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Sunday, June 23, 2013

CSM8 Status update: Week seven

Kind of a mixed week for me on CSM8 this week.  While the rest of the CSM was extremely busy, I myself had a mid-week business trip that kept me away from a couple of CSM-related duties.

After the Town Hall of last Sunday, Mike Azariah and myself appeared on Alekseyev Karrde's Declarations of War pod-cast, and had a really interesting discussion!  As you can imagine, the topics ranged all over the place from CSM election mechanics to communications to the release of Odyssey to our initial impressions of the job.  Ali Aras will be joining Alek as his co-host on the pod-cast going forward, and this was both her first opportunity in that role and of course as a member of CSM8 herself, she was very much involved in the discussion! 

Alek also tried to get me to reveal what might be coming in a theoretical Odyssey point release.  I guess he had this week in the "when will Ripard break the NDA?" pool.  ;-)  I resisted.  All in all, an interesting couple of hours!

Tuesday started my business trip, which was unfortunate because there was a follow-up meeting with CCP Seagull scheduled for that morning which I missed (I was driving to the airport).  Still, big kudos to Ali, Mangala Solaris, Chitsa Jason, and Mike who took excellent notes from which I could catch up.  I really want to emphasize how virtually every CSM member is heavily involved some aspect of the CSM's work so far!  This isn't always visible; though communications is my thing, it isn't for everyone.  But it's great to have the CSM's work-load spread out among so many people.  There's no dead weight; everyone's involved in something.  It also means that there's a lot going on!

In particular, CSM8 has two big projects that will be made public very soon.  Trebor Daehdoow is leading one (with a lot of input and participation from Mike and myself, plus several others), and James Arget is leading another (with a lot of input from just about everyone).  As soon those projects are made public and I can point you to them, I will do so.  But working on them took a good bit of our time this week and that was before CCP dropped a bit of a bomb on us on Thursday.

That was the day our stake-holder meetings started up again!  Unfortunately due to a miscommunication, very few people were actually present at the meeting.  It was implied to us after the release of Odyssey that we'd be notified when the stake-holder meetings would start up again, and I'm not sure it happened.  Again, I missed this meeting even though I was back home from my trip by then.  I don't feel bad; as I said, almost everyone else missed it, too.  Still -- and again -- the people who could make the meeting (notably Trebor and Sala Cameron) took really detailed notes for the rest of us.  That was good because the topic of the meeting was really broad in scope and is going to be a big job for this CSM.  Let's just say that Seagull has her own ideas about how involved the CSM should be and leave it at that for now.  I think she surprised even Trebor.  I'm hoping that we can go more public with this change of direction as the term goes on.

And all of this happened during a week when a good bit of CCP was on vacation either due to the summer vacation season starting any day now, or the Icelandic Independence Day I mentioned earlier in the week.  There was a lot going on despite that.  The next stake-holder meeting is scheduled for week nine and you can bet that we're not going to be surprised by it again!

During this one, Trebor was good enough to follow up on my "is the NDA under NDA?" question since I couldn't be there to do so, so that topic still isn't being dropped.  And of course as I already mentioned I've been very deeply involved in the T1 industrial re-balancing thread this past week.  This coming week, in addition to putting a lot of time into the projects I mentioned above, I'm going to see if I can kick-off the T2 invention/manufacturing round-table that I've been promising for the last couple of weeks.  I wanted to get the Town Hall out of the way before I got that rolling.

So, despite my business trip, I still managed to stay pretty busy this week, and so did the rest of CSM8.  Again, I'm so pleased how active all of this CSM's members are.  It makes sharing the load a hell of a lot easier!  More next Sunday.


  1. "Let's just say that Seagull has her own ideas about how involved the CSM should be and leave it at that for now."

    Can you say whether that has you all smiling or whether it has you all frowning?

  2. Trebor was good enough to follow up on my "is the NDA under NDA?" question

    Good. Keep pushing, all of y'all CSM. It is kind of sad that we still don't have an answer to this.

  3. This is why i voted for you, the ability to communicate what sort of thing you guys are doing and mentioning what is being done, regardless if not everyone was there or not....is what changes public perspective.

