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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fighter v. fighter

Just a quickie that almost got tossed into the junk drawer, but I think it deserves its own post.

One of the things that happened at Fanfest and that's been happening since is we've been treated to some of CCP's dreams and ideas about the future of DUST 514.  And from mechs to ion cannons to war barges to weapons, there are a lot of possibilities.  But because I am an EVE player, the one that kind of intrigued me were fighters.

From a DUST perspective, it's a fairly logical progression, and even better you could build a whole skill tree out of the concept.  There could (and should) be fighters that operate like Harriers, and fighters that provide close air support like Thunderbolts, and dual-role fighters like Falcons, and pure air superiority fighters like Raptors.  And that of course adds the possibility for new types of personal weapons, turrets, and vehicles to combat the threat.  A lot of RL fighters have been brought down by a shoulder-fired heat-seeking missile.  There are lots of sci-fi precedents, most notably Stargate SG-1 where having air superiority was a big part of their larger set-piece ground battles.  Having those additional assets would add a great deal to the richness and complexity of DUST battles.

But as an EVE player, the possibility that really intrigued me was the potential for cross-over.

Now even the possibility of what I'm thinking of is several years down the road.  But suppose one of the DUST fighter types was trans-atmospheric, able to climb into low planetary orbit.  And let's further suppose that that's where the eventual war barge is going to park.  It's logical: ships in space, MCC close to ground level, war barge in between.  And over time, EVE players could be given the ability to pilot carrier-based fighters.  I think this one is coming, too.  Star Citizen is going to have it, and it makes enough sense that this was the basis of EVR, the game that CCP demoed at Fanfest.

If both games were developed in this direction, then it would be perfectly logical and possible for there to be EVE v. DUST player battles over the war barges, each player in the fighter type appropriate to their game.

It would require a huge amount of development work to make this happen, comparing the skills of the players involved to calculate to-hit chances, damage, and eventual destruction of one or the other.  And who knows if the two games are even architected to link together in this manner in real time.  But I think it would be incredibly fun and add an incredible amount of richness to both games.

Again, this is YEARS down the road.  DUST would need a lot of time to develop its own style, player base, audience, and to fix and balance the myriad of issues that exist in the game already.  And EVE would need a lot of new capabilities as well, most notably the ability to pilot carrier fighters.  You could try this with frigates, but I'd be very concerned that it would be difficult or impossible to balance the two games since EVE player frigate skills have such an enormous head-start.  Game balance would be the biggest concern of this type of play.

I'm not going to hold my breath.  The DUST devs have a lot of work to do.  But it's kind of fun to think about.  Maybe someday.


  1. I feel like this is exactly where EVR would be, sort of another bridge between DUSTbunnies and EVE itself. Just have maps that are large enough for aerial combat between carrier-based fighters, then use them to strafe ground targets once air superiority is established.

  2. I had mentioned the same thing over on my blog as well. It would be an interesting concept for more intergration.


  3. You are echoing my first thoughts as soon as I stepped off my turn in EVR. I was telling everyone that using EVR as a cross platform battleground would be the best way to do it. Great minds think alike ;)

  4. Maybe I've missed it, I don't know, but I suppose everyone realises that in order to play DUST you need to buy a PS3/4. For me I don't see that happening.

  5. You've managed to link the two accurate reviews - woot!
    A lot of reviewers missed the mark entirely with dust (like the gametrailers one, which horribly inaccurate).

    I'd really love to see more Dust/EvE interaction, but as you noted it's really important for CCP to fix the core game right now.
    It's not a bad idea, though - if something like this went in, and dust players could directly fight with EvE players, then it would be a lot more impressive.
    One of the problems with dust right now is that in my opinion it doesn't emphasise the link enough. Of course, there are plenty of other issues, but when orbital strikes don't even require EvE ships to perform, the link is trivialized unless you're in planetary conquest.
    I haven't noticed much of a difference in FW despite my corp running a large number of FW battles in dust, either.
    The link really does have some cool potential like this, but it needs work. :/

  6. Fighter combat around the warbarge would be great and interesting, the attackers would have to stage from a carrier while defenders use the warbarge.

    Defenders role is to fight off the attacking fighters from the carrier while the attackers have to destroy the warbarge, the warbage could have defenses which attack the carrier, which can be taken out by the attacking fighters to insure they can stay in the fight longer.

    the main issue with this is tidi and how would that work with damaging the carrier, you cant exactly slow the fighter combat and warbarge damageoutput to 10% speed to balance out with carrier.

    But i guess that is something for ccp to look into.

  7. I'm beginning not to care what ccp does with EVR. I think Star Citizen will be surperior and still have the option for oculus rift.

  8. Perhaps in the Alliance Tournament, each team could field a carrier that must remain stationary at a distant beacon. The carriers would dump out their fighters but would otherwise not be allowed to damage other ships. Once all of a carrier's fighters are destroyed, the carrier would be removed from the field of play.

  9. I would love to see a FPS add-on to the space content. Special classes of missions that require that you hire a squad, fight your way to a station, dock, deploy (and join them), fight through the station to the objective (rescue the damsel, overload the reactor, steal the research materials, etc) then escape.
    Then leverage that into how you take control of POSes/stations.


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