Huginn in ultra-small fleets where DPS is a factor.

Lachesis (x1), "Still Alive, Baby?"  Name source: Mr and Mrs Smith.  One of the very few new T2 ships I bought this year.  It's fairly pimp and occasionally I get to fly it in skirmish gangs if I'm not asked to fly the Rapier instead (which is usually the case).

Rook (x1), "Gonna Get Me An Ear".  Name source: Firefly.  No change from last year.  I'm pretty sure I haven't flown this in the last year, but not for lack of wanting to.

Claymore (x2), "Overkill is Underrated".  Name source: The A-Team.  I heard the phrase "armor Claymore" this past year and the idea so intrigued me that I bought one and it actually works pretty damn well.  The other is still fit shield and I don't think I've flown it more than once or twice this year.

Damnation (x1), "Always Bet on Black".  Name source: Passenger 57.  This was brand new last year.  I've flown it a few times.  It's a dull but necessary role.  I've gotten into the habit of dual-boxing when I fly this ship.

Sleipnir (x1), "Stupid, but Ballsy".  Name source: True Lies.  When I am providing the DPS for Rote's nano shield fleets, this is what I'm flying.  I've gotten a fair bit of mileage out of it in the last year.

Vulture (x1), "Winter is Coming".  Name source: Game of Thrones.  I bought this with incursion money two summers ago and used it as off-grid links for incursion fleets.  It made the trip from empire to TXW when a couple of FCs suddenly called for a Vulture.  So I fitted it and got it ready... and there hasn't been a call for a Vulture since.

Buzzard (x1), "I Seee Youuuu".  Name source: Predator.  Pretty standard scanning Buzzard.

Cheetah (x1), "Like the Chameleon".  Name source: Predator.  Someone gave me this, but I usually use the Buzzard.

Arbitrator (x1), "Fear My Spears".  Name source: 300.  I bought lots of T1 cruisers this year.  This one is used in armor fleets and was a FOTW a couple of weeks ago.  I really enjoy this one.

Ashimmu (x1), "Web of Lies".  Name source: Mr and Mrs Smith.  I really like the play on words inherent in this ship name.  This was brand new to my hangar last year and quickly vaulted to one of my favorite ships to fly in armor HAC gangs.  It'll be a FOTW once I feel like giving away the secrets of this ship.  ;-)

Bellicose (x2), "Beautiful Death".  Name source: 300.  Another donation, someone gave me five each of my four favorite T1 cruisers.  The Bellicoses are the only ones that haven't died.  I get a blast out of flying them.  For all four of my favorite T1 cruiser fits, see the FOTWs from December.

Caracal (x1), "Fight in the Shade".  Name source: 300.  Had to try it out.  I like the Bellicose better.

Celestis (x2), "Dodge This".  Name source: The Matrix.  One's still fit as an (improved) Dramiel killer.  The other is fit as a dedicated damp ship for shield nano gangs.  I love love this ship.  It's thin as paper but evil and very effective.  It'll be a FOTW before too much longer.

Cynabal (x1), "Goan Bleed You".  Name source: Predator.  No change from last year.

Exequror (x1), "Devilfish".  Name source: The Winds of War.  Originally built to try out single-logi cruiser gang tactics, then I remembered how much I enjoy flying logi, so I pull it out sometimes.  It was a FOTW in January.

Moa (x1), "Very Human Chill".  Name source: 300.  My favorite Caldari T1 cruiser, though shield brawling fits are pretty rare so I almost never get to fly it.

Omen (x2), "I Can't Feel My Legs".  Name source: X-Men First Class.  My favorite Amarr T1 cruiser by a tiny margin over the Arbitrator.  I love its mix of tank, gank, how cheap it is, and how much fun it is to fly.  It's the T1 cruiser I've lost the most of.

Osprey (x1), "Ugly Motherfucker".  Name source: Predator.  No change from last year.

Phantasm (x1), "The Pointy End".  Name source: Game of Thrones.  Before "good cruisers" became almost literally a dime a dozen, the Phantasm was a good ship for a lot of different theme fleets.  It does good DPS and you can fit a strong buffer tank on it, about 500 DPS and 50k EHP, respectively.  Now it's out-classed by ships one-tenth its cost.

Rupture (x1), "A Fine Thrust".  Name source: 300.  Artillery fit, built for a Rote FC that loves arty Rupture fleets.  I've flown it a few times but it's not really me, which is weird because I really like skirmish tactics.  I guess for cruisers I prefer more brawly tactics.

Scythe (x1), "Redeemer".  Name source: The Winds of War.  Originally built to try out single-logi cruiser gang tactics, then I remembered how much I enjoy flying logi, so I pull it out sometimes.  It was the FOTW in January.

Thorax (x2), "This is Sparta!".  Name source: 300 (duh).  My favorite Gallente T1 cruiser, these are shield gank fit where they are pretty freakin' terrifying.  That said, I don't get to fly it as often as I'd like.

Vexor (x1), "Discarded".  Name source: 300.  This was another one I bought when Ripard's drone skills became greater than "shit".  It's armor fit.  I don't like it nearly as much as other T1 armor cruisers, notably the Omen.

