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Sunday, June 16, 2013

CSM8 status report: Week six

Things are picking back up for CSM8!

For me personally, the biggest piece of work was today's CSM8 Town Hall, which I'm pleased to report went off without any major hitches.  My sincere thanks again to Neville Smit of EVE University and DJ Wiggles of EVE Radio for their tremendous and valuable assistance!  I was pretty busy throughout the Town Hall.  In particular, I was extremely pleased at the number of questions!  There were so many questions for this first one, in fact, that we ended up not doing any live questions at all, but instead took all our questions from ones sent to me in advance and ones from the in-game channel "CSM Townhall".  That will be something we'll have to work on for future town halls.

You can find the more or less full list of questions that were asked and we tried to answer here.  We got to almost all of them.  Of course, if there are any questions that you didn't get to ask, please feel free to send them along to myself, in the EVE Online forum thread above, or to the CSM member of your choice and we'll do our best to get you some answers for them.  Present other than myself were CSM8 members Trebor Daehdoow, Ali Aras, Chitsa Jason, James Arget, Kovin, Mangala Solaris, Mike Azariah, mynnna, and Sala Cameron.

For those not able to attend today, DJ Wiggles has said that he'll be putting up a file that you'll be able to download and listen to very shortly.  I would expect it to appear in the recordings section for previous CSM Town Halls on the EVE Radio website.  Thanks again, Wiggles!  I'd also like to thank CCP Dolan, who was good enough to advertise the town hall in both the EVE website Announcements and in in-game news.  It was nice to see the event prominently advertised.

I expect the next town hall will be in the late August time frame or so, but keep an eye out here for the exact date.

A couple of questions in particularly intrigued me.  pmchem asked if there has been any progress on the "brain in the box" project.  I had completely forgotten about this, but the intent was to completely revamp the way in which session changes are handled in the game.  Right now, it's a pretty laborious process involving essentially recreating your entire skill profile every time you hop into a new ship, which apparently applies every time you jump into a new system as well.  The idea behind "brain in a box" was to create a new server whose job it was to keep track of your skills profile and prevent this sort of time-consuming recreation.  The question was, had anything been done on this as part of the underlying mechanics of the new jump animation?  The answer is: I have no idea.  But it's such an interesting question that I'll ask when I get the opportunity.

The second question was essentially "should CSM members be stealing from EVE players or scamming them?" brought up in this thread on the EVE Online forums.  The funny thing about this question is that CSM members are in fact EVE players... all kinds of EVE players.  The Mittani's "super-cap escrow service" was fairly legendary, and became quite profitable for him when he was CSM6 chair.  As I've said before, it's not a play style that interests me personally but I don't particularly object to others doing it.  As with all things in EVE, let the buyer beware and if an offer sounds too good to be true, et cetera, et cetera.

Or of course I might say that if I intended to start a super-cap escrow service of my own.  ;-)

Lots of people have been good enough this week to send me their ideas for a new set of "little things."  The first thing I nearly always ask is "Where is your post on this in Features and Ideas?"  There are ideas that I'm going to champion, of course, but the fastest way to get the CSM's attention if you have a big idea is to put it up on the forums and let other EVE players take swings at it and find the holes.  Now that the work for the town hall is behind us, you're going to be hearing more about CSM8's plan for mining some of these ideas from you...

A lot of CSM8 members continue to be very busy with blogging, forum posts, and pod-casting.  Ali Aras is the new co-host for Alekeseyev Karrde's Declarations of War, and Mike Azariah and I will be appearing as guests on that pod-cast tomorrow night.

Our work with CCP is starting to ramp back up again as well.  We have our first post-Odyssey stake-holder meeting this week... early in the morning for me, of course.  Oh well.  We also continue to have really productive chats with CCP on Skype, and we're starting to hear about and be asked our opinions for various summer projects that devs are spinning up for.  Nothing that I can talk about yet, sadly.  I have been told that I can say that CCP is even now in the decision-making process for the features for the next expansion.  The vision from the December CSM Summit continues to be the road map for this.  We'll be learning more about it at the summer CSM Summit which is coming up soon(tm).

