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Monday, June 17, 2013

Kill of the Week: Lots of green supers

Pop quiz: you are plying your jump freighter through space when you are offered a duel by a character called "The Bumper".  What do you do?  Well, if you're this guy, you accept the duel and get bumped all over hell and gone while while being neuted into the ground and while a bunch of Catalysts help gank you.  gg, Goodtotem.  Perhaps some of you out there that aren't interested in dueling will turn on the auto-reject option now?  You'll find it in your [Esc] menu, Audio and Chat tab, right column.

Sometimes, you go to use your cloak and Microwarpdrive together and it goes terribly wrong.  Drugs are bad, m'kay?  Amusingly, had actually fit the fifth warp core stab, he would have gotten away.  To my knowledge, the maximum scram from two faction scrams is six.(1)

This Tengu just made me laugh.  I wonder if he realizes how many Tornados have to die to make that gank unprofitable?  It's a miracle if he got any flying time out of it at all.  Maybe he didn't.  It was one jump out of Jita, after all.

But for KOTW, I'm gonna go with this:

This one was featured on TMC as their "Awful Loss Of the Day" the day before yesterday.  Short version: an Amarr militia pilot apparently didn't realize that since the Faction Warfare changes a year or so ago, you can no longer dock at hostile low-sec faction stations.  While the pilot was trying to figure this out, a humble Atron pilot named Justari went into full man mode and tackled the Rev and started begging for help.  That took about ten minutes that the Amarr could have come in and driven off the tackle and apparently didn't.  Result: dead four billion ISK Rev.  Excellent tackle, Justari!

Number of dead super-caps last week: 7

That's somewhat more like it!

First up was this Nyx, lost in Tama to a PL gank squad.  Word on this one has it that the pilot was playing around with a smart-bombing battleship in that system (Tama is a haven for smart-bombing battleships) when he got it ganked.  He apparently decided to escalate.  Suddenly Devoter, suddenly cyno.  To the Nyx pilot's credit, he apparently almost had the hictor down but his extreme lack of tank on this... ummm... "fit" made this a ridiculously fast loss, so fast that some of the PL supers involved couldn't get on the mail.  Here's the video, which is fun:

That same day, about 12 hours later, Nulli Legio lost a pair of supers, this Erebus and this Nyx, also in low-sec while travel fit.  Where they were going, who knows, but they didn't get there.  There was only one guy in system at the time, but that one guy had two alts both in hictors.  So when he saw the cyno ship put up his cyno, he warped both hictors in and infini-pointed these two supers.  Two other Nyxes got away.  Meanwhile, he instructed his alliance mates to warp in in dreads.  Since both supers were travel-fit, they died quickly.  Excellent work from EVE player GeassCC, who made those kills happen!  EVE News 24 has the story.

Next up, another pair, this time two CFC Nyxes, this Nyx from Fatal Ascension and this Nyx from Goonswarm, both lost during the 9R4-EJ fight on Thursday this week, and the first supers to fall to the CFC/TEST war that I'm aware of.  TMC has a video on this one, which happened as part of a larger brawl.  CFC sold these two supers pretty dearly, if the battle summary is to be believed!

Another Nyx died the next day, this one ratting fit from Red Alliance in Derelik low-sec.  EN24 again has the story... this one is kind of entertaining!  It's PURPLE HELMETED WARRIORS again, which again means scanning down a super's log-out spot.  But this time they came up with an amusing method to get the Nyx to log back in: they offered to buy the thing and asked to see the fit in chat.  Nyx pilot logs in so he can post the fit, logs back out and so doesn't see the noob-ship land next to him and shoot him with a Civilian Gatling Railgun to keep him aggressed.  The rest is just application of DPS.

Also Thursday was a second Erebus loss for Nulli Legio, again in Domain low-sec, this time to Shadow Cartel.  And again, EN24 has the story.  It's essentially not that different from the Nyx story, only this time the Erebus jumped into the cyno a few seconds before downtime.  By that time, a ship was already in warp to the cyno and show Shadow Cartel just set up rolling shifts to keep a cloaked hictor at the log-off spot.  After that, all that was required was patience.

Not a bad week, all things considered.  Would still like to see more supers dying in Fountain, though!

(1) Deep space transports have a +2 warp core strength, so they can shrug off two points of warp disruption or scrambling.  Four warp core stabs increases that by +4, to +6.  You need +1 warp core strength to warp.  Some warp scramblers, notably the Republic Fleet Warp Scrambler, have a -3 warp core strength.  So two of them against this ship would have prevented him warping.