Algos (x1), "Fly or Die".  Name source: Commando.  Bought and fit to try out the new destroyers.  Eh.  They're OK.  I should probably give this away.

Corax (x1), "I'll Kill You Last".  Name source: Commando.  Bought and fit to try out the new destroyers.  Eh.  They're OK.  I should probably give this away.

Hyena (x1), "Start Paddling".  Name source: Commando.  Keres (x1), "I'm a Special Boy".  Name source: American Pie.  Kitsune (x1), "Hush! Hush!".  Name source: Broken Arrow.  Sentinel (x1), "Did You Miss Me?"  Name Source: The Mask.  I have a dream.  It's not a big dream.  It's a small dream.  My dream is that someday EAFs will be good.  The Hyena isn't too bad and I fly it every so often.  The others are for tournaments.

Falcon (x1), "Death From Above".  Name source: Avatar.  No change from last year.

Rapier (x1), "People Need Killin'".  Name source: Mr and Mrs Smith.  I've been flying this one a lot this past year in nano shield gangs.  Matter of fact, I got a very nice compliment from a new member of Rote Kapelle who joined us after his previous alliance left Syndicate (and after we had killed him lots of times in his previous alliance).  The compliment: "I hated seeing you in a Rapier, Ripard, because that meant I was gonna die."  Rarely has anyone said anything so sweet to me.  ;-)

Rifter (x2), "Fly in the Ointment".  Tormentor (x2), "Monkey in the Wrench".  Name source: Die Hard.  From time to time, someone comes to TXW and asks for an honor 1v1 with either T1 frigs or T1 cruisers.  Rote Kapelle honors 1v1s.  So I stocked a few T1 frigates in case I'm the guy that's awake when this happens.  That said, you're not going to see me in these outside of a fleet.  My cheapest clone is about 20 times more expensive than the most expensive T1 frigate...

Daredevil (x1), "Don't Like Rednecks".  Name source: Commando.  No change from last year.

Federation Navy Comet (x1), "We Salute You".  Name source: Gladiator.  No change from last year.  Sigh.  I miss cop-car fleets.

Venture (x1), "Salvage Corvette".  Name source: Homeworld (the game).  The idea of having a tackle Venture tickled me, so I bought and built one.  Haven't used it in combat, though.

Cerberus (x1), "I'm Really Hungry".  Name source: Commando.  No change from last year.

Deimos (x1), "Pikal Envy".  Name source: Babylon 5.  I bought this one because Rote Kapelle frequently did Deimos fleets, but we don't do that fleet comp very much any more.  I've been trying to get this one killed in various armor HAC fleets.

Vagabond (x1), "The Quarterback is Toast".  Name source: Die Hard.  I pray for the day Vagas are good again.

Zealot (x2), "I'm Still Standin'".  Name source: Men in Black.  After we stopped doing Deimos fleets, we went back to doing traditional armor HAC fleets.  So I've got one of these fit for that.  But we also occasionally use Zealots in the Vaga's previous role of anti-tackle screen for nano skirmish gangs.  So I have one fit like that, too.

Broadsword (x1), "The Revenge Business".  Name source: The Princess Bride.  I bought this last year because we started occasionally needing shield interdictors.  Then we stopped needing them and I haven't flown this yet.

Phobos (x2), "Smell Them Coming".  Name source: Commando.  Ditto.

Ares (x2), "Sweep the Leg".  Name source: The Karate Kid.  Bought these so I could scout.  Haven't scouted.  Will probably end up selling these to or giving them to a regular Rote scout.

Stiletto (x1), "For Defense Only".  Name source: The Karate Kid.  No change from last year.

Taranis (x1), "Squish Like Grape".  Name source: The Karate Kid.  No change from last year.

Eris (x1), "My Mom Will Shoot".  Name source: bad Sly Stallone movie.  No change from last year.  It's armor fit.

Flycatcher (x1), "Suicide Squeeze".  Name source: Major League.  I was flying dictors really frequently right up until ATX and I was given two expensive clones.  Now I'm waiting for one of the expensive clones to die before I go back to flying dictors.  Hasn't happened yet.

Sabre (x2), "Stick Around".  Name source: Commando.  Ditto.  I just haven't been flying bubble ships the last year.

Velator (x2), "Seriously?"  Name source: lots, but I was thinking Finding Nemo.  I built this just for grins to kill anyone who lights a cyno in TXW.  ;-)

Hound (x2), "Motherfuckin' Tin Can".  Name source: Die Hard.  No change from last year, except that I talked some Rote guys into trying bombing this year.  They were... OK at it.  They need more practice...

Manticore (x2), "Shoot the Glass", "Yipee Ki-Yay".  Name source; Die Hard.  No change from last year.

Nemesis (x1), "Gimme da Cash".  Name source: The Fifth Element.  Bought to play around with bomber ratting.