And finally, Rixx Javix at Evoganda came up with this little artwork:

Sadly, Ripard looks like he has face cancer.  ;-)  That's all for this week!

EDIT (17/Jun/2013): The original version of this post said that Chitsa came up with the CSM8 banner when it was really Rixx (should have known!).  I regret the error.


  1. For some reason the CSM8 image reminded me of the scene in The Thing where two peoples faces were melding together :3

  2. Two things: can you please poke around and look into Live Events? Are they going to be conducting them? Will they be anything other than the occasional pinata looting events? Or will they actually get something regular going?

    Second: please add the feature that shows the latest post on the must read blog list. You're my EVE "homepage" and those guys only get my click through if I see something I want to read! None of them produces as much good stuff as you do and I have other things to do besides going to find their subpar articles!

  3. One aspect of anti-tierification that I believe has been overlooked is weapon systems.

    In your FotW you often say to fir the largest guns that your skills will allow you to fit. Smaller guns are often ignored by veterans in a similar fashion to how lower-tier ship types were ignored.

    Perhaps small guns would have higher rates of fire, but shorter range and less damage per shot - so they appear more like machine pistols. Larger guns would have longer rates of fire, longer range, and higher damage per shot - appearing more like rifles.

    A player could then choose his weapon system based on its attributes as a weapon system rather than just the biggest that he could fit.

    1. Um, that is exactly how weapon systems are now for turret based weapons.

      The DPS is extremely close between smaller weapons and the bigger guns. The reasons why people almost always use the Neutrons, 1400mm and so on.... is Alpha, increased range, and good ole fashioned ignorance.

      For a quick example. Lets say you can't fit neutrons without a fitting rig, and its a ship without a tracking bonus. You see people throwing on a fitting rig and a tracking rig. Instead they could have used Ions and a single range or alpha rig. Leaves two rigs open for toys instead if one.

      That said, I too would like to see them looked at closer in some of the turret classes. Medium weapons probably need the closest look.

    2. This, so much. Fitting restrictions aside, there's no reason not to use the biggest guns you can manage to squeeze into your ship.

      I hope that changes.

  4. Smaller guns currently trade Damage and Range for fitting, tracking and (except for lasers) magazine size. Obviously, range and damage are both really, really valuable. Tracking is nice, fitting is occasionally vital, and clip size... well, no.

    I've found situations where the extra tracking is worth more than the damage, but they're /stupid/ situations, like running L3s in a rail Naga. I often think that just the range or just the damage penalty would even things out a bit.

  5. That sure is a lot of white capsuleers!

  6. Speaking of F&I, you might want to ask CCP to put up the thread for the hauler rebalancing ASAP.

    Based on past (bad) experience, I don't think we should wait until Rise has it all figured out in his head *before* he solicits player feedback. From his earlier threads, it is pretty clear that he is extremely reluctant to change anything major - he seems to expect the players to fully support his overall direction, and limit their feedback to minor stat tweaks on his redesign.

    Players should be able to provide feedback on the overall direction of the change, before it is set in stone - esp. with the industrial ships, which none of the PVP-oriented CCP devs have much experience flying in the game.

  7. From ali's TMDC post "In response to a followup question, the CSM confirmed that CCP are continuing to monitor the success of Odyssey's exploration changes, especially the effects on the market. James reiterated that the CCP which developed a feature and left it to rot is gone-- iteration is happening. "

    Ha, James seems to be glossing over mission/Incursion content iteratation which has definite rot.

  8. I would be curious to know how the ore distribution is working out. Is the new amount of trit a lured miners over to Spodumain?

    Is the new ice anoms working as intended? What is CCP's view so far on the changed mechanic?



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