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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Afternoon plans

For those not keeping up, here's the short version of what's going on with EVE this afternoon...  It's not CCP's fault and it's not the launcher's fault.

NozyGamer had a really amusing theory, though:
@RipardTeg Please stop typing. CCP thinks its a DDOS attack!
Hee!  Nope, not my fault either.

If you're looking for something to do, here's a couple of suggestions.  First, this is the best guide to Odyssey's upcoming features that I've ever seen.  EVE player Nar Tha really deserves to be commended for his work pulling all of this together.  Go check it out because it really is completely awesome.  I'm using it as a guide myself to remind myself of things I want to try out in Odyssey.

And I did a 90 minute interview/fireside chat with EVE University yesterday, with E-UNI's Teaching Manager Neville Smit moderating.  I actually think it's the best EVE-related interview I've ever done, and Neville is a superb interviewer.  You can go listen to it at the EVE University Special Classes page.  I'll be linking to it again later tonight in my weekly CSM update, but you can go listen to it now if you're looking for something EVE-related to do, and there's lots of other really interesting interviews at the same site, too.

And eventually, EVE's web presence will come back and you'll be able to look at CCP's Odyssey features page.  It's the best they've done to date, I think.  But yeah, it's down rght at this moment due to the DDoS attack...


  1. Would anyone be surprised if the launcher turns out to be indirectly responsible for this? There are too many coincidences. If the launcher is ultimately shown to be compromised or exploitable, well, let's just say that wouldn't be a good thing.

    Enjoying a day without EVE here, and since Tuesday will likely be a no-fly day as well, I may just take the whole week off. My skill queue finishes on Thursday and for some weird reason I don't even really care.

  2. Thanks for the interview with EVE University, Ripard - you were candid, informative and entertaining. You can't ask for anything more from an interview guest. Much appreciated!

  3. stargate fan checking in here - pity they did not continue with the SGA movie and the SGU season 3

    1. I actually liked how SGU ended with Season 2: sometimes, cliff hangers make for better endings than any detailed script.

  4. It will be interesting to see if there is a push back for the Patch Day.

    1. I wonder if there will be one to. Saturday night I had a 1/2 russian launcher & Sunday was a total DDoS bust. What was going to be a tuff week for DEVs started very early this expansion. Excuse me while I backup my boot.ini

  5. Completely off topic, but if you could achieve one thing as CSM, it would be this:

    Get CCP to add "invert mouse wheel zoom" to the UI.

  6. So, why is it that other MMOs actually put together info in a coherent fashion, and CCP leaves it up to us.

    Thank you for the Odyssey guide, Nar Tha! I'm glad you did CCP's job for them. Sure hope you're around at Christmas time.

  7. it could've been worse....It could've happened during Odyssey Launch

  8. So CCP doled out another 50K skill points. I can only assume that this was a "gift"/"bribe"/"I'm really sorry" for the weekend. Its something almost every blog I have read about the downtime mentioned, mostly that the players calling for the SP were wining and should HTFU, or that a more appropriate response would be to give players a free day of game play, not sp.

    I happen to agree that a free day of game play is the principled better decision, but that it is a piratically horrid decision for a couple reasons.

    This explanation is going to use some numbers, because I don't have access to much research while i am typing this they are going to be assumptions that should lowball enough of the numbers so that i am talking more about minimums, not wild overstatements.

    So let us assume that there are 200k accounts that are active non trial accounts, and that all the various ways these accounts are paid for (plex, at the various prices in the various regions, strait game time, varying by length of term of payment etc) evens out to $15 (US dollar) per month(30 days ) this works out to ~ 50 cents a day per player. 200k players means that CCP's gross operating budget per day is $100k. That includes paying employees, paying for servers, maintenance and upgrades, internet connections etc. Most of those are fixed costs, you cant not pay your employees for a day, rent and server maintenance costs dont stop just because the site is down. So lets assume that their fixed minim costs are about 85% of that budget. and most likely 10% or more is earmarked for things they could choose not to do, like expansions, but that would be really hard not to do. A few more percent for emergencies and we have what might be a respectable profit of $2000 a day. nominally.

    That isn't a bad bit of profit, but there are business uses for that profit, and even with that profit a free day of game time for 200k people would blow away the next 50 days of profit to pay for, And this doesn't count the fact that they would be paying overtime and other charges to stomp out the initial attack.

    It is easy to get the bean counters to agree to something that will save money, or make it, but spend it? or in this case give away their profits for more than a month? Ask an accountant what they would say and once they stop laughing they would tell you that you would need to have a damn good business case that unless this was done they faced loosing more.

    At the end of the day, giving us a day's worth of sp costs ccp nothing (well, someone had to apply it but that might have taken 20 min with one guy) where as a day of free play may very well eat their profits for the quarter., or at least several weeks.

    Which would you choose?


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