Purifier (x1), "Landing Lights".  Name source: Die Hard 2.  Bought to complete the set.  ;-)

Legion (x2), "Freeze Means Stop", "I Like This Gun".  Name source: Men in Black.  Two out of three actual expensive things I bought this year.  I wanted to play around with the super-Zealot fitting (the latter).  But then I tried a HAM fit, which I liked much, much better.  The exact fit is kind of a trade secret for the moment because I think it's really quite good.  But it'll be FOTW eventually.

Loki (x2), "Come Get Some", "This is my Boomstick".  Name source: Army of Darkness.  One is a shield link ship.  The other is a AHAC web Loki.  The latter gets used a lot more than the former.

Proteus (x1), "Shadoo".  Name source: the EVE player of note, but I was thinking "Armor HACs! Armor HACs! Armor HACs!"  ;-)  I'll probably rename it to fit my meta at some point.  Anyway, it's for armor HAC fleets.

Tengu (x2), "I Got Lucky", "Sirius M".  Name source: Mr and Mrs Smith.  The latter is the same PvE Tengu that I used to occasionally do wormhole sites with.  I can't recall flying it at all in the last year.  The former is a Tengu that I bought with the intention of refitting it to a 100MN HML Tengu.  Then HMLs got nerfed into the ground and I haven't decided if I'm going to actually refit it or not.  Haven't flown this one, either.

So... ummm... 106 ships, an increase of 43 from last year.  Most of the increases are T1 frigates and dessies (9), T1 cruisers (14), T1 BCs (6: 2@Talos, Naga, Brutix, Cyclone, Ferox), T2 frigates (7: two bombers, two AFs, two EAFs, Cheetah), and T1 battleships (4: Geddon, Maelstrom, Raven, Scorp).  That's 40.  I added six expensive ships: a Tengu, a Proteus, two Legions, a Claymore, and a Lachesis.  I retired several ships: a Muninn, a Raptor, a Dramiel, and a Thrasher (heh).

But this exercise has clearly shown that I need to be more aggressive about retiring ships I don't use.  I don't know what the optimal number of ships is, but 100+ is clearly too many.  ;-)  Ripard continues to be unable to fly any capital ship, and though he can fly the Vargur and Kronos perfectly, I don't have either (I trained the skill for this year's alliance tournament).  Ripard cannot fly any black ops.  I have a second combat alt that flies mostly battleships, but that's pretty much all he has: a small collection of battleships of various types.

So that's this year's list!  Comments?


  1. I'm a n00b.
    Why don't you have a nightmare, or an apoc?

    Ripard doesn't have the skills, or the other ships are better?

  2. why all the really lame names ?

  3. Why don't you list what ships you don't have?

  4. that is a formidable list! and no capital?
    i think a the name snow cone maker is not an appropriate name for the ishkur due to it shape

  5. Obviously I need to get a lot more ships in my alliances staging system... would like your exact shield thorax fit.

    Keep trying to fit armorax and keep remembering CCP hates me.

  6. I tried to screenshot my ship hanger in TXW for epeen purposes, but it wouldn't fit at a resolution this monitor supports. Gee Eff.

    Suffice it to say that 100 is just getting started. FWIW, many of my ships at this point have went from being in meta, to being nerfed, to being useful again. This cycle will continue. I recommend not spending your hours cleaning hanger, just strip ships and rename them unfit for later recyling of the meta.

  7. Far more than me... then again, I rarely lose ships and rarely PvP nowadays, so I'm pretty limited in what I have. Most of my new ships that I've bought or otherwise acquired were for use in (or just from) shenanigans involving the denizens of the Belligerent Undesirables channel; a stolen Orca, ganky Talos, two logistics cruisers, and a Crucifier that I'm saving until they look awesome.

  8. You a fan of The Governor eh? lol

    1. I was going to say about the same: Riptard how come no ship named Mr Freeze? :P

    2. So what kinda ship would you call "Its not a tuuumar"? :)

    3. If I ever got a Basilisk, maybe...

  9. I am shocked no capital ships...at all. That hanger full of ships just screams carrier to me for when you wanna move stuff around.

    I hope after 5 years of Eve at least one of your toons have executed a jump drive!

    1. I have three mains. Both of my other mains can (and do) fly carriers. I used to joke that Ripard would learn capital skills when the Naglfar became good (he started as a Minmatar pilot). Now that that's happened, I'll have to reconsider. ;-)

  10. No mention of Scimitar, Oneiros, Guardian, or Basilisk.

    Son, I am disappoint.

    1. Logistics is why alts were invented. ;-)

  11. You mean "retire", per the definition from Blade Runner, right?

    The only proper way to retire a ship is to fit it, fly it, and lose it in PVP. Anything else smacks of being a carebear. :)

    If it makes you feel any better, ISK-wise, feel free to insure it before you undock - and, if you are planning to lose it in a 1-vs-1 with a corp mate, make sure that you've insulted someone else enough to have a good bounty on your head for your mate to collect.

  12. "Sigh. I miss cop-car fleets."

    Ever since the art team mentioned maybe adding the Judicial Comet as it's own ship in one of the pre-fanfest vid casts I can't shake the ghastly feeling they'll make it a limited edition (everyone gets 1) ship.

    It would suck so much, but I'm willing to bet they'd do it.


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