    I don't care if all past CSM did heavy lifting, noone heard about it.....in this case, even if CSM8 does nothing, everyone will perceive it different because you kept everyone up to date on the loop.

  4. Ripard, how would you comment on the famous saying : "better ask forgiveness than permission"? And how do you think it applies to broad subjects such as internet news,(games or RL), blogging in general, and being under an NDA?

  5. Dinsdale PirannhaJune 24, 2013 at 9:07 AM

    " I'm going to see if I can kick-off the T2 invention/manufacturing round-table that I've been promising for the last couple of weeks."

    I get accused of tinfoil hattery for stating that the CSM is working on attacking high sec T2 manufacturing, and here you are stating precisely that.

    Rest assured, this "T2 invention/manufacturing roundtable" is designed to destroy high sec profitability in T2 mfg, and divert an even larger amount of income to be under the control of the null sec RMT cartels.

    I will say it again. The only way the null sec cartels will allow CCP to institute ring mining of any kind, is if CCP guarantees them an equal, or even larger guaranteed income stream. And baby, the income stream that the cartels can get from taxing null sec station slots that do T2 invention / mfg will dwarf anything that they currently get with moon goo.

    I was considering firing up my mfg accounts again (even with the huge POS fuel increase), thinking I could be be wrong, and high sec income might be able to eked out. But I am not interested in doing so just to have any chance of profitability wiped out in December. Those accounts will lie dormant.

    Let me guess what is happening right now behind closed doors:

    1. myanna and malcanis are leading the charge of the null sec cartel CSM members to increase high sec and low sec station slot costs at least 10 fold, maybe 100 fold.
    2. The same jerks are also proposing that the same high sec and low sec station slots be severely reduced in availability, say from 50 mfg slots / station to 20, and copy slots from 10 to five.
    3. They also want null sec station slots increased yet again, by another factor of at least 2, but likely asking for a 5 fold increase, above and beyond the order of magnitude increase that CCP just gave them.
    4. We have this "T2 mfg / invention roundtable" you mentioned, and we all know what that is focused on, which is severely limiting, or completely abolishing T2 mfg in high sec.

    And now we have this comment from Seagull about CSM input, which you comment is "definitely good news". That means even more control of the game via the CSM, aka the null sec cartel lobby group. BTW, what was Seagull's ingame history? What corps / alliances was she affiliated with, or still is?

    So 4 or 5 months from now, let's see how many things I got right, shall we?
    Eve is serious business, especially if you run a cartel and have control over the wallets.

  6. It should tell you something when CCP's meetings to discuss the CSM's "stakeholder" status go unannounced. That pretty much says it all.

  7. A somewhat unrelated question, how is your PvP affected from being in the CSM (something tells me you won't be in Rote's team this year) and also, more specifically, are you being primaried more now, or was it high enough already that such increase is not perceptible?

  8. I can't tell you how happy I am that this CSM has 100% participation. Rock and roll, guys.

  9. If the CSM role is going to be expanded then it also expands the expectations of the players that elected you with regard to input and communication during the process. If you are deep in the process remember you may get credit for the success, but you absolutely own the failure.

  10. Very off topic but Tibus Heth is no longer ruling the caldari state but nothing seemed to be mentioned visually from the game?

    Surely the launcher could have had a wee snippet, its not exactly crammed with news.

  11. So far, I'm feeling like this is the best CSM I have known. Keep up the good work. My WH friends are still waiting to change subsystems in a pos. On my end, I would love to see modules on a freighter or easier T2 POS manufacturing. Also, give us something new this Christmas, not just more fixes or the same exploration but with a new scanner.

    On another note, I'm watching Star Trek Online climb the charts over on Nosy's blog. Considering that most folks who play STO have only one account, the numbers are significant. STO gathered more subs with new content. Perhaps CCP could learn from STO's recent success.


  12. I really appreciate all of the hard work that CSM8 is doing!

  13. "This isn't always visible; though communications is my thing, it isn't for everyone."

    Judging by the NOS thread, your work is also invisible. Good times!

  14. Did you fix T1 module manufacturing yet? No? Why not?


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