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Sunday, June 9, 2013

CSM8 status update: Week five

Odyssey, EVE Online's 19th free expansion, was released this week.  You might have heard.  ;-)

But as a result, CCP devs were incredibly busy.  And that was before the problems this past Sunday.  The Odyssey release would have been enough, but with the issues on Sunday, there was almost nothing official for the CSM to do this week.  So this is going to be a short update.  Sorry about that!

This week, the CSM spent collectively spent a lot of time on the forums.  Jita Park was pretty busy, as were the various threads associated with the Odyssey release, the Sunday issues, and a couple of other pieces of news.  A number of you were good enough to let me know personally about issues you were facing, and for some of you, my response was the same: "That sounds legit, submit a bug report."  But in a lot of cases, the CSM/CCP Skype channel was busy with "Are players telling you about this?" and "CCP, a bunch of players are seeing that.  Do you know about it?"  I don't get the impression that Odyssey is any buggier than any other EVE expansion (Caldari Destroyer and Battlecruiser skill books aside).  I'm just getting a first-hand view of the response this time, and I've gotta say I'm rather impressed!

But other than dealing with the "technical debt" attached to specific issues that they wanted our input or help with, CCP's interaction with the CSM this week was mostly social rather than official.  Several members of CSM8 did test out Lync for video conferencing and it seemed to work well, so it will be replacing the Skype video conferencing and its nine person limit.

Left to their own devices, the CSM has been keeping busy.  The biggest project this week was working over my proposal for a new list of little things.  Trebor Daehdoow had a number of ideas to bring to the table to make the process both a little more official and a little more streamlined, so a bunch of us on the CSM spent this week hammering the proposal this way and that.  I'll more than likely have more to say about it next weekend.  We also started building both a list of tactical goals and strategic goals, and there's been a lot of movement on those fronts.  And finally, Ali Aras had another Space Hangout -- they're happening regularly on Saturdays!

Butcha know what?  A lot of us on CSM8 -- including myself -- spent a lot of time playing EVE this week.  We wanted to try out the new features in Odyssey too!  And you might have heard Goons and TEST are doing stuff which kept several of the bloc CSM members quite busy.  So overall this wasn't the hardest working CSM ever this week and I don't think we're going to be making any apologies for it.  ;-)  I myself was busy, among other things, skirmishing with Goons and it was awesome.  I also had an extremely large pile of ships to refit and that sucked up a good bit of time.

One more bit of good news: at least three CSM members are likely to be participating in Alliance Tournament XI, so my chances of getting some CSM8 kill-mails are looking pretty good!

But like I said, most of us were too busy playing EVE to do much EVE work this past week.  Things will pick up again this coming week.  Hope to see a lot of you on EVE University's Mumble server for CSM8 Town Hall #1 this coming Sunday!


  1. Interesting tract, that CFC piece, especially as just last week they were claiming that they were fine, financially. I suppose that could have meant 'We have enough cash to fund an invasion now, but not later'.

    As for the scrap in B-DBYQ, we were next door practising the new hacking game and watching you guys, TEST, CFC, & etc. all running in and out of B-DBYQ and wondering if someone would get bored enough to come after us.

  2. "I don't get the impression that Odyssey is any buggier than any other EVE expansion"

    Your damage control is amazing Jester, keep it up. EVE is already on 1.0.3, and the majority of the bugs (anomalies, black screen, EVE sounds, gate effects, overview bugs, fps drops, mwd, etc.) haven't been fixed. Note that out of the seven I mentioned, six of them directly affect day-to-day piloting.

    A useful statistic: it took Retribution 10 days to get up to 1.0.3. It took Odyssey 3 days. The speed of the patches indicates that, despite what you say, Odyssey is much more ridden with bugs.

  3. Is it just me or do you use winks a lot more often since your decision to apply for a CSM mandate? ;-)

  4. Regarding your skirmish with the Goons, why did you Rote go with a Tornados instead of Talos?

  5. Little thing: Allow the player to load an overview profile into d-scan that is separate and apart from whatever profiles are loaded into the overview tabs. Replace the "use overview settings" checkbox with a dropdown list to select from.

  6. CSM members playing EVE is a good thing. Have fun guys/gals!

  7. About time you guys and CCP had some real Productivity software to work with. If you need any help setting up a Office 365 Subscription with CCP, hit me up for a reference, and a partner in your area.

    Cephias Caine


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