  1. Jester, your footnote (1) doesn't make sense to me. All ships require +1 warp strength to enter warp and natively have +1. DSTs have +3 (1+2 role bonus unless I'm understanding this and the DB stats wrong), 4 stabs make that 7, so even with 2x -3 Scrams he would have +1 warp strength, thus able to warp.

    See also: http://www.agony-unleashed.com/wiki/index.php?title=Bubbles_and_Warping

    Now what I suspect happened isn't warp core strength, but simply overwhelming DPS.

  2. I think you might be off by one on your warp scram strength math for that blockade runner kill.

    If he's got +6 warp core strength (+2 native, +4 from stabs) then that should be enough to negate two faction scrams. This means those ships had a faction scram each *plus* something else. Or maybe they didn't rely on the scrams at all and they just managed to get a few good bumps...

  3. The amarr couldn't save that Dread because he was in the Gallente/Caldari warzone. Might explain why he thought he could dock in that station.

  4. You got that thing about warp strength wrong. You need a warp strength of zero to warp. A Venture or a deep space transport can still warp, even when they are subject to a standard warp scrambler. This Mastodon has a warp strength of +6. So they either brought two standards (2x +2) and something like a Serpentis WS (+3), or three standard warp scramblers (3x +2) and a disruptor (+1), or... or... or...

    So if you are flying around lowsec and put Ventures on your menu card, you need at least a faction scram or two scrams or one scram plus one disruptor.

    Evelopedia even has a correct article about it:

    1. Jokus is correct.

      All ships, except for those with a built-in warp strength bonus, have an initial warp strength of 0 points.

      Each scram subtracts 2 points from the warp strength; each disruptor subtracts 1 point. Each officer scram/disruptor subtracts an additional 1 point.

      Each WCS adds 1 point.

      The test for a successful warp jam is: warp_strength < 0

  5. The transport would almost certainly not have lived, because the deep space transport variation align like freighters

  6. Imo, there won't be more supers dying in Fountain as long as CFC doesn't have a firm footing in the area. The regional jump is too predictable and the PL fleet is just waiting to pounce at the opportunity. Besides, it's not the Goon way to just throw themselves directly at the enemy and fight it out - when that happens, they usually get plowed (see Asakai for example). It's more likely they'll be denying Test "gutfites" and try to wear them down by stinging at them with cheap ships as they have already been doing, all the while trying to get as many others to back off or side with them as possible. After all, how goes the old EVE saying? If the battle is fair, both sides messed it up :) Can Test survive that? Depends on their coffers, how strong the anti-goon coalition is and what the Russians do. As I said on the official forums before, I forsee this war to be drawn out, so there will still be plenty of opportunity for cap losses. This has the potential to become the most interesting war of EVE since the Great Wars and likely the most expensive conflict to date.

    1. I suspect for the next month or 2 TEST will be dumping thier moongoo wholesale to pay for these war losses.

  7. Nice to see a lot of dead supers this week.

    A question on your note about warp core stabs though, it doesn't make sense that you would need more bonuses to warp core strength than the disruptors/scramblers on you.

    Because given your note a single warp core stab on a normal ship wouldn't even protect against a normal warp disruptor.

  8. > Amusingly, had actually fit the fifth warp core stab, he would have gotten away.

    No, no, no...

    With +6 to warp core strength and -6 if two faction scrams, he's left with the built-in warp core strength of 1 and can warp.

    Comments on the mail mentions kickout station, so I guess he was caught outside dock range trying to align.

  9. Your footnote is wrong, you only need 0 warp core strength to warp.

    Try again, sir.

  10. CFC is smart - but can they retain their members with another 2 weeks of caracal & talwar fleets shooting sov structures?

    Its funny they started out in Tengus/TFIs and the like when the first "real" fights started a few weeks ago. Now its back to the old caracals/talwars! Really interesting to see the shift in tact.

    I cant imagine another week/month of those fleets still being intereting/motivated/desirable to want to log in and shoot sov.

    As a side note - all of null is backwards right now. With the war going on, different alliances and corps are in places of space hunting and camping in systems they usually never go to. Its tough becase quiet corners of space are now hunting grounds for new predators taking advantage of the empty "home" systems while the residents are away on war duty.

    Its crazy.


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